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August 09, 2009



Thanks for letting me gush over meeting you. I'll definitely be posting a picture of "us" on my blog soon. ~smooches~
One of Your Biggest Fans~

Jan Scholl

Thurl looks in great shape-put him back on the court!


I really hope you and I can both go to Convention next year so that I can meet you and be one of the people inflating your head and gushing about your awesome blog:)

Stephanie P

Thanks for sharing the photos for those of us not attending the SU convention. Your work is incredible and we are fortunate that you continue to find time to share with "blogworld" as my husband calls it. ;-)

Wendy W.

I'M gonna BE the Pillsbury Dough Woman if you stay much longer . . . all that CHOCOLATE . . . and the CHEESECAKE . . . oh - my - GOSH!! Your head is deflating, but my BUTT Is getting BIGGER!! (wink-wink!) It has been a BLAST having you, my friend!! You are welcome back ANY time!!

Wendy W.

And could it be POSSIBLE that you actually LIFTED a picture from MY blog???? (GASP!!! But we DO look FAB together, don't we???) You naughty girl, you!! The next thing you know you will be stealing my stamping supplies!! OH WAIT!!! You already DID that!! ;) (Perhaps I should not make the assumption that the photographer DIDN'T also take that same picture with YOUR camera . . . but it is much more fun to think that you STOLE it!)

Wendy W.

WAIT!! Just checked . . . you ARE a thief!!! ;)

Rosemary Olson

I am a faithful follower and wish I had been at convention to meet you. I am *sure* someone at SU must read your blog (and all our comments) for them to have broken with tradition and announced the "finalists" as well as the winners. You are a winner with all the demos Jan, and that is what counts!

Being newish to stamping and SU, I'd really like to know how you did that medallion card. Is there a tutorial you could direct me to? Thanks.

Martha Beck

Sorry I missed meeting you at convention. Saw your projects in the Gathering Place, awesome work. Love your blog. I was looking at the beautiful cards you posted and my 2 year old grandson was sitting in my lap and he started waving at the screen. I didn't understand until I saw the waving little icon and he was waving back! LOL!


Wendy, Wendy, Wendy...and here I was so, so happy that you, at least, had taken a decent picture of the two of us at convention...and what do I get {sob}? Accused of thievery! I am so, so sad that I may not even autograph that for you as I had planned!

Yes, folks, we are JK!


Ha! I had two of my projects posted on the boards, and I have a couple of pictures exactly like yours, me pointing to my schtuff!!LOL Yours are gorgeous as always! Congrats!


WOW!!! That card is stunning. Im praying you make it through the thunder safely!!

Sandy Hill

Jan, I was at convention for my first time and I was really hoping to get to meet you, but with 3000 other ladies, what would the chances have been of running into you. The conventionw as a blast and it certainly won't be my last. Well, maybe next year I'll get to rub elbows with you. I love your swap cards btw. Wish I could have swapped with you.

Leslie Jones

Janine (All Hail the Great One), I plan to attend convention in 2011. (I am disabled with MS and it will involve a big ordeal). ANYWHO... How about you set up a location and advertise on your blog where you will be and what time. Then all us fans can come by and get photos, have you sign things; it would be just like those other really famous people, you know the ones..actors and authors. You could have a table and everything. Bright flashing lights on arrows pointing to you! Oh, and we would each have to pay you in chocolate to get to see you. Oh, what a glorious day that would be. I guess if you were set up near Shelli (May she live forever) then we could get see perfection in harmony! I must pinch myself to awake from such a GOJUS daydream.


I just signed up for your blog after searching for it every time I wanted to find you -duh! Your cards are amazing. I have done the Joseph's Coat technique but don't know what the Joseph's Coat Inside Out is; can you share please? Fabulous!


Wellll, ok, my sister & I were two of the gushing fan(atic)s who stalked you & got a picture taken in line at Memento Mall! lol And you were so wonderfully patient, polite & gracious as befits the queen of da stamps&ink! I'm not sure what I babbled at you at the time, but let me just say that I am SUCH a fan of your blog and your beautiful work, thank you so much for taking the time to share your humour & your art! :)

Andrea Vernagus

Holy cow your swaps are amazing! I love getting your take on the convention happenings!

I nominated you for a blog award which you have probably already received (oh well!). You can check it out on my blog:


HI Jan ....

First off, what does your shirt say? I saw part of it on Dawn Griffith's blog and have to know. It looks funny. Oh, and the pic of you two is hysterical. I love a big hearty laugh and it looks like you guys are really enjoying a good one!!!

Secondly, why can't I subscribe to your blog? I used to get notifications, nowI have to manually get here. I have tried to sub but it doesn't work. Accck.

simmy :-)

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