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July 23, 2010



Wow, thanks so much for posting all this. Congratulations on getting the Artisan Award too. For ppl that can't go, this is honeydew!

Kelly Robson

Hi Jan, Well done on all your creative achievements! I heard of you through Dawn Griffith's blog, and I also love your humour. I only wish I could tell you in person too, however Australia is a long way away. Isn't it cool how Stampin' Up is gradually taking over the world!?!


Yipee! Thanks for posting the finalist list, I actually made it! WOW!

I love your blog Jan, and your art. You Rock!

Thanks, b.


Hi Jan, All your hard work and talent are recognized by all who read your blog. It's too bad that you do not see us laughing as we read, admire your writing talent, but especially to ahhhhhh and oohhhhh on your wonderful cards and projects. This medium is so great - it simply lacks the full loop if readers don't comment. And, I am guilty of that - I probably only comment twice a month. I will work to up that if you will continue to work so hard on all you do. Deal?
Cheers, Cali

Mitzi Luttrull

Congrats on being a finalist for the Artisan Award. I say keep trying. You are one of the most talented stampers I know. And your gift of humorous writing is tops!
This is a beautiful card that you are featuring. I love the deep colors together. Have fun at Convention. And thanks for posting pics online for those of us who are not there.

Stephanie Perry

Great pics, looks like such fun! Congrats on being an Artisan Award finalist, Jan, you are so very talented. I agree with you that it must be supremely difficult to choose amongst all the submissions from thousands of talented individuals. But you do deserve to win, IMHO, so I concur with the previous commentor - keep trying, girl!! And we'll be here as your cheering section!


Gorgeous card Jan! I'm sure it really is difficult to judge, but it still amazes me that you're ONLY a finalist...of course, that's still 100 % better than my position since I couldn't bother to enter LOL

your blog does make us please keep doing THAT!

Holly Flores

congradulations on becoming a finalist. It is hard to judge, but if you look at all your followers of your blog and all your comments, you know you are already a winner and have touched lives with your wit and creativity. How great is that! not many can say that or even know it. Feel good about this.


Yes, I have learned not to drink anything while reading your blog unless I want to choke on it but even if you never typed another humorous line I would still return day after day to see the magic you work with cardstock and ink.

mary jo

Jan, I'm estatic to hear you value all of your loyal readers happiness and saneness more than and Artisan Award!! I've never met you but feel you are a soul mate and I would love to be your neighbor. Just keep being yourself - you have many talents. MJ


Hi Jan,
Wow, another post to make *us* smile - thank you.
Your humour rocks the world, keep on keeping on 'cause we sure do love your gojusness.
As another comment says, pity you can't see us when we are doubled with laughter!
Sherylee in sunny NW Oz.

Jeanne Nielsen

Congratulations on "almost Artisan!" Still quite and honor and I faithfully subscribe to your blog even if you didn't win! Absolutely love your Friends never Fade card!! Gorgeous colors!

Ellen Raymond

Hi Jan - congratulations on almost being an Artisan! I'm so excited by your list, as my name is on it as well (Ellen Raymond). It makes me think that maybe I will try again next year....hey, why not? I love your creations, and I do wish that you had gotten the award. Thanks for sharing, you've given me the inspiration to (perhaps) try again!

diane mcvey

Thanks for the update! So glad you made the finalists, but sorry you didn't win. I agree about the subjectiveness of is definitely a personal taste thing! It would be VERY hard to choose a winner, I many deserving people! You should be honored to be a finalist!
I, too, get many smiles from your blog. And you are right...without humor, what is there??!! It's so necessary for a complete life!
Have a great trip home; can't wait to see more info on the convention! Take care. :D

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