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September 03, 2009


Desirée Spenst

Thanks again, Jan, for being a voice of reason on this whole IDA issue - I may just direct people to your blog when they have questions! :)

Gorgeous cards! I'm going to have to CASE that Nursery Necessities card, especially the ribbon threading...gojus!!! :)

Sharon  Bridwell

Janine, thank you so much for this post and it's just one of the reason I love you so! There is so much misinformation out there. I swear I was waiting for the pitchforks and torches to come out the other day. Great cards, love them both and thanks for being the voice of reason!


Oh have a God given gift in clarifying, edifying, and just plain tellin it like it is...Blessings to you...and thanks for sharing your thoughts...



I love your blog---not just for the beautiful cards and projects that you share, but your sense of humor always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for pointing out to all of your readers that the new IDA is not all doom and gloom. Keep up the amazing is all gojus!! :)

Myra Keefer


Thanks so much for sharing! I love all you said and your work is FAB!!!!!!



Not only are you a fabulous stamper but your sense of humor and able to give us all a reality check make you a blessing to the online stamp community! Thank you!!


Thank you Jan, for clarification with a sense of humor!

Diana Gibbs

You are so funny and I would like to order one of the fancy schmancy tomatoe cages...ok just kidding.
But you make me "tink"le in my panties with your whit.



Jan, as always, you're my hero. Thanks for being the voice of reason. Sending {{{Hugs}}}

Deb K.

Jan -- a wonderful commentary on this policy change from someone who is looked up to.

By the way, where do buy those tomato cages signed by NBA stars? :)

Kay Kalthoff

What a rockin' commentary on all the stuff going down these last couple of days! Thank you for your excellent clarity on this matter.

Cheryl M

Jan wonderful job on your statement! You really do explain it well. Thank you so much. Love your cards also.

Ginny Harrell

Well said. As a new demonstrator I was wondering if I had made the right decision to go with SU. You stated it so well...the world is not going to come to an end and I feel better. I will not SCS comments anymore :)

Michelle Hoffman

Thanks for the IDA clarification, Jan. Although I was sticking with SU! any ways, your post made things clearer for me.

As always, fabulous cards! I really like the brushed silver card stock with the texture. That looks so much like metal!


Jan, Yes, you are psychotic oh, oops I meant Psychic!! Thanks for the level headed commentary on the IDA issue - everyone needs to listen to you!!
Love your cards as always!

Nancy Johnson

Jan, I knew I could rely on you to be level headed during a ruckus. That's why I visit your blog every chance I get. I know I'll see beautiful samples of your stamping, and an occasional, hilarious story, and not a lot of extraneous stuff. Thanks.


Another praise to the QUEEN of stamping!!! First, really truly, I just LOVE your Bots card, especially the "metal flooring"!!! Ingenious! Second - I will print off your blog today and put it with my less-than-a-week-old new demo. paperwork and not worry anymore about my new career! Three Cheers for YOU!!!

Andrea Vernagus

Jan - Thanks so much for posting this! I wasn't able to see the webinar and I am glad to hear the clarifications. If you don't mind, I linked to this on my blog because you wrote about the IDA issue so well and in a way that makes sense. Anyway, thanks a lot from a fellow Michigander!


Along with all the other 18 posts....thank you so much Jan for clarifying. Yeah, I guess I could have searched the SU! site and possible found all this info, but then I would have had to read through a whole bunch of boring stuff and lost my train of thought halfway through. Reading your information was much easier and painless, so I thank you! :-) Its always refreshing to hear your positive spin on things as well. Love your blog!!

Barb Gault

Thanks Jan for all the clarification you have made since Sept. 1 when the new IDA came out. Between what you had written previously and Shelli's message on the demo site, I signed my contract earlier today and realized nothing would really change for me. Your humor and plain talk is so refreshing. Thanks for being the 'voice of reason'!

Stephanie P.

I just couldn't believe what I was reading on 9/1, it seemed SU had made such a draconian decision. However, with clarification by them and your explanation, it's clear that they aren't going to prohibit demos from linking to SCS, etc. You are a wonder in so many ways, dear Jan, (of course you knew that already! Ha!), thank you for sharing your beautiful creations and your incredibly wise and witty words.


1st and foremost, beautiful cards!!

2nd, hear...hear!! Thank you for breaking all of that down so reasonably. And I must say with a sense of humor to boot always makes it nice ;)

Laura W.

Thank you for a positive voice in all the silliness.


Thank you for clarifying so nicely the IDA changes. and of course sharing your gojus creations!

Rainy Senseney

Where can I buy one of those tomato cages?


Love the card! TFS :-)


Hi Jan, I enjoyed reading your summary of the new IDA, you are very humorous and I appreciate the humor for sure in all of this. I do wonder though that if there is no policing to this new policy and no real penalty, basically that nothing changes then why the policy?

I'm seriously curious and do not mean to offend and you seem to have taken a different approach to looking at this entire mess.

Account Deleted

I love the cards-- I'm going to have to make a robot card with the brushed silver cs now! Perfect!

Thanks for posting this great summary of the new IDA. :) You've been a voice of reason throughout the last few days!

f lynn rush

i am glad you addressed this situation, and i love the way you did it. humor is good! i am sure that the dust will settle, and everyone can get on with their lives.


Jan, O My Queen, I salute you! I would send you chocolate, but can't afford to after buying stamps! You cards are, as always, just GoJus! And your explaination is perfect.

Deborah(your most devoted subject)


You make me laugh!!! Thanks for the chuckles today.


Jan, thanks so much for your words of wisdom about the IDA... you have provided much-needed clarification :)

Heather Leech

Jan, you ROCK!! I love your blog and the amazing creations you share with us. I so appreciate your humor. And right now, through all of the firestorm that's been brewing, your witty, informative, calm explanation and clarification is truly brilliant!

Peggy Maier

Great job of explaining SU!'s policy, Jan. I'm not a demonstrator, but I couldn't imagine SU! coming down as hard as people were saying. Thanks for clearing it all up. Love the cards... esp. the robot's metallic floor... super idea!

Adriana B

Love the cards :) And thanks for adding your sense of humor to the IDA issue. As always - you rock!

Holly aka Toy

I wish I had read this before. It would be a great idea if this was made into a "posty" on SCS so everyone could read it.

Adore the cards, too. The ribbon treatment on that first one is soooooo cute!


Maureen vollaro

I just signed up to be a SU! demo on 8/31. I can live with the IDA. It is not unreasonable... IRL am a business owner with 70 employees... and I have to agree, I don't want my employees telling my clients where else they can go for services... very reasonable. I love your blog and your cards.. thanks for being the voice of reason...


Oh Jan! I've been wondering if you would comment on the recent crisis! I'm not now or ever will be a SU! demo, but have been reading the posts on SCS and my first thought was - go see what Jan has to say on her blog! Thanks for the informative, yet humorous take on the whole thing.

Chris Miller


Thanks for the humorous, but clarifying, post about the IDA.

I live in the Copper Country (U.P. of MI) and get you a line on some copper you need for your tomato cages. I will have to check into the export laws from the U.P. to L.P.

Have a great day!

Del Owen

Dear Queen Jan,
Thank you for shedding light & common sense on the revised SU IDA.

Love both your cards...especially the ribbon threading on the baby card and the "metal flooring" on the 'bot card.

Love Ya, Mean It!

carol marbach (udi)

lovely spin on an overblown situation. please consider stand up comedy if you give up stamping. :)

as always, love your creations.

if you want some really good chocolate you should give me a call the next time you're in kzoo and my husband (the chef) will make you something!


Anne-Marie Bouthillette

Jan, thank you so much for taking the time to clear this up for all of us. I agree, there was unjustified panic, BIG TIME!!

Oh and thanks for cracking me up. As always. ;o)



"I can see clearly now.." Thanks so much for explaining the details.

Your cards of course are wonderful and clever. I love the robot...I really like the textured silver cardstock with it. Thanks again -

Alison Snow

Nice job, both with the post and the cards. Now, what is that second card called (ie. technique, style, how do you make it???)



Wanda Cullen

Jan, Can you see me standing and clapping??? You said it in a nutshell and said it clearly and with a great sense of humor as is only your style!! I read through the 20 pages of the thread on SCS yesterday and can identify with the outrage but now it's time for everyone's gastric juices to settle down. Have a good day and I might want one of those tomato cages, BTW! Wonder if they do layaways....


Your the best. EdieB

Joan Hajek

Well done Jan! Too may were panicking over this for sure! I clicke the little "agree" box immediatley! Not a problem for me! I like not having to put links on everything!

jo  ann deheer

this has to be one of the best stated observations on the whole IDA issue i have read to date. i cannot imagine anyone topping it. you done good, gal!!! reasonable, cool headed, clear, all with a keen sense of humor. i am totally impressed. and ... thanks for the beautiful cards you posted along with your most uplifting observations. i just cannot say enough.

Maxine Conrad

FINALLY!!! Thank you my friend :)


You just made me fell a whole lot better! thank you!

Nan Goerlitz

hmmmmmmmm...a lime wedge? Excellent idea! (Off to add Black Cherry Kool-Aid to my shopping list)

Love the diamond-plate flooring on your bot card. Your creations are gorgeous as always & your wit is as sharp as every. Thank you for allowing us to bask in your reflected awesomeness! :-)

Nancy Morris

You are a gifted writer as well as stamper! You should be writing professionally (i.e. sitcom scripts, stand-up monologues, etc.). You always crack me up when I read your blog. You have a clever way with words in the style of Gilmore Girls. Looking forward to more...

Jen DiMarco

Great post! So glad you took the time, and the humour, to clarify so many things for so many. Love the samples too!!

Candice Schwartz

All I can say is WELL said, and where can I send that black cherry Kool-Aid? (you will have to add in your own twist of lime).
Love your blog ;-)

kathy amstutz

I love your blog and subscribe to it so I can see & read it! I am NOT a SU demonstrator but I do buy their products constantly [yes, they make the best products on the planet, especially the card stock]; I also buy stuff at my LSS, Michael's and Joanne's. I was so glad to read today's blog, defending SU. It almost hurts to read what other demonstrator's have whined about and to see them quit being a demo. Thanks!

Janice Rosenthal Rock

Oh, Jan . . . I'm a pretty "silent" but AVID fan of yours . . . (and I LOVE tomatoes!!) . . . and I absolutely LOVE all you've said about IDA!! I'm actually thinking about emailing DS and having them get on your blog and read it . . . THANK YOU!! I am in TOTAL agreement . . . and finally, about midnight Tues. night just "deleted" about 30 emails and quit reading!!!

Judi Szyndrowski

Your voice rings out in the abyss of insanity and always with such great humour too - (note the proper English spelling here 'cause I am Canadian - my software always underlines it in red 'cause it is US based). Thanks so much for bringing us all back to earth. I think SU should print this message on their site for all to read.

Lucia Kaiser

Jan: Thank you so much for your clear (and humorous) description of this out-of-control, over-reacted-to-subject! The misinformation out there is so sad as it may draw people away from a wonderful company that provides quality products. I wish everyone could read this well-constructed, reasonable and truthful account of this brouhaha. For most of us, this new information doesn't change in any way how we do business. For those who are affected, SU is doing what they can to help them make the transition.

Lucia Kaiser
West Yarmouth, MA on Cape Cod

Jodeen Buehler

Jan! Great e-mail. You are level headed and looking at the situation reasonably. Thank you.


Interesting Post...I am a Demo who decided to drop from SU and yes I am aware of the changes they made and how little it really would have affected my business. I just felt in my heart that I could not sign the new IDA as I still feel it was and is a violation of my own personal freedom to say and do what I want on my own blog.

I will still buy and use SU products (I love them) but I also feel that there are other companies out there who have just as good of products too and if I want to post a link to them that should be my own personal choice and not anyone else's.

Love your cards - Especially the Robot one.

MJ Richins

Well said! Though I was wondering if you took any breath's during your writing. LOL.
I whole heartedly agree and thank you for the simple english. By the way Love your Blog!

Wendy Riordan (mwben)

Jan, you are just precious!! You make me laugh so hard!! Did you ever consider being a comedian? :) Thank you for being a great voice of reason concerning the new IDA. Your perspective is humorous but very insightful. Keep up the great work and today's cards are stinkin' cute!!



All I can say is YOU ROCK!! I love love love coming over to your blog for your sense of humor and of course your incredible cards using projects from the BEST COMPANY ever! Thanks so much for always putting a smile on my face no matter what! You're definitely a SPECIAL COOKIE!!


Woot! You tell'em Jan!

Sue Rylko

I want to be YOU when I grow up!!!

Staci Miserlian

VERY gorjus cards! Love your commentary. I vote for you for President. OK, back to the copper mines!


You're so funny Jan!It's a pleasure to read your blog and never fails to bring a smile on my face :)

Lyssa Zwolanek

I think I've crossed a line here between admiration and adoration... lol

CJ Max are a hoot!!! I haven't been to your blog in a long time.....and I just realized how much I've missed it.
BTW, I, too, love black cherry Kool-Aid...awesome....but I've never had a twist of lime with it.....something I probably should try...?
Anyway, you made my day.....hugs!!!!


I think You should have worked the PR for Stampin' Up!...plain, simple to the point and funny! We all need that right now. I am so glad you wrote's being circulated everywhere. I used it to send to my downline to keep me I thank you for that.
You are the QUEEN!!!


Well said, and you are a funny gal.


Just a note to let you know I appreciate not only your humor but your explanation of SU's new IDA. When I first heard of it, I'm not a demo but I wasn't going to buy any more SU merchandise because it sounded very controlling and restrictive. Thanks for spelling it out.

Sara Mattson-Blume

Jan- You are simply the Queen. Thank-you.


great blog post...
great sense of humor...
great tomato cage idea...

Beth Norman

You are so hillarious!! Hungarian peasants--ROFWL. My son is the biggest Piston fan who got to know one of the junior coaches for the team, and he gets my son court side seats for the Pistons warm up). So, where do you buy NBA stamps? LOL.


Hi Jan!
Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your awesome creations! And most importantly love your sense of humor! I agree with you 110%!!

Ellie Augustin

Janine Love ya... thats all I have to say about that! lol... LET ALL THE MADNESS END PLEASE!! :)Lets get to inky fingers cause thats what really matters! ;)

Debbie Walter

As always -You rock!

Jeanne Nielsen

Wow Jan! So thorough an interpretation and communication of the Webinar (I was at work so I missed it and then completely forgot to go back to listen!!). You're just so funny to read -- love your posts! J


Hi Jan. I found you by way of a mb and enjoy your sense of humor so much I have become a follower of your lovely blog! Thank you for the clarification of the whole IDA issue. It seems to have confused all of us. I look forward to more updates. : )

Lisa Curry

A voice of reason...a light in the entire skeleten made from funny bones...Ladies and Gentlemen, it's JanTink! Thank you, Janine, for being you!

Lisa aka LisaDRHC/SA and SCS

Andi Jacobsen


They should have let you do the webinar! You made much easier to understand and by the way hilarious.! Thank you for always having that wonderful sense of humor.

Ramona West

Thank you for the info on the new IDA! Still alot of questions for me but this did help a bit. I did what I believe to be the right thing. Formulated my questions and concerns and emailed them to Stampin' Up! Now, I will get my coveted answers and I will leave the company's integrity & mine intact. Stampin' Up! has been good to us all, and they deserve that same treatment back.

Leonie Schroder

Oh Jan ... you've made my day!! I've unsubbed from a couple of yahoogroups due to all the horrible things being said by those who are going on hearsay (and well we know that doesnt stand up in court either!) If they'd educate themselves instead of listening to others (who apparently dont listen properly in the first place!)

funny thing is i could vision Pam with that rack ... oh dont tell her i said that ... well if you do use someone else's name please! She might just bring it over for convention next year!

thanks again for clearin all this up - black cherry kool aid ya say ... wonder if we can get that here? I'd also love the MDS to be here too ... sigh


Thank you wonder you're one of my faves...Thanks again and any demo unsure of the new IDA changes needs to come read your post..

nancy keithley

OK, now that the tears from laughing so hard have stopped rolling down my cheeks, and I've repaired my make-up and changed clothes (tmi, i know)... I must say, "Thank you, Jan!" - and thanks to Gwen for sharing your thoughts with me.

And overboard with punches???? No way, chickie!


My head has been spinning for days with all the "information" and opinions I have read on SCS. When I initially read the agreement, I thought it sounded reasonable. After I read hundreds of others comments, I began to question what I originally thought. I am so glad I was directed to your blog today. I honestly think you have put this in a way that is easily understood and honest. I especially appreciate your sense of humor! :}

Thanks! Oh yeah, awesome cards! Looking forward to casing a few... :}

Michelle Laycock

Jan, this is freakin' hilarious!
My husband wants to know where you get those handcrafted tomato cages autographed by an NBA superstar who loves tomatoes, each one painstakingly created from gen-you-whine copper imported from Michigan's Upper Peninsula?

Michelle Sambajon

Thank you for clearing this whole thing up (and entertaining me in the process). I agree that there was a serious knee-jerk reaction to the new IDA. I wasn't sure which way I was tending, but your explanation makes perfect sense. I'm glad that I can feel good about my decision to remain an SU! demo and continue blogging away. Thanks!


Jan you are the bobo, boob, er, I mean bomb!

Thanks ever so much for your clear explanation!
(May YOU live forever!)



Ditto to all of the above comments ;>)

Thank you for your positive position on the IDA changes.

Keep on stampin'

Mary Kay

Sheri Gilson

Fabulous cards!! Thank you for a great explaination on whats going on over at SU! I may not be a demo but I am a designer and have many friends who are!

Maureen Stivala

Jan - love the cards and as always, your voice of reason....and explanation...and you ARE da bomb!!! (YILY - yes I love "yerself") LOL


Thanks for the details. I have been on vacation and have had time to read the complete document. And thankfully, I haven't had time to read the negative comments (elsewhere) either. Now I won't have to tippy-toe through a whole bunch of threads to find the truth.

Big Apple Jovi Girl

Jan - That was simply the funniest overview of the new IDA I have seen. I LOVED it! Tomato cages?! Ahhh...I can see the wheels turning already on how to create one with items from the new catalog ... LOL ...

This was the first time I've visited your blog (where the heck have I BEEN?!) and I will be returning on a regular basis ... not just for the beautiful creations, but for your sense of humor!

Take care!


I always know that I can get some answers from you! I love your and sense of humor! Keep on trucking!



Thanks so much for posting all the info about the new IDA and in an entertaining way too!! I appreciate the positive spin you have put on it. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog you always make me smile!!


Gojus cards Jan!(of course!) I especially love the robot one with brushed silver and embossing.

You did a fantastic job on breaking down what the new SU IDA means. Thanks so much for being a voice of reason in this whole crazy mess!

Cheryl W

Thank you for the clarification! I didn't think it was so awful when I first read the new IDA, but after some of the comments, I thought maybe I was missing something. I will be signing soon.


Hi Jan

First time I have visited your blog - but I was directed here to hear a 'common sense' response to the SU! mania going on over at SCS. You have made it so clear - SU! should have had you do all their explaining!

LOVE your projects, so I will be back for another visit soon.

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