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August 07, 2009



I don't think I have commented on your blog before but I just wanted to say a big CONGRATS on being a finalist! That is so very exciting. If I had been fortunate enough to make it to convention I would have absolutely been loosing my voice cheering for you! Oh and just to warn you in advance... should I ever get the chance to meet you IRL, I will probably get all weepy too. In fact I did the same thing when I met Shelli at regionals! lol


Wooohooooo!!! A FINALIST! Congratulations Jan :) I am tickled pink for you!


Jan, I am so happy you were vindicated!

carol marbach (udi)

congratulations jan. are you going to take back all those comments you made when you didn't win? haha. what a feeling it must be to know you were in the top thirty out of sooo many entries! your talent knows no ends. keep up the great work.

xoxo ~ carol.


Yeah Jan! I feel bad for Wendy because her projects were fabulous! I don't suppose you remember what name was above yours do you? Not likely it was mine but hey a girl can dream right?

Kerney Whitman

Such wonderful news Jan! I'm happy that they recognized you, you really deserved it. I would have been a blubbering idiot meeting you if I were there, you are what I aspire to be! Maybe next year...

Sue Bee

Congratulations Jan-Your excitement came thru cyberspace -I'm so glad to hear you say you will try again- you go girl!!
Sue Bee

Nancy Johnson

I knew it. I just knew it! You really did finish near the top in the Artisan Awards. I was so happy for you. Imagine! Hearing your name called at Convention. They were just keeping you in suspense. Congratulations.

Robin Orewiler

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that you were a finalist!!! All that hard work of yours wasn't in vain, even if you didn't win. I love your blog!


I so wish I was there this year to give you a hug!!!! I can't believe the one year I'm too preggo to go I miss out on meeting the FABULOUS JanTink! Hmph... Congrats on being a finalist in the AA!!!!! You ROCK!!!!

Genelle Little

Congratulations, Jan! What a wonderful achievement. I am an avid reader of your blog, and although I'm all the way over here in Australia, I am so excited for you! Enjoy the rest of Convention :)

Leslie Jones

Oh, congratulations! You deserve to be awarded! I do want to mention that I do not think you were called out as a finalist because a bunch of your readers contacted SU! about the process. Give yourself and your work credit! Your projects were spectacular! Just like the striped card made to look like zig zag. Awesome! Just remember that there are many readers who would tear up if they got to meet All Hail The Great One! (That's you Jan). We really are in awe of your work and creativity. Please know that if we could we would each give you an award on stage at convention!

Patti Groetsema

Hmmmm, I recall a time or 2 that I cried when you walked into the room when we were little. You were scary you know!!!

Cheryl M

Wonderful wonderful cards. So very glad you are having a great time at convention maybe next year I can tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog in person


I am so glad to hear you were recognized for being a finalist.

Jennifer Scull

oh I am bustin' my buttons, I am soooooooo very proud of you!!!!! what a total and complete thrill!!!! :) and yes, you do have quite a HUGE fan club out here! don't you ever doubt it!!!

we love you, Jan!!!


Congrats Jan! I'm so happy that they recognized all of you. You ladies deserve it. I can't wait to read your name next year when they announce the winners.


Congrats!! I read your blog almost everyday for inspiration and your creativity! THanks to you!!


Hi Jan! I'm still in SLC and am getting packed up to leave in a couple of hours. I had very few things that I had on my list that were "must do's", and right at the top was meeting YOU! When my friend Cindy saw you, she said you'd be coming right past my row. Since I have a bad ankle and don't move as fast as she does, she leapt out into the aisle to stop you while I made my way to give you a big ol' hug!!! And you asked me how my grandbaby was... Oh Jan, Jan, Jan, I'm so glad you were here at Convention and SO glad I got to meet you, however briefly. I have a picture to prove it too!

And congrats on being in the Top 30 - there was NO doubt that if they posted the finalists, your name would be there!

Love you, friend!

Janice Yang

Hey Jan,Congratulations!!!!What a wonderful news!I really love reading your blog since they are very inspiring.I am just waiting to read your name next year when they declare the winner.Just keep up your great work and Yes u have a very big fan club out here!!!!!!

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Jan, it is NO surprise to me (or your faithful blog readers) that you were a finalist! I'm so glad you got a teeny bit of recognition for your awesome work! I fully support your intention to "storm" the award next year:)


Bummer that I didn't get to swap with you! Love those swaps. And congrats on making the finalists list. That's really exciting!

Trina Caraway

Janine, congratulations again! It was truly an honor to meet you at convention. You are truly a gracious and funny gal, but maybe a little too obsessed with stamping and chocolate!

sherrill graff

Hello Jan, So glad you do such a nice job at posting and keeping us up to date on all the fun stuff at the Stampin Up convention. Congratulations to you!
Thanks for sharing your great artwork. Your card will be on my blog.
stop on over and check it out. Sherrill Graff

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