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August 12, 2011



Aboslutely fabulous card! I love all the colors and pattern that you've used! I just love reading your blog! I understand how the organizing can get out of hand, but its always so much fun just to look at all the toys you have! And I'm sure when you do create again in your newly organized room you'll create something absolultely stunning, because you always do! Thanks for the link to the tutorial! I'm definitely going to be trying this one out!



Reading about your organizing had me laughing so hard.... because it sounds like I could have written it myself. I think we were separated at birth!!!

patty little

I am on the floor laughing because your stories are so funny and it makes me think of my need to organize my craft room. I get everything organized then sometimes I can't find what I need. Anyway, keep up the great stories. Take care.


Don't ya just love it when things:- "snowball". No getting away from it. At least that's been my experience.

Loved your story cuz I can sooooooo relate! :-)

patti jean

You are my crafting hero. I love the shots of your organizing. I can't wait to retire in december and do the same thing to my craft room in the basement.which has kind of morphed into the craft basement..much to my busbands disconcern!. Thanks for sharing..

Mitzi Luttrull

What beautiful colors! Thanks for the link to your tutorial. I will have to try this. What a perfect card for our soon-to-be fall season.

tammy fletcher

You are a riot, your family must just be laughing all the time...thanks for sharing your organizational skills...we all need them.

Edna Burgess

Nice organizing job! Do you hire out to help others? LOL Keep up the good work. Edna

Gail S.

After reading your first article about organizing I decided it was time to quit proscrastinating and start on my craft room. I did get a little of it acomplished, but have a long way to go! You are so right, one area just leads to another area! Mine is to the point of either clear out some of the useless & unused stuff, old cards, particially made cards etc. or quit buying just to store more stuff! I think this is a sickness! Anyway I love your blog, both what you create & what you write.

Susan Z

Definitely a "gojolicious" card!!! I'm hoping you don't get totally organized because you may lose some of your wacky sense of humor. Plus if you get organized how will I identify with you?

JoAnn Burnham

Nice card. Loved reading about your organization. It sounds a lot like me too. One day I will have it all where it should be. :) (Maybe)

Linda Slattery

Hi Jan, I hope you don't beat me up because I am sending this hint too late to be helpful...did you know you can buy "badge clip holders" at Wally World for cheap, cheap, cheap? They work great on the CIU, and I actually like that they naturally allow a little spacing between items hung up. You will see what I mean when you visit the office supply section. I found some of the CIU clips almost impossible to open, and others just a PITA, and hard on my old arthritic joints. Love your organizational posts and saga. All of us can relate. My DH often says when entering my craft room, "Ahem, are you really making something, or just organizing?" Says it all doesn't it. Linda S. in NE

patti moffett

My oh my have you been snooping in my house!!!! seems like the "get organized so you know where things are and what you have bug so you can actually use it" bug is hitting many of us...mine started out with unmounting my wood sets (over 500) and remounting them on cling mount to save room...(actually Hoarders called and they'd like an interview for a possible segment!!!! just kidding but it seems possible...only 350 to go...and I am actually selling about 1/3 so far....yea me
you are an inspiration thanks

Pat McHale

Jan, AI love reading about your organizational adventures. It makes me want to go to mygarage and start unpacking the stuff I put there when we moved 7 months ago. It will get done (someday). Thanks for the laughs.

Ginger G

Hi Jan, Boy do I need help. I really should jump on ur bandwagon of organizing my stamp stuff. I looked at your awesome tutotrial on josephs coat. Love it!! On todays card, did you leave some sponged color on top of the versamarked sweet floral image? I'm curious of the red hue along the flowers. It is stunning!!!! Thx, love visiting your blog.


Thanks so much Jan. I'm not alone in my mess.

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