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March 24, 2010


caroline cassidy

I am off to go find the story of the Teeny Tiny Woman in my Colliers Junior Classics right now!! I too LOVE them. We had them as kids and my Mum donated the Junior Classics to a Primary School I did Work Experience at, so when the Collier guy came knocking at my door when my daughter was 3 I asked "Do you still get the Junior Classics?" when he said "Yes" I said "Where do I sign!!" lol. My favourite story is 'The Five Chinese Brothers'

Thanks for your great blog Jan! I love reading your adventures!! lol.

caroline cassidy

Oh I also LOVE all your work too!!! lol



Becky Roberts

Genius indeed and I love that story!!! Brings back lots of memories! I can't wait to make one of these teeny tiny albums, great work Jan!!

Wendy W.

Okay, since I don't have EITHER the scalloped bag die OR the two tags die I am going to have to do one of two things ... (1) BUY them both, or (2) come to your house and borrow YOURS!! Simply wunderbar, my friend!! :)

Martha Beck

Greatness in typical Jan form! Thanx for sharing! Off to find the tut now.

Debbie Harris

Oh my gosh, this is so adorable, TFS!

Connie Seifert

I don't have a jr Colliers... so how does the story end??? BTW the scrapbook is really cute. Love all the details on each page. Great job.
Connie Seifert


Very cute! You do the most beautiful projects.

Cathy Green

Love the scrapbook! But you've piqued my interest! What happened to the teeny tiny woman?

Laura W.

Oh! I remember the teeny tiny woman! Your blog always inspires and makes me laugh -- thank you. I especially laughed out loud at your "awash" definition. I had to show my hubby, a SU employee, and asked if they say that often in the office. ;)

Melissa F.

Very cute. What a fabulous idea. TFS.

Pam Goodwin

Another great project to try, just beautiful. Thanks again for all of your inspiring ideas. Pam


Your scrapbook is adorable! I watched your video at SCS, too. Well done! Now I want to make LOTS of teeny tiny books.


Wonderful project and the tutorial and video on SCS were great! I'm picking out my cardstock and DSP now, so I can make one of these teeny tiny goodies!!


I guess I need that scallop box die!! And some coin envies!! Janine, you're responsible for stimulating our economy by causing all of us to buy all this stuff! Congrats! I know you're doing this for the good of our country! Right?!



Are you sure you aren't my long lost sister? My folks too got the Collier's Encyclopedia and the Junior Classics volumes as well! I ended up with the encyclopedias - they're upstairs! Mine are copyrighted the year I was born - way back in 1963. How about yours? We also got the yearly update volume up through when I was in college. I stopped getting it when it was my turn to pay for it, and I'm a bit sad that I didn't keep getting them each year. I'm not sure where the Junior Classics ended up - I'll have to ask my folks as I'll see them tomorrow. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! And, way cute mini scrapbook!


This little scrapbook is the most adorable book ever! I did make my own and had a blast! Will be making lots more of them too :-) Thanks for such an awesome 'Teeny Tiny' book and tutorial!


mary jo

You should love would be sad if we loved you alone. This is amazingly cute!! And I loved the "Teeny Tiny Woman" as did both my daughters. Thanks for the smiles. MJ

Pat Jandacek

Beautifully done, Jan, of course!

Donna Zammit

The Teeny Tiny Woman! Oh the memories. I'm glad you made The Teeny Tiny Book for The Teeny Tiny Woman, now she'll be real busy! Well done again. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Donna Zammit

Isabel Z

Absolutely fantastic. I love, love, love it!

Rosemary Olson

I KNEW we were kindred spirits! I loved those books and The Big Book House too. I would get lost for hours in the stories. Must be why I can now get lost for hours in my craft room imagining things to make!
This mini scrap book is genius!!!!

Tory B

Wow! I have never made a scrapbook, but I have been inspired! The teeny tiny scrapbook is HUGELY gojomasious! (YILY2!) Now I have to buy 2 dies and some coin envies.

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