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May 22, 2013


kathy tanner

This card is Absolutely stunning Jan!
Would be a cert to win any competition it was entered into!


Gojus!! Always Artisan in my book!

Cindy Elam

That card would have been a winner, I just know it. And THEN you'd have been stuck HAVING to make eye-poppingly fabulous projects with the free goodies Stampin' Up! sent you. Yeah, I can see why you opted out this year. ;-)

Diane McVey

That card is definitely in a league of its own! BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing it with us. It really IS special!
Congrats on your new car, and your weight loss! Your car is just precious, and I know how hard those pounds are to shed. So kudos to you for doing that!
Have a great week!

Stacy Mc

This is simply beautiful. I had my entry done with 1 3d left and Callie got a hold of them and that was the end of that. Guess that was a sign... :)


Congrats on the weight loss. I know it's a struggle sometimes, but it's so worth the effort.
And I LUV your new wheels. The color is FAB & IMHO, Honda's are exceptional vehicles.
Oh, and yeah, your card is beautimous!


All your fans give you the Artisan Award...who needs SU's??? Beautiful! Also, congrats on the weight loss AND the new ride!!

Maggie S

Love the card. So sorry you weren't able to enter the contest. I'm sure you would have been a winner! You're a winner with that car though. Looks like a fun ride.

Debi Pippin

Jan I didn't enter this year either. I felt terrible last year after all the work I did on the umbrella and other stuff and they only had the 20 finalist out of which 10 were winners. I do feel that there will be many others that will not enter because of the work load involved. I have had a busier year with classes and workshops so my sales have soared and so have the amount of recruits. I am working harder than ever and I know some of the cards I have made for classes are worthy of Artisan but I want my students to have the best of my attention and creativity so I placed Artisan on the back burner this year. I always love your work. If you are at Convention this year I would love to get together with you.
Debi Pippin

vicki doyle

Congratulations on your weight loss - holy cow, you've lost a toddler! That's a great accomplishment - and much more meaningful in the scheme of things than winning Su's artisan award.
Enjoy your sweet ride!
your card was totally worthy of the competition - gorgeous!

Linda Willman

Congratulations on bringing some balance to your life!!! That's huge and worth celebrating in an upscale fashion. Losing weight, keeping some time for yourself and your family,and did I mention losing weight!!! OMG... It's not just this beautiful card that inspires me. Way to go Jan!

Patricia @ Stamped Sentiments

You're going to love the Fit! I've been driving mine for 5 years now; love, love, love it! Gorgeous card, as usual ... Patricia


Congrats on the car and the weight loss! You are one hot mama now :-) The card is lovely to - as usual. Thanks for sharing.

Gina Wrona

Congrats on your new car & weight loss! Great accomplishments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hooray for you, Jan! Keep up the great work - on your GORGEOUS cards and your SLIMMING waistline! Enjoy the high from that new car smell, too!

Ruthie Burkey

You are always a winner in my book!!!!!

Karen Rogers

Looking fab Jan, what we will see on this blog this year is more inspiration, more fab, more GOJUS & more laughter than is ever right when reading a blog post - thanks so much for being YOU

Joyce  Harms

Wonderful you for working on the weight and for fabulous creations! Love your work.

Jen Timko

You have been an Artisan for years in my opinion! Always wonderful but this is truly extraordinary!!! Congrats on your hard work in losing weight. YOU look gojus!!

Julia L.

Gorgeous card as usual! Love your work. I need to figure out a way to get you to send me some original Jantink art. Congrats on the weight loss and love your car! It is very cute! You look very happy there in that pic! :D

Ann H

Jan, you will always be the exalted princess of Stampin' Up! So happy for you on the weight loss -- you look fabulous! Congrats on the sporty new ride!

Joan B

yeah for the weight loss. and the car. and making a smart decision....

Jane Harrah

Jan, you do not have to enter a contest to validate your craft brilliance. You are and always will be a great creator. Creation should be fun and not work. Keep up the good fun! Love the new car...let us know how you like it....I am a quiet stalker but I love your cards always!

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