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January 19, 2011


Rhonda G


Lisa Young, Add Ink and Stamp

You crack me up, Jan. Thanks for the laugh. Your projects are gorgeous and using the letterpress plate on designer paper is genius. I am definitely going to try this!

LeeAnn Greff

You're right - you are genius! Running the letterpress plate through the newsprint dsp is gorgeous!

Wendy W.

You ARE gonna make "Dan the Man" read your disclaimer, right???? Love your stuff, friendy (as always!!)!! You ROCK!! :)

Chris Hnatiuk

Jan, I loved your little girl card...all the details, colours, etc. That little bit extra with the gel pen sure makes a difference! Your second project reminds me of a combination of Lady-Chic-Biker and New York City's Broadway.. . and that candy wrapper rules!

Patrice H.

Beautiful projects Wow I love the color choices.

Dawn Olchefske

LOVE the letterpress on the DSP...Smart Girl!!!

Stephanie Perry

Nice disclaimer!! You are hillarious! All your projects are wonderful - using the Elegant Lines Textured Impressions Folder in the hears is such a lovely effect and you Greeting Cards girl card is delightful and oh, so creative. Thanks, Jan!


Wow, taking in all the details on your "classic" card - love the EF on the heart and the greeting tag - gonna have to do me that one!

*I* would send you chocolate you know!! ;-) Just to fuel your stampin' jeenyus of course.

Mary Brown

LOVE all the detail on your cards! I especially love the pairing of the Letterpress on the dsp - GENIUS!

Terri Meehan

The cards are just adorable and I'm totally in love with the little treat container. Completely A-ma-zing!


Letterpress on DSP, brilliant. Love everything Jan!!

Amy Locitzer

Great job on your projects

Suzanne Everett

Stroke of genius indeed. I will definitely have to try the letterpress on the newsprint paper. I have been looking for ways to make the letterpress more interesting (if you find a way to make it less messy let me know).

Thelma Collins

Jan now you will make me get those letterpress plates out and try them again!

Angi Rankin

I love it...all of it! You are too brilliant and make me laugh every time I visit your blog. I hope you get your chocolate or something equally as nice on or about February 14th!

Darlene L

Awesome projects--I don't know how you do it post after post! I would love to see you post more, but know you are a busy mom. Thanks for sharing your artwork to this happy subscriber.


Jan, your projects are beautiful and you really crack me up, you are one funny lady. Love your disclaimer.

Peggy Maier

Well, Jan, my nameless "other half" DOESN't either - But I love the way you said it! Love, love your cards & project. You're just Too, Too talented!

Wendy J.

Jan you are hilarious! Wish I LM that much! Yes your cards are stinkin' cute and GOJUS! Love them! Love you!

K Ostvig

Love it Jan everything is so cute

Sharon L

Not only do I adore your projects, your disclaimer nearly made me fall out of my chair!

Lisa Martz

LOVE both your cards and the treat container! Wonderful projects!

Mary (aka Muffin's Mama)

Crack me up! Can we copy your disclaimer and change the names to protect the innocent?! Cute cards BTW! TFS!

mary jo

You just make me smile and feel good! Your talent is so diverse (amazing papercrafter) that I cannot imagine anyone better at anything. I will have to use your disclaimer with all apropriate changes and see if my hubby thinks I am that smart :)


I totally laughed out loud at your disclaimer JanTink, papercrafter!

Love your blog, have followed and been inspired by it for a while!


Jan, Your post and disclaimer gave me the laugh I needed today! Keep up the wonderful creative work - it's stinkin' cute!


Jan, I confess that I have NO idea what any of this means, but you still make me laugh. And "Why do freaks fall in love" should be a song. Or a movie. It's genius.

Jan Hoyt

I think that any person, living or dead, who may or may not be married to JanTink, papercrafter had best sit up and take notice of that one of my 5th grade teachers (who is long gone, I am sure!) used to say, "it would behoove him to pay attention"! Oh...and I love the card too...letterpress on Newsprint, pure genius, indeed!

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