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April 22, 2010



wooo hooo...I'm soooo going to try this on my 'broken janome'...yup, I ended up getting another one because it wasn't cost efficient to repair the other one...thank you soooo very much!!! I knew there was a reason why I didn't trash the broken one...

Carri McMullen

LOL oh Jan your a crack up and I just love reading your blog.

Trina Caraway

Thanks for the laughs, Janine! Great work on all the details.

Karen Seitz

We all know about your awesome creativity, but how amazing are you to actually think of us, take photos, and post this tutorial while going through the aggravation of trying to fix your machine? You rock, woman!!


I awarded the Sunshine award to you on my blog. Thank you for brightening my day!

Pat Jandacek

I'm with Karen, and Trina, and Carri! Thank God for your sense of humor and smarts. And guts, too!

diane mcvey

You are too funny...glad you got your Janome going again! Hooray for women's ability to FIX things we can't live without! LOL :D


You are AMAZING - we knew you were creative beyond all imagination and now we find that you are also mechanically inclined! I don't have one of these machines (fortunately this is one of the rarest of your posts that didn't make me WANT one) but I read the whole thing all the way through and laughed out loud - twice - about dropping things on the floor. Now someone at the day job is likely to notice that this isn't really what they pay me to do...perhaps you're in need of an assistant? I don't do windows, though...

Rachel Pailthorpe

Jan, really enjoyed your fix of the Janome. Most of all I totally enjoy for wit. It is a joy to read your blog. entertaining without being sickening. Your many talents are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.


Jan, I had to read parts of your post to my husband, cause he was wondering, why I was sitting her giggeling.
One of the most amazing things are, that you take photos while fixing that thing (and while may be having some other fits inbetween) You really rock - woman of great courage (I would never touch the interiour of my sewing machine!) and many, many talents!!!


You're a jack of absolutely all trades! Is there anything that Jan Tink can't do??? I just wish I owned a Janome Mini now!


Oh Lord, I can hardly believe my eyes. Sewing machine repair pictures! Kudos to you for going back and tackling the problem. I'm disapppointed there's no card today but you rock. I love you attitude. I don't know how you get so much done and still have time to write about it. Ithink your discourse should go to a newspaper column and you should get PAID for writing it.


I don't sew (unless absolutely necessary.) Then I have to ask my friend how to thread the machine when I do; I found myself reading your tutorial and thinking what an amazing woman you are! Great job!

Judy McMullen

Congratulations! I am so impressed!!

Elaine Moore

OK - this is getting printed off and saved because I KNOW someday I'm going to have to tear into my machine too. Thanks for taking the time for the pictures - you are incredible!

Kathy Wyatt

I'm going to try this on my broken Singer. What could it hurt?


Kathy Wyatt

Gloden Scott

This was incredibly helpful!!
Thank you

Denise Channing

Don't worry about losing the instruction book, it's useless. Mine is sitting next to me. But my problem is identical and I'm going in...wish me luck.

Denise Channing

Ok, you're my new best friend. Where shall I send the chocolate? ;)


Jan!!! Brilliant woman who has just made my day!!! Thank you thank you thank you... I was just about to give up and order a new machine!

Jody Golemon

THANK YOU!!! I borrowed my daughters sewing machine and thought I had trashed it. I knew there had to be a way to fix it. You are THE ONE person on all of the internet that had a solution! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! IT"S fixed!!!!


OH--yay! I also borrowed my daughter's machine (mine is loaned out) & was afraid it was beyond fixing. It's up & going again now, though!

Marlou McAlees

thanks for sharing, my janome was nearly getting dumped in bin.... sooooo frustrating.... gonna get hubby to have a look at this tutorial and try fix it for me, dont want to buy another machine as my last one went same way and it was an old reconditioned singer, 'i got it serviced, cost nearly as much as janome to buy .. LOL
Anyhow thank you very much and does yours stitch on felt? mine wont :( and i adore felt. best wishes :) Marlou :)


Hello, I just wanted to write you a message to say a huge thankyou. I have just fixed my mini sew thanks to you. I really appreciate you putting this info up on the internet, simply fabulous.

Roberta Jane Upton

Brilliant I just fixed mine too ! Many thanks ! X!


You are pretty much my favorite person in the world right now. My Sew Mini broke this evening while working on a costume I need for a convention this Friday, and it is my only sewing machine. I cried so hard when it broke. And now it works! You are my hero. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for the tutorial on fixing a Janome Sew Mini. I followed your instructions and IT WORKED! Thanks again! :) Nicki Johnson


Thanks for your post. The way you describe works, but is not good for the plastic gears and can damage them easily causing it to break again. The best way to repair this is to: 1. Remove needle plate and bobbin case as you described. 2. Remove the six (6) screws from the back of the machine(the ones for which you have to use a long screwdriver to reach inside the holes). Don't remove the three screws you can easily see on the back, two of them are adjustment screws for the distance between the needle and the edge of the bobbin case (another story). 3. Remove the plastic front casing pieces from the machine (2 pieces). 4. Don't get freaked out by all the parts inside the machine. 5. Look below where the bobbin case sits (it's called the bobbin race) and locate the gear that turns the bobbin and the two screws that hold it in place. 6. Loosen the screws, adjust the race as you describe, tighten the screws. 7. You may then have to adjust what I discuss in step 2, I can send instructions for that too if you want. 8. Put all back together. If you want pictures, I can send by email if you write to me. I AM SOOO Happy I could fix my machine. I use it for mending and REALLY missed having it. Mine also had a broken part on the underside of the Needle plate. It is a plastic piece that has a metal hook around it and the plastic piece partly broke off and was had to tell it was even broken.


Thank you to you and Barb's comment for your tips. This page now has a rightful place in my bookmarks in case I ever need it again :D My sew mini sat on a shelf in my closet nearly two years collecting dust until I stumbled across this page :) granted, mine runs very slow now (I don't know if that is from it sitting on a shelf 2 years), but IT WORKS! :D


Barb can you please send pictures to


Now my machine works! Great instructions, really user friendly! I feel so empowered that I could fix it myself! And now I know a lot more about the inner workings of a sewing machine. God, Im so happy I found this!
MASSIVE RESPECT to you for taking the time to publish this!
Happy New Year!


At last! The answer. Knew it was out there somewhere. You can't wipe the smile off my face. Thenk you so much. The quote to fix was more than double the value of the machine.


I found a Mini at the Goodwill for $18.00. Bought it thinking that it would be great to take to quilting classes. Well, the thread wouldn't pick up from the bobbin. I was ready to take it back for a refund, when I came across your article. Yippee! I got it to work. You are so right about the thread and needle needing to be good shape and quality. Fingers crossed that it stays fixed. If not, I will use it as a bobbin winder. Thank you so much.


Wow! Glad I saw your blog. I will open my mini again tomorrow and try this. I just hope nothing is broken in the bobbin compartment. Wish me luck!


doesn't janome have an adjustment hole for loosening hook wheel on the shaft?. my very cheaper "singer" lss-505 have one just for that process. (unfortunately hook wheel and bobbin case itself are much worse)


in reality adjustments in that model are well documented in service manual , which is available free

Shankar K

I need a snap of bobbin holder photo snap on Janome Mini sewing machine. I believe the one which rotates the bobbin has been misplaced or moved to side in my machine hence the bobbin doesnt spin.
Wierd how its moved out of it place.


Thank you so much for this! My husband (degree in physics) and I could NOT figure out the problem! This totally solved my issue. Now, back to sewing on paper!


Unfortunately this did not help for some reason it continues to jam up yet when i took it apart everything looked fine :'(


Can you give me your postal address as I need to send you some chocolate! THANK YOU! After my machine broke you have given the tutorial to fix it! You are a genius :D

Nicole Vella

Aaaaa i think i love you!! Been trying to fix it for 2 whole days!! Thanks for your thorough tutorial! I had found another tutorial where it told about loosening the gears then align them... But my machine has random markings inside for the warranty and unscrewing the gears would have broken one of the markings.... This method just kept everything intact! Thanks for the tips! If you want chocolate, do send me the address! :D


Was thinking about buying a mini for a second machine, but after reading through these comments it sounds like they break pretty easily. Not sure I should bother.


Thank you so much!!


Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

We have two of these machines for my 8 & 9 year old girls to sew on(not ready for them to use my Bernina). And of course one broke. This tutorial was perfect! Two fully working machines for little stitcher summer fun. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Michael Ayers

Six years after this post, people (me) are still fixing their machines thanks to your instructions. :-)


Thanks so much for sharing these great instructions. This totally fixed my problem. I bought my mini as a present for my seven year old girl but broke it myself while trying it out. Since it is a second hand one, I couldn't go back for a refund or and was already thinking of buying her another present. But the machine is running perfectly now!!! Thanks again!

Mai Møller

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I have a John Lewis mini sewing machine, which is basically the same as the Janome one. I had just started a project when all of sudden cranking noise were heard and I couldn't sew after that. Was up all night looking at various fixes until 10 hours later I stumble across your blog - the first one that mentions gears! Well, I tried it and it was EXACTLY what fixed it! You are amazing.

Michelle H

Hello well i have the same machine and had the same trouble i desamblage all and manually put her on time so the piece can catch the tread, now the point is the little thing now sew anymore cuz the plate of the bobin dances arround...can u show me the part under the have a small tiny metal.piece and i thing that is the trouble. Thank you hon =)


Thanks! This post helped so much in fixing my daughter's sewing machine.


Hi Jan,
I used your tutorial on my Janome 124 model and it worked! I just got this machine - with this fix, thought I was good to go but the machine won't sew...motor runs, needle goes up and down but it looks like the feed dogs are set below the cover plate so the fabric and paper (I tried both) won't pull through....any help appreciated! Thank again!


Thank you so much for your post. I did manage to fix the timing on my Sew Mini, but it still wont pick up the bobbin thread.

It will hook the thread but won't carry it over the bobbin case with the bobbin cover attached.

I'm sure there is a piece missing. its in such good condition otherwise. I wont let it beat me but I will have to find another present for my niece in 4 days time!


Thanks soooo much!!!! Worked like a charm.


I got the alignment fixed but had the same issue as Caroline‘s post from March 28. Do you know of a solution for that issue after the alignment is fixed? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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