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January 22, 2015


Gladys Rienks

Absolutely GOJUS!

Deborah Smart

Wow, Jan - this is gorgeous! Amazing water effect and colouring on the Lotus. Thanks for sharing!

Zoe Tant

Wow how stunning! Thank you for sharing how you achieved this beautiful card.

Tricia Smith

This is such a work of art! Spectacular!


I usually never comment on blogs, but I have to with this card. I tried to do the same thing, but it turn d out terrible! Yours is stunning. Well done!,

Donna Zammit

BEAUTIFUL (please imagine this word being sung to you by a choir of angels!) Your card is breath taking. Love, love, love it. TFS your card making brilliance with us all. Have a great weekend. Cheers Donna Z :)


Amazing water background. Beautiful and natural.


This is absolutely beautiful. I love it. Fabulous water effect.

Tanya H

This is seriously SO stunning. I looove the ripples in the water and the amazing color on the flower! Saw it on pinterest, linked from Splitcoast and had to come here too! :)

Di Barnes

This is officially my fave lotus blossom creation, until you maybe do another one. It looks like a beautiful Monet like painting. Love & pinned!
Inky wishes, Di


Crazy beautiful card!

Peggy McCurry

Spectacular card Jan! Love it!

Victoria Sheward

WOW that's Stunning.

Linda Vich

OMG! You have artistic talent for sure. This is stunning!

Cynthia McQueen

This is just spectacular! I love how you put it in its natural setting and the techniques together just make it pop. Nicely done!

Rachel Palmieri

Too wonderful!

Lynda S

Firstly.....WOW Jan....beyond words really.
I am having trouble tho in the trying to put together in my head (thru ur description) how you achieved the pond look. Are you thinking of putting a tute together for those visual learners out there???? It is such a stunning effect. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful card. ooxx

Anna Kluytmans

That is just sooooooooo beautiful I just love your flower in the pond, and those colours together work beautifully.

Kathy D

Jan, I have to admit, this is the first card that has made me want the lotus set! Your water detail is gorgeous!

Kim Hadad

Gorgeous! This is the most beautiful card I've seen so far with this set! Love it!

Becky T

Great idea and technique for the water, thank you for sharing.

Robin Feicht



Jan your card is so beautiful and elegant! It looks like a scenic painting. I would love to see a video on your card.

Ter ;)


Jan this is amazing. You have a very wonderful style.

Joey Tipping

Stunningly beautiful!! The coloring on the flower is amazing and the water is gorgeous. I will try it myself and see what happens. I'm so grateful for your detailed sharing of how you made this card. It is truly a work of art.

Teresa H.

Absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for sharing how you achieved this look.

Nancy L

Jan, this card is stunning. Like another commenter, this is the first depiction of this flower that would make me get this set.
You always come up with the most stunning cards that are out of the norm of most posts.

Bobbi Miller

Outstanding! Your research on the flower was a great idea, one that I had not thought of. Having this beauty float on that gorgeous water, well, there are no words. Thanks for sharing. I am going to have to try making this. :-)


Absolut adorable.


Would lolled to see a video making this card. Beautiful

Karen Seitz

Holy cow, that's gorgeous!

Paula Dobson

Hi Jan - Wow! Just Wow!! Nothing more to say.

Kim Smith

Jan, Your card is MORE than STUNNING! WOW!


Jan, this is truly the most gorgeous card I've seen using this stamp set. You used a term I've not heard before, 'spooning'.... I would love to try making this card but have no idea how ya did the water ripples.... Maybe a tutorial purdy plz? lol..... Thank you for sharing your amazing talent


Sharon Madsen

Jan, this is by far my favorite card I have seen made with this stamp set. Truly Stunning!!!! Thank you for sharing with us.

LynnRae Dupree

love Love LOVE it!


WOW!!! That is one awesome card. Do you ever do "how-to" videos? This would be one that I would love to watch and learn since I'm such a visual learner!

Thanks for sharing!



saw you & lydia chatting on facebook, so had to come on over and check it out ... I am waiting on this stamp to arrive for me, and I am saving this to try myself ... you seriously knocked this one out of the park ... gorgeous!

Shannon in AZ

Jan, this card is truly STUNNING!! Kudos to you for doing your homework, and ours, and finding out the correct 'look' that this lotus blossom should imitate. A tutorial, and I would even pay for it, would clue us in to your amazing brain and how you created this. I bow down to you in homage to your creative expertise. Yes, I am blathering on but this card just deserves it. THANK YOU for showing all of us the true depiction of how this stamp should look. Stamp on, JAN; stamp on.

Rochelle Blok

This is the most AMAZING use of the Lotus Blossom Stamp Set I have seen. It is just stunning! Thanks for sharing!

Bev Borda

What a beautiful are amazingly talented...can't wait to try this tech at home..thank you so very much for sharing!!

Meg M.

wow Jan!!! I knew you were amazing before... this takes it to a whole new level. You could sell this for $10... now make hundreds, post them on etsy and retire. ;) I hope I can emulate this with some success. It is gorgeous, like you.


I, too, looked at images before stamping this one. You explain your thought process very well. Thanks for the realistic lotus card.


So happy to stumble upon this gorgeous piece of art, what can I say except, WOW! Love it...thanks so much for sharing and brighten this rainy day.


A little late to the party, here, but YES, a work of art, without a doubt! You ROCK!


This card is so unbelievably beautiful! You are so talented!

Bea Redd

I love your lotus card and no doubt that this card will get noticed all around the SU world.
I am going to attempt to CASE your card but just in case it doesn't come out as beautiful as yours, I'll be coming back in hopes of finding a video tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.

Yvonne bevan

Wow! That is lovely.


Saw this card on Pinterest, and HAD to comment. You NAILED the water. Awesome job. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation.

Dawn Smith

The $50 offer was over on March 31st.


^^Yes, but this was posted on January 22nd.

Geri Nienaber

Thank you for sharing. Your talent in making this card is awesome.

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