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August 13, 2009



completely gorgeous card! love your watercoloring - and as always reading what you write - have a great week Jan!

Tory B

I tell you, Queen Jan, you have to be one of the funniest women in blogland. You just crack me up. My sister and I are always calling each other and asking "have you read Jan's blog today?" Oh, and BTW, love your card, too!

Darlene L

What's wrong with your family? No bowing and curtsying going on? Well I stand in awe, bowing down to the Queen. Have a great rest of the week.


Well I for one am glad you've come back to the security of your blog. Was going through some withdrawl. Since unable to attend convention this year have been stalking bloggers all over cyberspace. Thanks for chiming back in. And may the chocolate ease the pain of everydaydom.

Desirée Spenst ARE "quite quite mad" :D In a GOOD way, entirely! Once again, I wish I was a Control Freak...if I promise to send you chocolate all winter, can you put in a good word for me Jan? :)


I'm glad you're back! I've missed your posts. Sorry that reality isn't what it should be for the "queen of stampin" :-) Hang in there. Love the card!


Oh Jan, I so know what you mean! No one asked me for a photo or autograph, but plenty of people said, "Oh, I check your blog every day!" while my family says, "I'm out of socks! Where are the clean ones?" I thank you for sharing your humor with us. It's much needed in this mother-of-3-boys' life. Though I didn't get to meet you at the SA M&G, I'll take a raincheck for next time and flood you with praises to help last you till the next year. :-D


p.s. forgot to mention that I love the cheery, sloshed Santa!


Stinkin' cute!!! That's what Santa is :) He looks so cheery and huggable. Thank goodness the reindeer stayed sober! In my own greedy and selfish way, I am SO glad you're back! I missed you terribly whilst you were away. I'm glad you had such a good time and we'll hope that eventually your family realizes that things like laundry are so mundane and that there are too few "quite quite mad" geniuses like you :)

Nan Goerlitz

Poor poor Jan (may she live forever). And poor me...I didn't run into you at convention so I missed getting my pic taken with you & fawning all over you!

Beautiful card - as always. I was drawn to this set when I first saw it, but I'm afraid I could not do it the justice you do!

Dawn Dickinson


That is too funny - that's how I felt after I got back from convention (although not the part about being famous) the part where my kids just wrote "FOOD" on the grocery list because they said we don't have anything to eat! Your blog is the funniest thing I read! Great card too!


I have just started to read your blog and I am hooked! Your cards are beautiful and you will always be a queen in our eyes!


Jan, we love you. I am one of the crazy ones who finally got to meet you for the first time. You are so gracious and humble. You truely are an inspiration. Your jokes and cards always make me smile. Know that you will always be a queen to us.

mary jo

Jan, welcome back! Love your blog and samples, love you. Where are your retired goods for sale?? Mary Jo

Shelly Schmidt

I am not a demo- prob will never have the good fortune of meeting you in person- unless you are ever in the Chicago area and want to stop by and stamp with me, otherwise, I get such a kick out of your posts- even CASE a card or two every now and then......Keep the good gorgeous cards coming! Love your Santa!


Great Card. I love it.

Kerry H

Just so you know Jan, you are the reason I started reading blogs. You were my very first subscription because you are so blooming funny!! I've learned a few tricks from you along the way too. You are very talented. If your family only understood...

Pat Forsyth

You truly have a gift! And, if you're selling off your Batty for You, I'll buy it! Hurry and get your list together!

Kahty Walker

Jan - I found your site yesterday and I am sooo glad I did! It is refreshing to see someone who is so like me! I chuckle at almost every post! Thanks for being real and doing what you love! I look forward to visiting every day! ~Kathy

Wendy Riordan (mwben)

Reality is tough, but take heart, you have us who faithfully sing your praises over your GOJUS cards!! Keep up the great work in inspiring us with your creations and thank you for being real!

Jan Hoyt

Cinder-stamper, Cinder-stamper, night and day it's Cinder-stamper...

from the moment that I get up
there isn't any let up!

Does that sound familiar? but yes, I totally get it what you are saying! I love that at convention we can all be catered to, no cooking, no cleaning (well, unless you have to shovel a path around your convention hotel room to get past the swaps and snacks and into the bed!) and nobody calling our names and requiring assistance with mundane chores!

I was one of the LUCKY ones who got to meet you at convention during the Tuesday night SA dinner gathering but did you notice I managed to show some restraint and not beg for photographs with The Queen of GO-JUS? Not that I wouldn't have liked to but I'm always afraid that I may overstep the bounds of common decency so I refrained from grabbing you and shamelessly snapping photos! But if you make it to convention or leadership next year, look out! I WILL have my camera ready! lol!

So, welcome back to reality..and the laundry, cooking, cleaning and carpooling by which it is accompanied. I'm down to one little chickadee in the nest and since he's 19 he's fairly independent and doesn't require carpooling but he does still expect to eat and all that jazz. And oh yes, the DH too....but the dogs were quite delighted to see me and as long as there is dogfood in their bowls and someone to follow around the house they are quite content and don't seem to mind having me home regardless of how much time I spend on the computer or shoveling out my stamp room!

Love the Santa card....he looks quite chipper with the rosy cheeks, I think he's perfect!


your interpretation of that santa is exactly as he should be colored. red nose and all :)

glad you are back. congrats on all the well deserved recognition. you are definitely a queen in the stampin' world!

and i love the post from a previous poster... the grocery list just said "food" LOL. my DH is retired and does the shopping. that is what i am going to go put on the list now. (he might not laugh :O



Carolyn Sharkas

Geez, for a minute there I thought you were talking about me, lol. Anyway, too funny. Thanks for all you do. Love the Santa card.

Judi Harvey

Your fan club is here for ya Jan!

Lisa T

Oh yes, the joys of motherhood. We are SO appreciated, are we not? (Not!) Just to let you know that, while your family may not, your readers here in blogland do recognize and appreciate your greatness! :) Check out my blog to see the award I have bequeathed you, Queen Jan!


Jan, I know how it is, this "re-entry"! I've been home almost a week now, and the SU Convention 2009 theme song is still playing in my head, I tell DH random stories about people he doesn't know, and I say "Isn't that just SO funny?" and he doesn't think it's funny. He does listen politely, though, to my post-Convention ramblings... I guess it's just one of those "you have to be there" kind of things, y'know?

I feel privileged to have known you back before blogs! Back in the "golden days" of Splitcoast. And I'm still so tickled to have gotten to meet you, and HUG you, and talk to you, however briefly! And yes, I went to see those little granddaughters on Monday and I'm going again tomorrow! It seems I've been doing laundry ever since I got home - towels, sheets, clothes... Jeepers, it's amazing how much laundry can accumulate when it's only two people living in the house!

A tip for you - you might teach your daughters to do laundry. Maybe you've tried that and it's not up to standards. Could they do THEIR laundry? Because of my ankle, my girls did their own laundry by late elementary school. The 3 of them would often do it together, but eventually they just did their OWN because DD#2 likes to keep it moving. Put it in the washer, when it's done, put it in the drier and put another load in the washer and hang up/fold what just came out of the drier. Not so youngest child, DD#3, who would put in a load, wait a day, put it in the drier, wait another day... You get the idea. Heeheehee....

Sharon Rivera

Dear Jan, I was also a lucky one who got to meet you during Convention (at P.F. Chang's). Seriously! Write a book! You're such a natural.

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