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August 20, 2009



Jan, you SO ROCK!!! I have been eating my first candy corn of the season - mixed with M&M's/my FAV! Then, you GIVE us the pdf - I'm speechless - and VERY happy! Way to go on the shoes too!!! signed, a fan forever

Susan Tethal

Really cool it! And being "template challenged" I am in complete awe of your coffin design. Thank You for sharing Jan.

Dawn Olchefske

The coffin is to "die for"! HA!


Love both the card AND the coffin candy holder...the Nosferatu is great...and the gummy worms...perfect. You definitely made the last stop on the blog hop the best. (YILU!)

Congrats on getting such a good deal on your daughter's shoes. Whoo Hoo! Way to go, Jan.


Linda Gilliam

TOOOOO cute, love the coffin and THANK YOU so much for the rock!
Great card too and I love, you are SO funny!


You are a genious! The coffin is too neat! Thanks so much for the template - you are a sweetheart!


Thanks for the template! I read your blog regularly and don't comment as often as I should, but I'd feel bad about taking advantage of your genius without proper recognition. Thanks for still taking the time to entertain and inpsire!

Barb Mullikin

Freaks Rule!! I love these projects, you did an AWESOME job, my favorite is the coffin!!! I love being part of this group :-)



Your card & Nosferatu are awesome! Love the candy corn teeth & gummy worms - nice touches :)

Mary Brown aka stampercamper

WOW...these are just AMAZING!!! I love your coffin!

tracy harp

I have 2 words for you Jan....Sick & Twisted, lol!!!


Super project! I love your work and still don't understand how you didn't win the award. It is a true tragedy! By the way, my high score on Bejewelled is 132,500. Hah! (YILM).

A Twisted Sista!

Ellie Augustin

GIRL... I LOVE IT!! Knockin my socks as always!! :) Now I have to go and print that coffin see what you did! ROFL.. (((HUGS)))

Cindy Major

Hi, Jan

That coffin looks incredible! Thanks for sharing the pattern!!!

The little handles done with the Modern Tag punch was a very clever idea!


Julie A.

Jan- I just love your blog and your sense of humor. I always have a smile on my face when reading your blog and seeing those hilarious smiley's! Your work is so inspiring. The card is awesome, but that coffin is just over the top! Look at the candy corn teeth! LOL! I'm going to print out the tutorial, because I know my 7 & 5 year-old sons would get the biggest kick out of it! Thanks for sharing and for putting me in the "Fall" mood:)My favorite time of year! Have a wonderful day!

carol marbach (udi)

once again your projects are wonderful and your humor is priceless.

thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and humor with us!!!

xox ~ carol.


You rock, girlfriend! AWESOME, over the top projects! I LOVE Halloween and you convinced me to buy ANOTHER Halloween set, From the Crypt! Was so good to meet you in person at Convention this year!

Jenn D

Jan, your card is gorgeous! I am trying to tell myself I don't need anymore Halloween sets, but I may have to give in and get this one. That coffin steals the show though! I'm going to have to make one those sometime soon.

Elizabeth Ecsy

Jan- no need to beg for vindication.. we give it willingly!

too fun! love the coffin!



Great projects...thanks for sharing your talent!

Pockets of Inspiration

Don't you just love that new Crom the Crypt set? These projects are fabulous. I'm gonna take a stab at that box.

Mary Fish

That coffin knocks my socks off! Brilliant. Mary

Carolyn Sharkas

You are too funny, Jan, and your projects are truly to "die" for, lol.

thanks so much for sharing.

Nan Goerlitz

Jan - to hear is to obey - you have NOT failed! OMG! Fabulous projects, as always. That does it...I'm getting that darn crypt set...I've loved it since I first set eyes on it, & you have convinced me :-)

Thank you so much for including the coffin pattern. I'm always struggling for 3D ideas & this is just fantastic (YILYA - yes, I love you also)!

Karen Christensen

Love the coffin! Thanks so much for posting the pdf! I'll definitely be casing these for my hubby's officemates.

Judy Elting

What fun! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of Jan's Labratory next! Perfect ending to a fantastic tour! Thanks for always brightening my day!

Mary Caronna

Wow! All I can say is WOW!
And...thanks for the great ideas and inspiration. I really love visiting your blog. Thanks for posting the pattern for the coffin--it is brilliant. As someone else cleverly put it, YILU!

Desirée Spenst

Great. Just great. I was GOING to enter Shelli's contest, but now that you have entered it, there is just no point. There is no way I can hold a candle to JanTink! Your card is awesome (love the paper ribbon treatment!) and the coffin is to DIE for...haha:)


Jan.. you make me smile everytime I read one of your posts..
Thank you for your inspiration!! (and the templates):)


I love Halloween and I love your work so what an awesome combo to see today! Thanks so much for sharing your brilliance with us. :)

Stephanie P.

That coffin rocks!!! I am making it for my 3 grandkids (credit to Jan Tink, design goddess). TFS your bea-u-ti-ful card too.


"Ooooowh!" These are just too cute for summer to be over. (?) Welcome the holiday season, I guess. I'm gettin' in the mood for CANDY, and costumes, and all those fun treat containers. I have already saved a copy of the coffin. Thank you, Jan! lorijane

Barbara Welch

Jan you are such a hoot!! Thanks for sharing all of your projects and the pattern for the coffin box. You rock!


SHUT UP! Halloween is my favorite holiday to make treats for and this will be perfect! Thank you for sharing your PDF! I know I'll make something cute with it (now if I wind up getting the time to post it to my blog which has been badly neglected, that will be another story). If I do though, I'll be sure to tell you about it so you can see my creation.

Thank you!


Inky Fingers, Paper Cuts, and a Glitter Mustache

YILY! (yes I love you)


You are truly stinkin' clever. Thanks awfully for the template. They definitely saved the best for last.

Claudette Filiputti

You are TOO, TOO Funny! Wish you lived near me..we could be friends...scary thought!! Loved the coffin! Thanks for sharing your design with the stamping world. So very generous! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!


I'm lovin' that coffin, Jan! too cute!!!

Janet Swofford

Wow! This is by far the cutest most ghoulish Halloween treat box I've ever seen! And since my birthday is Oct 31st (true story),I've seen lots of Halloween things in my day(we won't discuss the big birthday I'm facing this Halloween).I think this little coffin is Artisan Award worthy for sure!And I think you are wonderful. I always look forward to email updates from your blog! Please keep creating and sharing your considerable talents. I really appreciate it and you inspire me to be a better stamper!
Inky hugs,

Elaine Moore

What great ideas! You never fail to inspire AND entertain us - just love visiting your blog!
Elaine Moore



Thanks so much for the template


Fabulous projects Jan. You never fail to make me laugh out loud.

Shelly Schmidt

I love reading your posts daily! The posts are so fun, I always leave feeling in a lighter mood! Awesome projects!!! You rock!!! TFS

Sue McNeill

You are a genius! That coffin treat box is a TREAT! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing.

mary jo

Yes, we love yourself as well! Thanks for sharing the template; in addition to being monsterously talented, you are also sweet. Thanks again! Mary Jo

Shona Watson

Jan these are fabulous! The coffin is soooo cute! It cracked me up seeing what's inside! So cute!


wow! you ROCK!!
You know you are 'da BOMB" and this is so stinkin great! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. I am going to make that coffin for DH to have on his desk!! Just awesome Jan!


Love the coffin!!! I'm just 'dying' to make one!!! Thanks for another great posting and some laughs along with it!!!

colleen kramer

Jan this is DA BOMB!!!! You slammed this one OUT-OF-THE-PARK! And the crowd GOES WILD {crazy applause and cheering}!!!
Really, this is the grand finale of fireworks everyone waits for on the 4th of July!! Next year's Artisan Winner for sure!!!

Sarah Schueler

The best for last! I'm giving you all the validation you so deserve. You are my favorite, my dear!

Lorree Bosworth

Jan - The whole YILM is so-o-o-o-o appropriate since We All Love You Too!! As always, completely over-the-top, exceptionally, stupendously, FAB-YOU-lous projects!! Thank you so much for sharing the coffin pattern. I've been racking my poor little pea brain trying to think of a 3-D project for Halloween. Everyone loved the witch's shoes last year, but I didn't want to do the same thing again. Love, Love, Love You, Too! Thanks so much for sharing!!


You rock!! thanks for sharing your genius.

Jan Hoyt

Wow, great deal on the shoes...I am just amazed that you were able to find something to satisfy both the school requirements AND your daughter's discerning tastes (I know how kids can be, boys are bad enough, cannot imagine dealing with shopping for girls) and at such a great price, too? Awesome! that leaves more money for stamps, right?

Love the "adult" are a shoe in for Shelli's blog contest! Jan Hoyt

Marisol Gutierrez

Jan...Love your Spooky Projects! Thank you for sharing the template for the coffin...
Marisol Gutierrez
A Touch of Sol


OMG this is "Fangtastic"!!
Thanks for the wonderful eye candy with that fab card and coffin not to mention that you shared the template too. Frightenly FUN!

Julia Miller

Great card and coffin!!! Really am loving the coffin ALOT! Thanks for including directions for it!

Mary Davidson

Oh My Gosh! The card is fabulous and the coffin treat box is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing...Mary Davidson, Palm Coast, FL

Kim Innis

As usual your creative genius leaves me breathless and laughing! Kim Innis,,

Trina Caraway

Good Gravy, Janine! You've outdone yourself again! That coffin is just so cool. And I like the way you used the Modern Label Punch. I see lots of projects with handles in the future!

The PinkScrapper99


Hey I just spent a few hours on your blog site and loved your stuff.
I met you at Convention,and was Dawn Griffith's roomie.

We have a couple things in, Stampin Up, and CHOCOLATE! Take care!

Carlene aka

Crystal from Hawaii

Once again you slay me with your wicked humor..Hey!!There's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. Just don't let your head get too swollen that you can't walk through a doorway. OK!!Do it!!!!!YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!!!You are a genius!!!Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen Barron

So very creative, Jan! Of course, I expected nothing less! it was such an honor to meet you at convention and to be on the tour with you again this month! Blessings, Gretchen --


Love the card. The stamp set is so cool for teenagers.

thanks for sharing.

Shari Nelson

Cool coffin! Like the card too! Thanks for sharing.

Wendy W.

Guess I just HAVE to comment AGAIN!! (You musta DELETED my last comment!! Sheesh!) MUST make me a little Nosferatu cousin or something . . . he is just spook-a-licous, girl!! You ARE da Queen (but don't let it go to your head, okay?? :P

Charlene H.

I forwarded your blog entry to my friend who is a Girl Guide leader. She wanted me to pass on a big THANK YOU to you. She is going to be making about 50 of these little coffins for a Halloween event she is planning. Halloween is one of her favorite times of the year even though her girls are in high school now. So thank you from a Girl Guide leader in Saskatchewan, Canada!

Laura Pinto-Nguyen

Oh my goodness...I love you!!!

So thankful for that I have something to do today (lol)...but seriously, I am very grateful. I love that box!!!

Elaine Wright

That coffin is just gross! Very cute too :~)

Thanks for sharing the pattern too!

Virginia Killmore

Jan Congrats on the win and thanks for the gojus compliment I knew it could only be you!


Congrats on your winning entry for the So Shelli (may she live forever!) Creative Challenge.

Karen Seitz

I love these projects and want to congratulate you on winning Shelli's (may she live forever) Challenge this month!

Claire Daly

Lovin that coffin Jan. Congrats on your SoShelli challenge win and a great blog all round!

Ann Fitton

Jan you are too, too funny!!! Love the Halloween card and the goodies to go with it!! Congrats on winning Shell's challenge this month!


Congrats to you! Awesome Trick or Treat card. Really very cool. Thanks for commenting on my card too. Yeah!

Jackie Susnik


Congrats on winning the SIP contest with your WONDERFUL entries. I sooo enjoy your blog, sense of humor and "rational" approach to SU. What a welcome viewpoint you provide.

thank you for all the "entertainment" and creativity you offer.

Jackie Susnik

pam tomkinson

Dear Jan, I used to get your "Stamps Paper Scissors" but they have stopped coming!!! I would like to continue I miss your letters. How do I get back on the list? Pam

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