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September 14, 2009



You loves us! You really loves us! LOL Great job, Janine! Classic Christmas card and all that . . . Frosty would be so proud!

Sharon  Bridwell

Oh Janine....telling on us really! You broke the secret bond..LOL! Love the card, love what you did and love you girl! You Rock!!


Hee! Yep, had to be done!

Wendy W.

Har-de-har-har!! LOVE it!! "Boy Scout" humor fer shure!! :)

Paula aka scrapshappen

I thought what happened behind the sister curtain stayed there. ;) Too funny Janine. As the mother of boys, I see many jokes about that certain bodily function in my future too.


BWA-hahahahahaha!! On the contrary, Tink. I always knew you had no class. LOL!

That is a beautiful card even with the...ummm...wind? TFS!


debbie essay

Hey Jan,
coming from a household full of men and of 4 (I am the only girl ... except the dog) this card is a way of life for me. All of my men/boys will get this card at some point this season.
Thanks for sharing ;-)


just to funny..I can't stop boys except my DH in this house even the dogs are girls..LOL..I don't have to pleasure of having such wind in the house..LOL lucky me..LOL..

Dixie Finn

I knew there was a reason I love ya. Your "wonderful" unique sense of humor.


Yep I am going to have to make this one for the stinking rotten boys in my life too!

Hey, How do I become a memeber of the swappers anon group. I really do have a problem.


Patricia Giesbrecht

Snowman farts couldn't be all that bad, could they???


Thank you so much sweetling for the chuckle!


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I absolutely LOVE this! I'm truly (started to write turdly) honored that you dedicated this to me . . . . hmmmm been a while since I went twisted . . .

Thanks Jan, this has made my day!!!


OMG!!! I am LMAO like crazy.....leave it to you and your friends! You made my day so much better.....thanks!!


Trina Caraway

Thanks for the shout out, Janine! This is perfect and really made my day!


Cute card and funny, too. Thanks for the chuckle!

mary p

Thanks for the laugh out loud moment .... bodily humor reigns in our household - no boys, just 2 girls,and dear ol dad - they would LOVE this. Thanks so much for sharing your humor and awesome works with those of us lacking in both.


"Pull my twig!



Everyday you make me laugh, Jan! Thanks for the chuckles!

Gladys Rienks


Leonie Schroder

rofl ... oh thats so funny - gorgeous set but I love this card!! thanks for sharing Jan ... loved the build up to the 'sweetness' of this card!


Janine this is SO. TOTALLY. FABULOUS. You totally ROCK!!!!! =^..^=

Charlotte Cook

Love it!!! Esp. after cleaning dirty mouths all day. Needed a good laugh! Can always count on you~

Kay Kalthoff

TOOOOOO FUNNNNYYY!! Now everyone is going to want this set so they can copy this cute card! lol! Have a great day and thanks for sharing!!

Leslie Jones

This is sooo funny! If anyone didn't love your crazy wit before they have to now!!! I didn't notice this in the mini example, but I definitely do now.
I don't have this set. So what do I do? I'm on an spending freeze... hmmm... there is that hot cash I was saving for my daughter's birthday... she won't miss it... who needs a birthday cake when there is RUBBAH to be had!!!!

Sheena B

Toot Toot Tootally hilarious! Your posts always make me smile!


I love it freaking great!! Bawawawaaaa You rock!!

Ellie Augustin

ROFL.. LOOK its B and Hooch!!! ROFL... hehehehe..... :)LOVE IT!!!!!

Betty Murphy

OMGosh, how funny is that card! That would be perfect for sibling cards!

But seriously, I think maybe Ms. T you've been into the chocolate ... hmmmmmm????? maybe a few too many ??? hmmmmmm???? just a little giddy with the sugah rush ???

Well, keep at it! You're on a roll.

Dawn Marquardt

Too funny! Bet my son and nephew will be receiving this card!


JILL Hilliard

Yup- totally get it and the mother of a 9 yr and an 11 yr old boy- I SOOOOOO GET IT!!!! toooo funny. need this set so I can make the boys laugh


Yes, Jan - it's STINKIN' CUTE! I'm glad I'm not the only stamper with a warped sense of humor. You made my night.


I am just so happy to see that you actually did this - excellent visual representation of the joke! :)

Del Owen

LOVE this card. I wasn't that enamored of this set until you put this little "twist" on it. Now, I've got to get it.

BTW, did you notice in the "Holiday Lineup" set (Pg 43) that the other reindeer looking at Rudolph seem to be grimacing & Rudy looks a little guilty?!? I don't think it's his shiny nose...

Janice (doxiejan)

Blame it on us sistahs!

It is an adorable card. And very unique

Heidi Myers

That is probably the best holiday card I've seen in a long time! Leave it to you!! TFS!!


I have always enjoyed your blog for it's humour, and great stamping. But although I have laughed heartily at many of your posts in the past this is the first time that I have laughed so hard and appreciated it so much that I had to comment! Awesome card!

Vicki (CraftCrazy98)

ROFLMBO!!!!!!! Way too funny!!! But I may think that because I have 2 young boys :D Thanks for the laugh this morning!

carol marbach (udi)

i knew there was a reason i liked you . . . you're twisted just like the rest of us.

i don't "case" very often but i'm thinkin' i might need to do this one.

love it!!!!

xoxo ~ carol.


Absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Love it!


I swear you have my boys living at your home!! LOVE THIS!!!


Just too cute! I can think of several people who would love to receive that one :-)

Diane Cooper

That is great Jan! Oh and I love the post above about pulling my twig!

Judi Parker

That card is cute and funny for sure but when you add the comment above from Anonymous it pushes it to the top of the funny meter.

Little googley eyes on the little offended snowman would be cute!

Congratulations again for making me laugh outloud!

Tashana Lundy

Love this is super cute and do you come up with this stuff?


Lianne Carper

ROFL! This is definitely a keeper! Although I don't have sons to blame my sense on humor on, I do have an ex-Navy husband...I'm sure that counts. And if not, I do have 2 God sons.


You are fantastic!


You know how to make a morning- thanks for the great card and the laugh


awww Jan, I do love you!


OMG....too funny. I have two boys (and a husband) and they have totally corrupted the girl child into this rude behavior too. :) I just love your card. Thanks for sharing.


OMG!! This is just toooooooo stinkin' cute... love, love, love this one! *ROFOL*
Can't stop smiling :D

Desirée Spenst

Oh my word, Jan - that is AWESOME! I love a twisted card from time to time:)


This is HILARIOUS!!! I too noticed the card in the catalogue and got a good laugh at it!!! Thanks for showing that stamping doesn't have to be so serious!!!



Oh my gosh ... this is so funny. You never fail to start my day with some laughs !!! LOVE IT !!!! hahahahahaha.

Andrea C

Oh that is the funniest thing I have seen all day! It's great! Sillyness aside, I love the card colors and layout.


Love this! You are so clever!

Jessica G.

haha!!! Love it!!! What a great way to think outside the box!

Jean Fitch

Dear Jan,

Not quite twisted enough to be truly evil (though at least this one is PG). :D If your boys are like the brothers I grew up with the swirl belongs in front to mimic their other favorite snowtime activity. I know TMI! Thanks for twisting all our tails and giving us a chuckle.

Hugs - Jean

Melanie Brown

I love your idea, Jan..
But I was thinking you'd made yellow snow with that swirl..

Katarina M

Oh that is HILARIOUS! I love it! Any snowman is cute, but a 'tooting' snowman--PRICELESS! Thanks for the laugh!


Janine, i must have to say that you would be half aussie coming up with a card like this. Even though i know your not.

I have thirty, i need to get started on when the stamp set comes down here. Because its an absolute " CAC"
(american pronounciations "KAK".


Too funny. Still cleaning coffee spew from my screen!! You are awesome!


Oh my goodness! That card is hilarious!


I am going to have to Twitter this! Classic!


Truly very funny - one that my DS got straight away!!

Question from a newbie to your blog.... what does YILM mean? thanking you in advance :)


you crack me up!

Anna Skippings

I absolutely LUUURRRVE your stinky snowman...hee hee
Anna S. x


Just seen this now! I love reading your posts as much as I love your projects! From one funny mom to another, you rock!


I'm LOLing so hard I'm crying!! - just found your site this evening, Jan, and I have to say....
Thanks so much for this blog!


I just love your makes it so quick and easy to get the card made...Keep up the good work. :)

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