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September 15, 2009



WoW!!! Such a beatyfull and eady to do card. Thank you for tutorial.
I read you nlog for along time and i love your work.

Trina Caraway

Oh, Jan! What a great way to start the day! Great tutorial.
Pilaf - tee hee.


Super cute!!


you are ROCKIN' the videos!

Maureen vollaro

I just left a comment on your 2007 cylinder castle card.... I would have went to your class..... Happily! I love different fold cards! I will check out your tutorial.... thanks!


I love it!!!!!!!!!!


Love this card!!! I think the glass should hold Eggnog for Christmas, too.


You make these more difficult cards seem so easy! I love it! Thanks for sharing and working out the bugs for us!


we didn't need one more reason to love you. yet here one is! great tutorial, thanks for starting my day with a smile :) loveeeee lemonade almost as much as chocolate, and now i want some. yum. blessings, lela


You are amazing!!!

Wendy W.

Shut UP!! You're killin' me, Smalls!! LOVE it!!! I have GOT to make me one of these!! (How 'bout a pop-up Hershey Bar???) AWESOME, my dear!!

Barbara Joyce

Oh, Jan, what fun! The card looks terrific, but what's even more wonderful is the Hershey's wrapper at the beginning of the video. Hysterical! You are the upbeat start to my every day! Thanks!


Desirée Spenst

Oh so many reasons to love YOU Jan! Thanks for another awesome video tutorial!

PS - SNAIL stands for Simple, Neat, Affordable, and In-Line :)

Dixie Finn

Super video, well worth all the effort.

Jayne Stenstrom

Oh - my - goodness. You are TOO funny! That particular thought never came to my mind, but now I won't be able to look at that set in the mini without holding my nose!! :)
(snicker, snicker, snicker....)
~Jayne S.

p.s. I missed you in Cincinnati last week because we were there on Friday. I'm sure your presentation was STINKIN' CUTE!

Leslie Jones

LOVE this card and LOVE the video! Great job! You always make me laugh when I read your blog, but watching you sling those sticky strip "peel-offs" everywhere made me hysterical! I do the same thing. When I finish a major crafting session there will be bits of all sorts of things like that all over my craft room. Once, I opened a package of cardstock and part of the package was sticking to my hand. As usual, I slung if off. When I was cleaning up later (much later) I found it...on my ceiling fan!! LOL Keep up the great work.

How about a video on that triangle fold card that is on that original post with the castle cylinder card in 2007?


Great card Jan!! Love the ice cubes you made very clever!!


This would make a great "If Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade" card! Too bad, that set retired long, long, ago. TYFS

Jayne Fuller

Way cute, Jan!!!


I love it! You are so awesome Miss Jan!
I am going for a cold beverage right now!

Sheila Bennett

Wow - super fun card! Love the colors, and the detail in the drink is great.

Kathy Berger

I am thrilled to see what you've done with my general instructions for a pop-up cylinder! It is one of my favorite mechanisms (I've used it for glasses like yours, for castles as you did, for rocket ships, and even a very tiny one as a hummingbird nest.)

As I am sure you noticed, getting the mechanism just right depends on what you are trying to do with the cylinder, and with the size of your card... that's why my instructions were general rather than specific. However, with practice it becomes easier to get the cylinder sizes just right.

Thanks for the credit for the mechanism. And thanks for the fun tutorial.

Kathy Berger (Stamp Oh! Mania)


Hi, just found your site and I'm loving your work and your sense of humour!!!

Linda Powell

Hi Jan,
I really enjoy your blog and cards featured there. I tried getting the list of your 'for sale' items but can't bring either one up. I have Windows 7 with the Micorsoft works word. Is there another way you could get them to me?

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