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October 27, 2011


Cindy Dicks

Jan, you never cease to AMAZE me with your talent and I couldn't agree with you more on the YILM. Just today I posted on my blog about the good feeling one gets after setting off what they have accomplished whether it be with paper crafting or other hobby. Thank you for being yourself, I hope to one day meet you in person at a SU event. Keep up the GREAT work, you inspire MANY! :)

Chellie B

There's one in every bunch, Jan. I am only sorry that you had to use up a whole post, which are all too infrequent for my tastes (YILY) to begin with, to address the proverbial swine who cannot appreciate the pearl before it.

That said, it would be a sad day in Mudville (and all parts for that matter) for your beloved acronyms to cease. You ARE a jeen-yus, you ARE clever, you ARE talented, and doggone it, people like you.

(Hope that's enough references for the next minute or so.)


Gojus card! YILM is in my top three favorite sayings of yours all time....along with "Shelli, may she live forever" and "the boy with the wayward finger".

Mindy Backes

LOL!!!!!! I'm changing it to YILJ (yes I love Jan)hehe!!!! Loving the bright colors of your card too! I need to order me some of that paper!

Wendy W.

YILJT!! You are the bestest, awesomest!! Just wish I had been cool enough to think up MY own blog acronym!!


YWLU2!!! By that I mean, Yes We Love You Too, acronyms and all! I'm not sure what that person's problem was, but it had nothing to do with you.

After all, if they say they love you and then put conditions on it... is that really love?!? No. That's controlling ... a very far cry from love. Maybe someday they can learn to love themselves and then appreciate that quality in others.

Meanwhile ... YILM your heart out ~ "To infinity and beyond!!!"

Snoopy :D


First of all, I need to apologize because I have never commented on your blog before, but I could not resist after reading this post. I have enjoyed your sarcasm and stories and have been inspired and in awe of your talent every since I started following your blog. So keep on "loving yourself" as much as we love ya and ignore those that cannot appreciate a little sarcasm.


you go girl! YWLY2!


YILJT -- Yes, I love Jan, too!! It's human nature to dwell on the one negative comment, but I hope you can shrug it off and bask in the love from the rest of your adoring fans! Please keep sharing your talent, your stories and your humor with us!


YILUJ! (Yes I Love You Jan!) Your work is absolutely wonderful and I love reading your blog with all of your sarcasm and wonderful acronyms! It just wouldn't be the same blog without your acronym! I just wish people would not try to make everyone change to meet their specific ideals. If you don't like it then don't look at it, do it, or whatever! Don't make other people stop just because you don't like it! The person who sent that comment should get off their high horse and get over theirself! I just don't understand why someone would expect anyone to change just because of what they do or do not like.

Again. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get so excited when I see a new post of yours in my Blogger dashboard! I just can't wait to read it and I enjoy every project and every letter you type! Thanks Jan for everything you do!

Juliana B

I totally love your sense of humor, sarcasm, and wit. I love the little anacronyms you use throughout the blog--they give your writing its unique flair. Don't worry about one stuffy pants. That person can go read another blog if it really bugs her. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and YES WE DO LOVE YOU!

(You are, by the way, one of those people I would be intimidated to meet in real life, like at, say, Convetion because you are just So Cool, and I'm, well, not.)

Heather Cady

Well, methinks whoever sent the private email was sure they'd get stomped on if they replied here... and they would have :) xoxo

Julie S.

I think anyone who thinks they can tell you what or what not to say on your personal blog is the one that's a little too full of themselves...

I enjoy reading your blog Jan, and please, don't change a thing!


I love the acronyms, and the funny names and sayings and stories and gojusness!

lena nunn

well IRLU ( I really love you) and your sarcasm and if they dont like it they DHTRYB ( dont have to read your blog). Some people just like to ROOP ( Rain on others parades). Keep being awesome and forget the Negative people.


Hugs, Jan! You always make me laugh and do such amazing work. Don't stop doing what you're doing!

Cheryl K

That is rather rude of someone to think that they can tell you what you can or cannot say on YOUR BLOG! I enjoy reading your blog, the sharing is AWESOME and I always get a good laugh which is always good. If they don't like what you say or share then I guess they can just not read your blog and miss out on the all the wonderfulness!

Patti G

May I just say if you grew up with Janine as I did - you will know she is speaking the total truth in this post. She is far from any type of self conceited person who is full of only herself!
Her sense of humor & sarcasm have always been something in our family that we love & adore about Janine - sorry, can't EVER get used to calling her Jan - - - -
Janine - your family loves you for who you are and have always been.....the crazy, weird one!!!! Ha! Ha! You know I'm just kidding cous!


well...whatever that whole speel meant...I still enjoy your blog; however, what does YILM mean?? Some times I get reading your blog & don't always connect to your "initials", so I move on! TFS..

Sherrill Evans

I didn't read everyone elses comments,, but I for one,,, look very forward to you posting,, I had no idea what the letters even stood for,, but I think I always got the "spirit" of what you are trying to say,,, and I love your heart and spirit!! May God Bless you for just forgiving and forgetting,, and for loving people anyone,, especially the one that wrote that comment!! Keep writing,, God made you just the way you are for a very good reason,,, and it sure seems that there are many people who do appreciate you just the way you are!! God BLess you!!


What would I do without my weekly dose of YILM??? I love the sarcastic tone of your blog, and take the spirit of YILM in which it is intended. Please continue to be your wonderful, quirky self!


OMG ur lol a hoot! Don't stop....don't let one sour puss spoil who you are for the rest of us who appreciate your art and your tell that sour puss to keep sucking those pickles...and save the comments for other pickle puss blogs...we love ya!!!!


SPS wouldn't be the same without the YILM.
I love the YILM!

Larry Dushane

AMEN Sister....

I would have probably responded with a few not so nice four letter acronyms.

Keep up the sarcasm, it keeps us smiling!


Oh, it's ding ding kicking time, yo.

xo B.

Stephanie J

Pssst, Jan.... YILU! (Yes, I Luv You!)


I don't comment on blogs very often but just had to after this post! The first time I read one of your blog posts I looked all over to find out what YILM meant. Have to admit I got the biggest kick out of it! Don't let one sour grape ruin the whole bunch for ya! You obviously have a lot of followers who really love you and your humor (sarcastic or not :)!!).


Love the card!! Can we make it, huh? huh?

Andrea Munro

As ALWAYS, I love how articulate you are and the way you express yourself. I always look forward to seeing your gorgeous creations, but visit your blog JUST AS MUCH to read what you've written as well. It always brightens my day - and yes 'YILM' makes me smile (because I know the feeling of which you speak, the one after you've created something spectacular and you just KNOW that you're brilliant)! Anyways, thank you always for taking the time out of your day to share your awesome creativity and brighten my day!

Kim Jenkins

I love a sarcastic sense of humor - just keep posting. BTW, I never new what that stood for and I guess I didn't care enough to find out LOL!

Amy Taylor

I, for one, come to your site very regularly for my own need of inspiration and completely love all that you post. Oftentimes, you make me smile or downright laugh. I love it! Thanks for your sharing and honesty.


Hilarious Jan! Too bad you had to explain it tho.. if the person in question was that concerned about it, I wonder why they didn't just read about it on your sidebar. If they get that upset about 4 little letters, they don't have much of a chance with more than that...


simple- if they don't like it they can't stop coming to this wonderful, inspririn, jaw dropping blog and no one would probably notice. looks like you have enough fans that it won't hurt if one doesn't come around anymore! i think you are hilarious!

Linda Monroe

I love that you use YILM. I think it's what makes your blog so unique. I agree, when you finish a project and it comes out almost as good as you pictured it in your head there is satisfaction, pride even so yes, you should love yourself in that moment of accomplishment. As a matter of fact your use of YILM allowed me to boldly state on my blog yesterday that a card I was making I was hoping would be 'pick of the litter' or another accolade from the design team. Of course I know others are better, but sometimes one of our best creations MAYBE, maybe the one someone else likes and comments on. And when we love it, well we should be able to express that on our blog. So, please, please keep putting those YILM letters on your blog!!!


Hey there! I am appalled that someone would email that to you! Why do some think that technology (email,text etc.) allows them to say what they would never say to someone in person? I don't blame you for being taken aback. Just think...KARMA! Keep smilin' and keep doin' what you're doin'!


When I first discovered your blog, I got it... I still get it.... I enjoy it... and I laugh right along with your sarcasm... so keep it up!! As others have mentioned - it is your blog and we don't pay a thing to enjoy your take on life never mind learn tremendously from your talent. If someone doesn't care for your acryonyms...let them unsubscribe. Keep at it girl.... Sometimes we foget to allow our selves to chuckle.. well, I look forward to your chuckles and I THANK YOU.... for your honesty and your approach. Beverly/Kraftyaunt

Mary Jo

Oh, good grief! Some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands. And anyway, didn't dear ol' Tigger start this whole initially thing with his "TTFN" (Ta-ta for now.) Or wait, maybe it was from an old boyfriend who wrote on the outside of a sealed note to me . . . not an endearing SWAK, but SWSSTHUO . . . "sealed with sufficient saliva to hold until opened."

And by the way, I rarely comment on anyone's blog. You are too funny, and I love reading your posts!

Sherry Cheever

This post has made me smirk that little "@hit#y" grin I have and nod my head! I would tell you to get over your BAD self . . . BUT . . . that's what they tell me!!!

Seriously, great post!

Erika Clark

You, your cards, your humor, talent and sarcasm are GOJUS. Fact is, you rock. One of my very favorites!!! Never stop. I feel that way too when I make something awesome. I have a little happy dance right there in my craft chair :) love that card there too!

Andrea Thompson

There's always a hater in every crowd. Boo to them! I LOVE your blog and EVERYTHING about it!!! Including your 4 letter words. ; ).
I very much appreciate you sharing your work and you should be excited and proud about your work. Keep on going and Ms. sourpuss can just go away!

Judi Carpenter

Jan, I've been lovin' you since you wrote that goofy 'soap opera' thing called The Tearing Edge (yes, I even printed them and have them in a file, if I could remember where...) that cracked me up to the point of no return. I was hooked, totally hooked. You could write anything and I'd think it was funny. But you are also so creative it makes me sick (now, that's the 'sick' that kids use today, and it's a totally wonderful compliment, not an insult). And so envious. And I LOVE reading your posts (subscribe to them, stay up until they appear, the whole enchilada). And when I see YILM, I always chuckle and think 'that's our Jan' again and again. Whoever that person is who had the nerve to write what she did, we should hunt her down and sit on her until she apologizes and becomes one of us, your loyal subjects. Keep up the good work, my friend! You have no reason to fear that one nasty person when you have all the rest of us in your corner, cheering you on.


I so look forward to your blog and your YILM!! You should - your cards are awesome....


I rarely comment on any blog --- but some things just need to be said!
No need to explain yourself and your YILM! I love your sense of humor and your little sayings! Please don't change a thing!

No one is forcing the one with the complaint to read your blog! Maybe she should go MHOB (mind her own business) and TU (throw up)instead of complaining!:)


The first thing that popped into my head is YILJT. Love how you share your creativity. Love your beautiful projects. Love how many times you make my day with your humor!


Jan--Thank you for sharing your story and not stewing about it and feeling bad because someone was JNN (Just Not Nice). It is your blog and you share what your amazing creations with all of us. Thank you for sharing and a RBCH (Really Big Cyber Hug) to you. And please don't let someone else ruin what you love. {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}

Joan B


(yes I love you)

Vicki S.

Jan, all I can say is Oy Vey!!!!!! That is ridiculous that someone posted such an idiotic comment on YOUR blog. Gimme a break... this person obviously has no sense of humor. I love your blog... I love your creations and I love your sarcastic sense of humor. Life would be so boring if we all took ourselves so seriously! Stay true to yourself, ignore the comment and know that you have many readers that love you, too, Jan!!!!! :D


I for one LOVE the YILM, and the GOJUS'! I 'get' it. My version is 'loving myself sick' and those who don't appreciate that for what it is.... well.... who cares!! If I were JanTink I'd be loving myself sick, and YILM'ing everywhere!


Well said, Jan! I love your blog and everything you write/stamp/create. Oh, how I want to be just like you....

tammy fletcher

Lovely card. I love your blog and think it is funny. don't let others get to you....keep up the good work girl, you make me laugh and that makes the world go round....


I don't leave comments often I will. I enjoy your projects but more importantly I enjoy the story you put with it. Always brings a giggle. However, I guess I really haven't paid that close of attention am my brain skipped over the YILM everytime. lol

Keep up posting like you always do and I'll try and pay closer attention!

Have a GREAT day!


So did that person think your blog was required reading or something? If she didn't get your humor, why not stop reading the blog. Why send you an email to try to make you feel like crap? Why doesn't she go write her own blog and leave you alone?? I love your blog and am very grateful you share your work. And seeing your cards isn't the real reason I subscribe - you crack me up!
Thanks for all the inspiration and laughs. YILY!

Denise Campbell

Total awesomeness - keep on loving yourself!! If we all loved ourselves a little more - we wouldn't find the time to send snarky emails to others - just enjoy and bask in others "gloriousness" - that is why we are looking at other people's blogs, no??

Dawn Repovg

You are one of the first blogs that I started reading on a permanent basis... what 2 or so years ago. I was SO impressed that I went back through all of your previous posts. Yes I Really do love your creations, but more than that I like your sense of humor, your acronyms and your chit chat of your family. PLEASE keep being you and it always amazes me how 1 person can put a downer on anything! Attitude is everything and I LOVE yours!

Edna Burgess

Cute card! And use whatever words you want. I think your blogs are funny and enjoy them, even though you are a nut. Just kidding. Keep up the good work. Ed


This is one of the best blog posts I've ever read! Besides the fact that your artwork is awesome and beautiful you have such a wonderful sense of humor! You always put a smile on my face and some days I need a little help with that! Thank you for keeping it real and doing what you love.

By the way...YILM!!!

Shelly P.

All I can say is that this person really needs to get a grip! They should find something that is really important to b**** about! We love you Jan and even tho I have never met you, I love your blog and you have always struck me as a very down to earth and nice person. Maybe if the stars align I will get to meet you but until that day I will continue to have the pleasure of reading your blog. Keep the YILM coming, cause we love you! WLY!

Karen P

Let me add myself to a long list of you don't have to explain anything to anyone that writes such drivel. Now that is a happy person and the they TU after everytime they read YILM on your blog well then that would be a site. I love your stories and they way you write. I can relate and I love it when you YILM. Thanks for doing all you do and especailly thanks for sharing. You must be YILMing now with all the feel good you are getting. There seems to be a few people that are so unhappy with themselves that they have to try and drap down the people that make the rest of us happy. Well boo to them (not what I really wanted to say) and TTFN (ta ta for now) Have a great day.

Evelyn in NYC

Jan, I don't post comments on blogs very often, but I wanted to send my support to encourage you to just keep right on YILM'ing. In all seriousness, if we don't toot our own horn sometimes, who else will?? Love your talent and your blog. I think I even, why, YILM!

carol marbach


yily ~ got it?

. . . and your card is the BOMB!!!!

don't stop being yourself because someone has issues. that is their problem!

ps. the fact that you spent WAY too much time contemplating this just means that you need to continue using 'yilm.'

Shala Carter

I've been reading your blog for a long time now, and I love your cards. But I never knew what YILM was and when I asked, didn't receive a reply. So I kept wondering, because obviously it was important to you. Thanks for the info. I think it's great! :)

Toni K

I have always loved your blog, and your sarcasm. It's not often you find someone who writes their blog in your first language, mine being sarcasm ;) I adore your attitude, and I totally get where you're coming from! and it's your dang blog! Keep doing what you're doing!


I wish there was a "LIKE" button on here because I agree with everyone that has posted before me. Your blog would be just like everyone else's without the acronyms and it makes it very unique. Please don't let one Negative Nellie stop you from being you! I love you too and enjoy your blog so much. I can always count on a laugh or two from your posts. Keep on keeping on!

Priscilla Ivler

Ditto, ditto, ditto, and ditto! YILJT and will continue to enjoy your blog, acronyms and all! Keep up the fabulous work; I know how difficult it can be to create original art. You deserve to love yourself! Thanks for all you do!

Kristine Vencel

You are one wonderfully crazy girl! Love your cards and keep those letters comin"! I get such a hoot out of what you write. Makes my day so DON'T STOP----please!

Pat S.

Seriously? Some folk got no imagination! Jan - we LOVE you and your acronym...and have always taken it in the spirit in which it was written -- so-o-o very sorry you were subjected to some fools lack of tact/understanding/and or ability to keeo their negativity to themselves!!!!! WE LOVE YA!


YATF (You Are Tooooooo Funny) BTW ~ TFS and HAGW (Have A Great Weekend) :-) (smiley face)

Suzanne W. Skeels

We love you just the way you are. I give myself hugs all the time to remind myself that I am "just right." I
Walking in "she who will not be named" shoes, perhaps she has a lot more quirks and faults than you and is jealous of you b/c you found a way of giving yourself a little credit.
Thanks for sharing the good stuff and the bad.


Glad you've let that one go!! YILJT!

Terri A.

Honestly, I've never understood the negative comment thing. I mean, if you don't like the blog, why are you reading it? There are plenty of blogs out there to read, with an without acronyms. I don't get to stamp much anymore, but still love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful creations. You should LY (love yourself) for coming up with those ideas.

Janet Swofford

Can I join the YILJ Club? You are amazing and such a talented lady! Don't let the idiots get you down and please keep creating and inspiring us here on your wonderful blog!!!
Inky hugs,

Peggy Maier

I can see where you'd be confused by that person's post. After all this time of using YILM, I would think she would "get it". Obviously some people need a bit of explanation. I enjoy it, however, & smile every time it comes up. Thanks for all you do -


Jan, Jan, Jan, Jan, Jan,
You know there is always someone who loves to put people down. I don't understand how someone would have the nerve to force their opinions on anyone. I am definately one of the YILJ fans. I love your humor and I think you are precious and a gift to blog readers all over the world! Stay the way u are and God Bless you & yours!

Brenda Myers

I didn't read all of the comments above, but OMG!! Whoever this person is needs to get a clue!! No one forces them to read your blog, duh!! If they don't like them, then they need to move on. Or just don't read your post and only look at the picture. How old are we anyway? OMG <3 :)


You make us smile (Most of the time laugh!)...that's all that matters! Your post add a bright spot to my day...PLEASE keep it right ahead and YILM 'cause we love you too and we LOVE your gojus cards. :)

Katie Muck

LMBBO (Laughing My Big Butt Off)(One can only hope!)

Ah yes. There's a bad egg in every basket and an A-hole in every tush. Why can't people lighten up and find the humor in life? It makes living so much more fun. Luv you, your blog, your projects and your humor. Keep it up girl!

Jeannie Barron

Love your blog! Thank you for sharing.

Joyce Harms

I love your shading in the background of this card, and YILY. Our friend may have just been having a bad day...we all have those, you know; but your work is awesome.


If someone doesn't like what you have to say, then maybe she should just quit reading your blog. The rest of us continue to enjoy it, so don't change- that's the reason the rest of us like your blog. And go ahead and use YILM as much as you want because WE LOVE IT TOO!


Jan, I've never met you and I know YILM is all in fun. I say that sometimes now to my stamping friends when I'm really proud of a stamping project! Everyone knows it came from you! The main reason I subscribed to your blog (originally)was because your posts were my giggle in the morning and always put me in a good mood. Cute phrase-don't ever stop!


You have a great way with words!!! I consider you a little bit of Erma Bombeck for the stamping world. You're authentic, funny, creative, a mom, and human like the rest of us. In every bowl of cherries....( insert Erma Bombeck) reality check. :)

Kathy Berger

All I can say is YILU2!! Let the complainer TU. Just keep on being U!

Diane Kent

YWLY2!!! Never stop being you!

Lynn Starzl

I love your blog AND your acronyms. I even use the YILM once in awhile! Just keep on inspiring us with your talent AND your humor!


oh, pooh! just block that person from your blog and emails. I love sarcasm, I appreciate it and find it sad that so many people don't get it!!!!


I too must apologize because I rarely comment but love your stories (sarcasm included) and can understand the YILM. In that moment of creation it is a wonderful feeling so keep up the amazing work. Love your creations and the comments that come with your blog.


You go girl!! Be true to yourself! I think you do wonderful work - keep it up!
I check your web page every day!


Yay Jan! The best thing about having a stamping workshop or showing someone how to make something themselves (especially when they didn't think they were creative) is watching them afterwards keep picking up their creation and staring fondly, like a doting mother, at it. We all do it too, whether it's our first or thousandth card. Picturing you, with your trademark phrase, doing the same makes the world brighter! We love your style in stamping and humor.

Mary C.

Jan ~ The ranting and sarcasm are why I come to your blog! I too was raised in a similar manner (sarcasm = love) and totally understand the feeling of accomplishment and joy when a project turns out just how you want it! Keep on Keeping on! YILU!

Cheryl Wilcox

Too funny! We all do the same exact thing - post on a blog the wonderful creation we made with the hopes that someone posts a comment on how much they like it, too - but not all of us can do it with the flair that you do. Don't you ever stop with the sarcasm - it keeps me coming back, and keeps your blog fresh compared to some (probably like mine). We love you, Jan!

Karen Herrmann

I love your sarcism and humor, too. You are deserving of all the accolades you get from your fans. YWLU...(long sweeping bow)

Charlene LeBel

You are Loved. So keep up the beautiful cards and creativity you bring to the table. I love your blog and it puts me in good spirits each time I read it. I enjoy your beautiful cards. You are creative and sooo talented.

Take Care,


I am quite surprised that someone would feel that they had a say in what you posted on YOUR blog that they freely choose to visit. I say "Don't like it, don't subscribe!" Let me tell you, when I make a project I just love I share it with everyone who will look because I am so excited about it. Isn't that all part of the fun of papercrafting??

I bet they will be really mad at you now!! But, who cares!!

LaVonne Bateman

You know, the person who complained about what YOU say on YOUR blog can be invited NOT to read it any more! It's not like it isn't a free country or can say what YOU want to say on YOUR blog....THEY are free to leave you alone and stop complaining. If you don't like it, don't partake of it.
Personally, I think you are hilarious, and would be honored to have you as a friend. Ignore the weirdos. Keep doing what you are doing. No reason for you to try to change yourself for someone who doesn't appreciate you!
Keep up the good work, and all the funny do know that you are hysterical and blessedly FUN, right!? :-)


You are so funny! I wouldn't have said get barf bags I would have encouraged her to not CASE your blog so she/he could copy your awesome projects. YILM is an affirmation of self. I have always found if I don't do it no one else will! Thanks for sharing on your blog!

Eileen Moore

I love your YILM and would not understand if you didn't use it ! PLEASE continue to use YILM. That way I know what's really good in your opinion which I respect !!! We love you :)

 Carol B.

YOU GO GIRL!! And don't EVER stop using YILM. And I know you won't anyway, BTW. Glad you put them in your place! IF they don't like it, they don't have to look, I say. So there!!!

Beverly A

I have loved the humor and the talent showcased in your blog since I started reading it; the YILM included!

Theresa R

Jan, YILYT!!(Yes I Love You Too) and please don't ever stop posting just because of one odd commenter!! We know what you mean and we feel the same way.


Um...I guess I'm slow on the draw, I didn't know what YILM meant..until now that! Well there is always a SOUR apple in the barrel, we will all just have to overlook that sour puss and get on again with our lives. It is YOUR blog and I say you can post ANY four letter words you want too, tee-hee!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

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