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April 18, 2013


karen k

I'm glad that I'm no the only one...Thanks for the chance to win.

Sandi Dailey

Well I don't have this set Jan!! But I have to admit I have double-ordered from time to time and end up doing the same thing you are doing. So you can pick me if you want -- LOL!! Love how you added the stamps to your card -- never thought of doing something like that. My e-mail address is:

Sarah O.

..bad situation for you had turned into a potentially GREAT situation for one of your readers. I hope I am the lucky one!

Kathy Wyatt

I just don't know how we do that? I also refuse to inventory and carry a list around with me so, oh well, right?

Kathy Wyatt

Sandra ltb

I hate when that happens!
Lovely card - I am happy of the return of some of the colors too!
Thanks for the fun and inspiration.
Sandra ltb

Melanie Hopes

we must all do this from time to time. I have several sets that I have done this with and it usually means that my sis get the set for free. I love that you are sharing with the stamping world (USA).


Karen M

How very generous of you!! I forget what I have sometimes too.


Dufus?!? NOT!!! I hate to break it to you, Jan but you're not a dufus ... you're just one of the girls. Any truly obsessed, er um, I mean dedicated stamper has done this at one point or other (whether they will admit it or not) with one of their supplies. I'm just glad you chose such a cute set to do it with ... hee hee hee. Please Mr. Random #, pick me!

Thanks so much for the chance to win this. It is really sweet of you to do this.

Snoopy :D

Sharon Miller

I see there are a number of us in that "I didn't know I had that set!" boat! I actually don't have that set, so thanks for the chance to get it. Your blog is so down to earth true and funny. Thanks for the smiles.


I've done the same thing! Your card is absolutely stunning, as always. Thanks for the chance to win!


What a wonderful thing to do! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Darlene L

Sorry that your tiny little mistake turns out to be a win-win for one of your readers. It is a beautiful card--Field Flowers is my favorite floral set. Have a great rest of the week.


Lucky us!!! Thanks for sharing and giving us so much inspiration!

Beverly Dahl

I did the same thing.. only backwards. I had this on my wish list. I thought I ordered it so took it off my wish list. Now I can't find it. I went back in my previous orders and don't see that I actually ordered it. I hope I win it from my favorite blogger!

Amy W.

Oh no! Bad for you, good for us! Thanks so much for the chance to win!


Glad to hear I am not the only one that does this kind of thing.

Happy you used your set and your kindness in sharing with one of us.

Kerry Joy Dean

It's so kind of you to pass along your mistake as a prize to someone else. Thank you for the opportunity and I want to say I enjoy your blog and stamping examples each day.

JoAnn Pollock

I am also a huge fan of the stamps with matching punches but I haven't grabbed this one yet.

Kathy Mc

Jan, how very kind of you to generously give up your duplicate stamp set to one of us. Your vintage Field Flowers card is GOJUS, I agree. Thanks for all the inspiration to provide via your blog!

Kathy Mc

Oops, I failed to mention I live in the good ole USA and needed to share this~ bdlakebum at yahoo dot com


Oh I think many of us have done that one. I have proof that I ordered and received a set. I ordered it again but sadly haven't found the original set! So frustrating! I too would love to be gifted with this! Kristine at boundforlondon
at yahoo Dot com


If ordering two of the same stamp set makes you a dufus who shares her riches...then you are my favorite dufus on the entire planet! Thanks for starting and ending my days with MANY smiles, Jan!

Jean Fitch

Nope...not a Dufus...just a creative consultant who sometimes forgets to consult her stash between orders. Been there...done that. Thanks for generously sharing both the rubber and the project. Now I can bring my six packs of Blushing Bride (Blush Blossom will have to remain in the closet for now)out of the stash and stop hoarding them for that special occasion that never quite seems special enough. Gonna grab those BB spritzers on the clearance rack too!
Jazzed to find another stamper who loves this my group I seem to be the only one.
Thanks again Jan and happy stamping from Oregon, USA.


The Lovely Little Labels Set would like to move in with me! And that soft shade of pale pink is one of my faves too. Thanks for sharing your extra SU set.

Kathy Smith

Alas, I've done the same thing! Thanks for the chance to win.


I have to say that I'm guilty of doing this all too often. But not this time. A friend signed up right after SAB and wanted this set sooooo badly so I told her I'd try to find one for her. So if you chose me, it'll be going to a brand new demo!! Thanks so much for offering it!


I do this from time to time. I share with my sister when I do.

Becky Volpp

I too have double ordered-punches no less. Oh wellcome in handy when large group needs to use it.
I do not have tht set I think it is calling my name

Jenn Brown

Jan, thank you for always providing humor and stamping eye candy! Blog candy? BONUS! Thanks!

Kathy Thompson

I think most of us have been there done that. What an adorable little set. I would love to win that. I'm sorry you put the labels on both sets, but that's good for us followers and very generous of you. thanks.

Shawn K.

It happens! Looking through the comments, it looks like it happens all the time. :)

Shawn k.


What a kind gesture;someone will be very happy to win this. Glad to see that I am not the only one? How do I end up with multiples?!?!

Kathy M

LOL. Good one for us, Jan. Thanks for giving us a chance to win your error!


Hi Jan!

You are not alone:) What a beautiful card!
Thanks for the chance to win.

Debbie riches

Hi Jan, first I love your blog! Always fun to read. Thanks for that. Second, I have done the same thing--ordered a set twice because I forgot I had it. I was so embarrassed until now. Glad we are in the same boat. I would love this set, but I will double check on the punches before I order them. Do I have them already???



Love, love, LOVE your cards. They are always refreshing and unique.


Jan, glad we are in the same boat. Love your blog and your fantastic creations. Thanks for a chance to win.

Renae C.

I do this more than I care to admit with pantry items in my kitchen. I'm at the store and if I'm not sure I have something, I buy it. Then sometimes I go home and discover that I already have it! Lately I have been better about checking the pantry first and making a list to go grocery shopping! Thanks for offering up this set for a giveaway!

Jennifer Scull

I think every one of us has done the exact same thing at one time or another! ;)
I love these itty bitty vintagey sets! so much fun and adorable as all get out!

your card is gorgeous as well.
enjoy your weekend! :)

Janet Mack

I do the same thing every once in a while. I try to keep track but I forget to write things down. I have a friend who benefits from my mistakes though.

Gay Ferland

After being a demonstrator for over 10 years and a customer for another 10 years I am jusr organizing my stuff and I have found duplicate stamp sets!!!! So you are not alone!!!!! Thanks for an opportunity to grab blog candy! I hope I win!!!!!

Edna B.

Darling little labels. I've been looking at that set and debating when to buy it. Hope I win it instead. Your card is beautiful. Perfect for many occasions. I'm happy that blushing bride color is back too. Thanks for the chance to win. Edna B.

Kat Skeers

Maybe if I won a stamp set touched by Jan Tink I could stamp like Jan Tink? Here's hoping and crossing my fingers!

Sandi Malone, Grandview MO  USA

What a novel way to pass on an extra stamp set! Love what you did with this card! It seems there are several of us who are in the same boat...occasionally! You aren't a dufus...instead, you're my stamping genius! Love all your work!


ordered something twice? ME? never! I just always order extra just in case... HAHA! I won't share how often I have done this. I should start a blog and share some of those extras. Thanks for sharing with all of us, not just the stamps but your humor and your love of papercrafting. Love your blog!

Ann H.

Jan, you are not alone. Usually one of my club members benefits when I do the same. We have a drawing and someone walks home with a new set! Love your blog!


I think we have all done that at one time or another.

Beautiful card.

K. Boyer

I think all of us stampers have double ordered at one time or another. I love the field flowers card. Thanks for the chance to win.


Oh, oh, oh!!! Your blog candy was made just for me! I'm just starting to get in to the littler stamps & punches that SU has, so I just know that I must win this [no, I'm sure I don't own it yet! haha!]....pick me, choose me! [please]

Pam S.

I think alot of us have done this with stamps and quilting patterns (guilty)!
Thanks for giving us a chance to get a nice set which I don't have, checked on the stamp shelf first, before posting this.

Kay Capps

Hi Jan-The same thing happens to me all the time. I should be writing the sets down that I buy and that might help! Thanks for all you share with us and thanks for the chance to win! Hugs Kay

Carol V

Just the other day a friend of mine got her order and she ordered 2 of the same set, in the same order!!!. yep she looked and she did order both! I usually do the opposite, have the stamp set, card stock, punch on my wish list, think I order it and don't :(

Carol V

I love your card and the color combination you used, just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing you with us!


I would love to CASE your card, if I win the set that is :). Very pretty card, btw.

Sue McNeill

Welcome to the Dufus Club of Stampers! I too buy two of everything....sometimes on the very next order! Oh well. Thank you for the chance to win a set I actuallly don't have. And as always, thanks for the great cards (that I regularly CASE)!

Sue McNeill


It's going to take more than that to earn Dufus rank! Thanks for sharing all your creative talent. Love reading your posts; you always put a smile on my face.

Sondra Agathakis

I've done the exact same thing!!! (several times) Silly Silly me (and u)
Love your style of card making...GOJUS for sure. Thanks for keeping it real.

Jan Castle

We all do it...especially if we don't ink the stamp up. Easy to forget something not yet used! Thanks for the chance to win the set Jan!
Paper Hugs,
Jan Castle

Barb Clouse

Oh, I have done that more than once too. Thanks for letting me stalk you and your creations. Have a great birthday on Saturday.

Susan B

Well, if you're a doofus I guess I am too. I've done the same thing more than once. I don't, however, have this set and appreciate the chance to win it. Love the card!!!

Chris R. from Iowa

How many times do I have to tell all of us - this was really planned - you wanted to to share your love for this set and ordered another one to give away! Silly girl, you are not a dufus - you just planned ahead for awesome blog candy. Now, I don't think I have this one but if I found out I did and won this, I would pay it forward! Hey, that is another way of looking at it, you are paying it forward! Such a trend setter you are! (wink, smile, wink!) Love your blog and your great creations. Thanks for sharing your talent with us and paying it forward!

Sharon Maranich

You're not the only one who double orders - mine are usually with MDS. Wish there was a better way not to do that!! But, I don't have that set and would love to be the winner!

Patricia Casill

Duplicate ordering...I do that all the time. It just goes to show how much we like something! I have even done it in the same order. BUT, I missed this little gem. I do not have Lovely Little Labels but would love to own luck to me!

Marsha J Reed

Love this little stamp set. Bought the punches, forgot the stamp set. Love the card you created.


I've done the same thing... more than I'd care to admit. At least people like us are consistent, right? You could just keep two sets, but obviously you know how to share and be generous. Thanks for the chance to win.

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