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August 22, 2009



Very cool card Jan! I wish I'd been at Convention to swap with you!
Thanks for the pics of Wendy's room ... that first one is the one that I needed to 'put it all together'.
I'd want to take a sleeping bag and sleep there, surrounded by all the stamping goodies!

Margaret B

Hi, Jan. I love your card, your humor, and that you shared Wendy's room. Makes me want to clean my stamp room today (instead of doing the laundry that I really should do).

Peggy Maier

Love your card - AND love the scrap room! Makes you wonder... would we all be happier, more fulfilled wives & mothers if we all had a space like this?


What a great analogy!


gorgeous card! And that's a great idea to break your cards up over the days... on one hand it's nice to have one less thing to worry about, but on the other hand a really popular one isn't gone too quick (making the others feel unloved, LOL)

Sandi Dailey

Hi Jan!! I am what you would call a "stalker" in every sense of the word. I have been stalking your site for years, & you have written me a personal e-mail (which because I am not as famous as you, you probably don't remember). But I just had to jump in here today to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog and to take my stalking one-step further (LOL). Yep, I am officially inviting you to attend Ronda Wade's MI Stamp & Scrap Retreat Nov. 6-8, in East Lansing. You just have to come because you have sooo many admirerers (is that a word?) that would totally be bowing before you. So, write me back for more information because I am now going to stalk you until you say yes!! You are the best!! Sandi

Jan Hoyt

yes, it is absolutely GO-JUS! As are all of your creations so please don't send the stampin' mafia to hurt me! I'm thinking that if I dumb it down a little bit (you know, sub regular silver brads for rhinestone, etc) I might even be able to case it for upcoming Fall WS's and then tell people they are copying a copy of a masterpiece!

Jan Hoyt

Samantha Stobbe

Great Card. I loved that room in the SS. I really want to redo mine and will have to check hers for inspiration.

Mary Caronna

I love your canning analogy. Your blog is wonderful to visit to read gems like this as well as to see the beautiful hand stamped creations you share. Thanks for posting the pictures you took of Wendy's room too. You really know what a stamper wants and needs....
Mary in NJ

Wendy W.

Are you SERIOUS??? How did I miss this??? Now I really AM famous!! Maybe at the next Convention people will be bowing down to ME . . . 'cause I have now reached the I-Ching of the Stamping World . . . being featured on JanTInk's BLOG!!! Somebody PINCH me, baby!!!

Desirée Spenst

Okay, you've gone and done it again! Now I NEED that snowflake stamp and punch! At least it's an under $10 stamp... That card would be just PERFECT for a Christmas stamp-a-stack, maybe taking away the eyelets (which, although GOJUS, take more time!).

Ilse Vargas

This must have been very exciting. Now she can do tours and say Jan Tink was here :D
Blog looking great! Greetings.


Putting this set on my must have list! So stinkin cute.

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