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January 31, 2010



Oh Jan, I could've written this about 15 years ago! I think my girls were the only ones who had numbers written in marker on their socks so I knew whose were whose and WHO was the culprit when hers all went missing! They found it embarrassing to change shoes for gym class. "Why do you have number 2's written on your socks?", friends would ask! Then they'd have to answer that their mean mom wrote the numbers on their socks. Of course I KNEW whose socks always went missing - the numbers just made it official! It was Child #3, of course! The Baby of the family! The one whose fault it never was for anything bad that happened! The one who was always blamed! The one who at one point had enough socks under her bed for the entire elementary school AND junior high! Thanks for bringing back the fond memories, because alas, no children live here anymore, and if Child #3 loses her socks, it's not my problem anymore! She teaches 4th grade now, and has a reputation to be the teacher that doesn't let you get away with anything. Hmmm.....


Cindy E.

Jan, you really missed your calling, ya know? You should be writing books for children and adolescents! But then we wouldn't get to see your other wonderful paper creations, and CASE them, and wow friends and family with our wonderfulness. :-)

Staci Miserlian

Cute! Heaven help us if your son marries my youngest daughter. We could give them socks for gifts for every holiday, birthday & anniversary and they'd still never have any! LOL!


I have experienced the same phenomenon here at my home in New Zealand ... the curse has spread far and wide. Love your stories as much as your cards Jan.


Jan, you crack me up! Starting the week with a smile now, thanks so much :)

carol marbach (udi)

you never cease to amaze me. you are one of the funniest and talented people i "know." thank you for always bringing a smile to my face.

cheers ~ carol.

Monica Weaver


I call mine the sock abyss where all my oldest son's fall into and get sucked up just to disappear. The funny part is that he says he has his own socks and then I find out he grabbed his younger brother's socks and he says he didn't but it is hard to hide when the bottom of my 15 year old's feet say Children's Place 3 to 5 years old. Then he just stares at me and wishes he could be sucked up into the Sock Abyss.

You are a great writer!

Yvonne Balmer

Yours go to the Bermuda Socktangle, the "Sock Fairy" comes in at night and scoops ours up! lol

Enjoy your stories and most of them I can relate to.


Gretchen Barron

You did it again, Jan -- I'm still laughing! Yes indeed, missing socks are one of the great mysteries of life. My daughter tends to fling them in different directions so that weeks or months later, I may find them in the most unlikely places. I've certainly thought about only buying white socks of the same make and model so that even when some are lost, others will always have a mate! Thanks for making me laugh on a cold Monday morning! Blessings, Gretchen


you rock. i love your posts.

bermuda socktangle. HEE.

Kris A

ROTFLMBO!!! This happened at my house over the weekend too. Also included underwear. Took DD shopping and when socks and underwear were purchased for three family members her eyes bugged out when the total came up on the register. Yes, I said, all that money and we ONLY got socks and underwear. Take care of them or you will have to start paying. Yes Mom! was her reply.

Vicki Callier

I have a bag full of mismatched socks in the hall closet, hoping one day the other will somehow reappear and be matched up once more to live a useful life. But I wait in vane for now I know the have gone to the Bermuda Socktangle.

Sandi Dailey

Thanks a lot Jan -- I didn't have time for this "non-fiction story" this morning -- but I had to read to the end. Who could stop once they started??? You ARE something else and you SHOULD be writing -- along with crafting, finding socks, going to the store, raising kids, going to school, and on and on!! Do you have a garden??? If not, you need one to fill up those few extra seconds you have in the Summer months (weeding AND canning). Love yah, Sandi


OH my gosh, you made me laugh! Thanks!

Lisa N

My husband (whose sockcapades rival none, and who wears holes with bits of sock) has a theory that socks are the larval form of clothes hangers, of the wire sort, whose numbers seem to grow exponentially despite no trips to the dry-cleaners.


It's no wonder your projects are so creative! :-) Your stories crack me up. Thanks for entertaining me early on a Monday morning!

Connie Seifert

I love your stories. Like someone else wrote, you can always take up Children's story writing. Just don't stop the cards we love and are inspired by!

Nancy Hill

Soooo funny and so true! You are just so talented it just oozes outta you! I'm gonna stand near you to catch a drop for me! Love the Bermuda Socktangle!


Thought I'd share a few line from one of my favorite songs performed by Canadian children's performer, Al Simmons:

Gypsy Sock

I don't wanna be stuffed in a drawer
Or stuck in somebody's shoe any more
I don't want a sweaty foot in me
I just want to be free, free, free.

Just let me run with the wild hose,
Where pens and pencils and the car keys go,
I want to dance at the free sock hop
I want to be a gypsy sock
I want to be a gypsy sock

Amanda M

You know you're a mom when 3 lines in you're thinking to yourself "Jan is ranting about socks..."

Definitely needed that smile today since all my stamping stuff is packed up for moving day (today)!

Lisa T

Yes, what is it about socks?!?! We even have a "sock box" where singletons lay in wait for their mate to come looking for them. Some singletons are eventually reunited with their mates, but alas, many spend their last days unmatched before being tossed for no longer fitting any member of the household. We have even resorted to a "kids sock box" and a "adult sock box", how sad is that?!

Jenni King

You are a great writer !!! And a great card maker, too!!! :)Thanks for the snickers (no, not the chocolate kind, although that wouldn't be bad), and the inspiration for some great cards!! Looking forward to the next saga in The Life and Times in the Wilds of Michigan, aka The Tinklenbergs.

Marge Magnus

Oh the memories of raising six children. We had a "sock basket" Break curfew or sass your mommy and you had to sort the sock basket. We had a walk in attic where my children swore a ghost lived and he lived on guess what....socks!!! Thanks for a trip back. PTL for an empty nest and full sock drawers.


You are one *funny* lady! Perhaps you can check around & see if you've had any visitors from my dh's sock drawer? They would be the ones with more holes than thread...

Shane Larson

Too cute, Jan! But I beg to differ The Brumuda Socktangle is really located in Avondale, AZ. A couple weeks ago after I finished laundry I counted no less than 20 (yes 20) unmatched socks. That is four per person--but we all know that mom and dad's socks were all accounted for--except the one pair of mine that my son wore when he couldn't find his.


Your commentary is hilarious! And I agree with the rest of those responding to today's post: you are a very good writer.... and card maker... and... and...
I love reading your post as it makes my day. You ooze creativity. As Normal Rockwell depicted every day life in America, you write about every day family life and make it so funny. Thanks for sharing your talent with so many.

Shawn Marie O'Connell

Jan, you are a riot and a gifted storyteller!! You should be published!!

Elaine Moore

Forget the children's books - what's wrong with writing for us grown-up children? You'll really miss your calling if you don't put your stories into a book - you're another Erma B. Keep those stories coming - they're just as wonderful as your cards - and you know how much we LOVE the cards!

Lori Hofferbert (loricabo)

I am laughing with you today, as I just went to Target today to buy .......... SOCKS for my 2 children!!!! I'm with you sister!


Too funny Jan - you really are a great writer! I have a stray sock bin I started a few years ago but then I get sick of waiting for the other sock to show up so I get rid of them - when my son was home from college last week I think all he brought home was strays - the mates must be in his apartment at school - I'll never see those again! Thanks for an entertaining read!

Shannon from AZ

Jan, you should be an author! I think you could give Erma Bombeck a run for the money. I actually laughed out loud by the end of your message today. I have one teenager and one older son who both still live at home (OK by me) and my daughter is the worst one with socks. She no longer even tries to match them. I can't wait to see what happens when she gets a job where what she is wearing for socks/hose really matters! Love your cards and your stories; keep on blogging!
A Fan in AZ


Aaahhh. We have a Sock Monster here in Brisbane, Australia. It waits until the socks go in the laundry basket BEFORE they are washed and *eats* one of the pair all up. Because, SURELY, no child would ever NOT put them in the basket when dirty!!!

Thanks for the giggle.


So that's what happens to them! I had always had a strong suspicion that they had turned into a tangled wad of hangers! Too too funny! I have often thought about taking all my odd socks to a laundamat and sticking (hiding) each one in a different washer or dryer to let someone else deal with them.


that made my day! It explains so much- my house must be a fairly bad house as well, then there is my friends who have a LARGE moving box full of unmatched socks. We call it the "sock dating pool" as some of them do have mates- they just don't know where in the box they are. What do my friends do you might ask- ermm they go the big W and buy more socks. :)

Kathy Wyatt

See I thought the black hole of socks was here in Cincinnati!!


OMG! What a riot! But I have to say Jan that really it's my house that has the most socks or at least it did until I purged all the socks without a match. I disposed of 368 unmatched socks!Thanks for the laugh. Had half the library turn to look to see where the laugh was coming from :-)

Janice Rosenthal Rock

You were a standup comedian in another life . . . I'm positive!!! Hilarious! Keep stamping . . . and please, keep writing! Thanks for the smiles, Jan!

Cathy Green

Oh, do not forget, great writer of wisdom, about the socks that mysteriously disappear once they are placed in said washing machine (and/or dryer). The socks that come from the machines as singletons (when they went in as a pair, I swear) I refer to as 'sock widows'. So sad, but the mates never seem to be found. I think there is a vortex inside of these machines that sucks them away into oblivion. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)


Oh Jan! I so remember those days and even though the kiddos have left the nest.......
my dearest hubby has taken up where they left off! The sock box is full again!

Judy Jackson

This is so hilarious -- and sadly -- so true. I have a few socks in my sock drawer waiting for the day the mates will be found! After 2 years, i have almost given up hope! After the children left the nest they took their own sock saga with them!

mary jo

Jan, You have a way with words that brings a smile and a feeling of I know you well; you just write my feelings for me. We have a sox basket for wayward socks and for some reason there is still a baby sock in there when my youngest is 19! I am the eternal optimist. My sister just puts the wayward socks in their drawers and tells them to find a mate and propogate. Thanks so much for sharin!! Mary Jo

Rhonda L.

My DD has a solution-she wears them unmatched! She also sleeps with one sock on and one sock off-isn't that a nursery rhyme? She says then her feet are just right!

carol haffner

Sounds as if everyone has "sock troubles". Happens here all the time. We, too, have a singleton drawer where all the "leftovers" go. and surprisingly, their mate 'NEVER, EVER, shows up!!!!!!! Where do they go???????? Great story, great writing. Love, love , love your blog. TFS.

janet mack

Don't you know it's the washing machine that eats them!!!! It has to be fed and it loves socks. At least that's my theory.

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