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August 05, 2011



Great Job Jan! If you give a mouse a cookie....

Kris McGinn

That was my exact thought as I was reading this - if you give a mouse a cookie! Great job, Jan. Want to come to New Orleans and reorganize my room? I could sure use the help!

Melanie Hopes

Jan the room looks great so now I must go and take a nap as I am exhausted!!!!!!!!

Love the card! really cute and the back ground is awesome. (YILYT)yes I love you too!


mel mccarthy

How fun to read about your one-thing-leads-to another organizing experience, Jan. I had to laugh, when you were talking about magazines, I was thinking about the ol SU catties I need to purge (and you got to that next); then, for some reason my back was itchy & I got to the end and had quite a giggle about the itch you can't scratch. Teehee. Thanks for the great read & congrats on all your hard work. And I LOVE your "Happy Bearthday" His sweet little hat is too cute!

Edna Burgess

Looks like you did a marvelous job of reorganizing. Would you like to come over and help me???? LOL Bet you feel better about the way it looks now. Good job. Edna

Joy Hadden

I guess all of us stampers have the same disease - we have too much stuff! Yeah, I agree with the other ladies, I'm tired after reading about your organization -- but it encouraged me to do a "little" - very little - lol.
The bear card is darling - love those bright happy colors!


Ha ha ha Jan!!! Loved this post. I think you're going to find yourself spread extremely thinly in the months to come as you answer all the desperate calls to come over and reorganise everyone else's rooms!!!

Your account of "one thing leads to another" reminded me of the Flanders & Swann song from the 50s, "The Gas Man Cometh" - you can hear it here:

I'm an incipient OCD-er too, so I absolutely understand what you've been going through lol! I have a scheme with magazines. When they arrive and I read them, I write the titles and page numbers of the bits I'm interested in on a Post-It note and stick it on the front. Then when I've got a pile of magazines, I go through them and either cut out, or scan, or copy-type whatever I'm interested in, and file them on the computer in folders where I can easily find them. That way you get rid of the bulk of the actual magazines and have all the stuff you want, not taking up any room at all, and easy to lay your hands on.

I'm very impressed with your stamp room! Keep up the good work. It's really organised now!!!

Kelley Roganowicz

Jan - I'm still at the cinder block and cement stage in my stamping area. We plan to finish the basement, and I'll get a nice corner with cupboards and counters and carpet, but until then, I'm trying to make the most of a couple of tables, a bumper-pool table, a 5-shelf storage unit and an old dresser. I love the clip-it storage ideas and may steal them for my new area.


Great job, Jan! I just got done unmounting all of my wood mount SU sets (except for Christmas sets. For some reason, I stopped there - not sure why). I have SO much more room in my studio, I can't believe it. Big job but I'm happy it's done!

Susan Z

Phew! I got tired just reading about all of that organizing!!! I'm off to take a nap. (Say... what were the addresses of the places where you dumped your recycling? Maybe I could use some of that "schtuff")


Oh, how I wish whatever you had was catching! My stamp room is in horrible need of a backhoe, at least, then a barrel for burning! Shovels! Anything. Totally useless as it is. Maybe your work will inspire me!


Oh, that is how I store my loose rubber stamps, is in the acrylic frames that I saw on the Carol DuVall show too! I also did the photocopy to put into the bottom so I know where each stamp is suppose to go after it is used and cleaned. Good organizing!


Yay, I'm normal (in an OCD kind of way!).
I let me husband read this post, because I'm just like you, start one thing, leads to another and another.... He just said you stamping ladies are all the same! humph
Anyway, I like to think of it as "If you give a mouse a cookie or If you give a moose a muffin" (kid books)syndrome.
BTW...I recently bought a Clip it Up!, too and I love it (even though it does take up a lot of space). I'm using those stamps sooo much more. I used up all 80 clips, too! Not sure what that says! lol Looking at buying the top extender for my embellishments. Which will free up space on my shelves, so I can put something there instead....
Love the balloon detail.

Theresa R

Boy, this makes me feel good. It is nice to know I'm not the only one who gets trapped under the snowball rolling downhill........

Carol Smith

I congratulate you on your willingness to get the job done. I would have been done by sentence two or three! What criteria do you use to price your stamp sets? I have quite a few that need to find a new home and have never had that many to sell before. Any shared experienced thoughts will be appreciated.

Cheryl McAskill

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I laughed all the way through your adventures in organization. It seems like we all have that nesting thing we do just before the Fall/Winter hibernation period. My Basement area is a total wreck with all these projects to do for the Nov Craft Fairs/Bazaars or such coming up. I call it an organized mess. But, when I do straighten it out it is the snowball rolling downhill effect. You see I am sort of an CDO (Real OCDers would alphabetize those letters!) Once I start a small preject it turns into a major overhaul like yours. Now just sit back a moment and just soak in the organization and then in a day or two...get creating!!!

Julie M.

You were attacked by a series of Sequences. Happens to me all the time.

Janice Rosenthal Rock

ahhh . . .the "eternal quest for craft room organization"!!! . .. we all know it well . . .congrats on getting the job done!!(for now!hee hee!)


This is hilarious and it's exactly what happens to me when I start to reorg my stamp room. One thing leads to another, and before I know it, a really simple little 'straightening up' has led to a major renovation!! I also keep all previous issues of Stampin Up catalogues and I'm not a demo and never have been, but gee, they have such great examples in there. I just couldn't bear to give them away or throw them out!! Never mind that I can look on the internet and see a minimum of a hundred examples for that stamp set, retired or not... as for magazines, I only buy stamping magazines, and I never throw them out because I organize them in category according to season... haven't quite done that yet .. but by the time that season rolls around I've forgotten about the techniques, and I can access them easily and they seem like new again... truly...

Kerry Hansing-"O" So Sassy Stamper

My catalogs get to live in the box with the SU stamp. I cut the photo of the stamp as it is used in the catalog and put it in a plastic sleeve (recipe holder)and store it in the box with the stamps. But I have to confess I keep the catalog a year or two before I do this. I also make a plastic binder page protector hold different ideas from the catalog. Once I start to cut it is an obsession like your stamp room. Gotta love it when the bug bites. Organize, Organize and then enjoy a cold drink of your favorite beverage, sit back and admire your work. I usually get inspired and then make a mess....oh well

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