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July 17, 2009



This is a gorgeous card. I love it. I.LOVE.IT. Wow. Seems like the stamping world is full of diseases and delusions(popped up on dimentionals*giggle*) It's like our own little addiction. Well when you turn out quality products like this, than what else is to be expected??? Have a great weekend.

Karen Milone

I think this is just beautiful. I absolutely love the colors and what you did with it. Once again a beautiful job!!

Kerney Whitman

"WRONG" is exactly why I will be purchaisng the entire mini on Aygust 1st. ~LOL~ Very pretty card!

Dixie Finn

What a beautiful card. I suffer from that same disease and you have re-infected me. I didn't buy this because I thought I wouldn't use it. Drats!!


youre right! I now have the same thing you have . I MUST HAVE THIS SET!!!THis is so amazing.

Stephanie P

Once again you made just a stunning card!!! Wowzer, it is bea-u-ti-ful!!! I've been afflicted with WRONG off and on since I began stamping...what does one do? It's the nature of the world we live in...just think of all those jobs we continue to create (I keep telling myself) when we buy new stamp sets! Good rationale?? Works for me!


Oh Jan, Jan, Jan! What are we to do with you? You've WOW'd us yet again!! I am proud to say that I don't often suffer from this disease. Why? Because I tend to pre-order EVERYTHING! Heehee... There was one stamp set on pre-order that I didnt' like - oh, that robot one! And I still don't like it, so I'm not afflicted with that disease.

However, now that lots of people have their new catty stuff, of course, there ARE stamp sets I don't have - YET! So I guess "WRONG" can afflict me that way!

I feel torn about the Holiday Mini because of course I want it all (except the Halloween stuff), but I can't earn the Mini Hostess sets (which of course I have to have) until September 1st. What kind of disease is this, Jan??


Andrea Vernagus

Ahhh I know the disease well! I wish I would have ordered the greetings set they offered...I held off thinking they might have one I like better, but alas I want that one now! Oh well! Beautiful card...and it does sort of make me want that set...but I shall be strong (mostly because I don't have enough money!)

Mary G

I bought it, I bought it! Even though I was absolutely, positively sure I wouldn't use it -- but yours is the seocnd card with the new colors that has me doing the happy dance because I bought it! I have had the disease for years and this year my immunities must have kicked in! AND I love the card!


Wow! This card literally took my breath away. GORGEOUS.


Fabulous card (as yours always are). And yeah! I am not suffering from WRONG....I did go back and buy this set before the extra 20% off went away. Sweet, now I can case your card. :)

Amy's Stocking Stuffers

That is a gorgeous card. Autumn is my favorite season, not that we have one here in Houston, I'm afraid. But I grew up in the northeast, and I love fall and all the fall colors.

I haven't tried the baby wipe technique -- will have to do so!

Peggy Maier

What a wonderful, fabulous, envy-inducing card! I'm still waiting to see a new catalog, but I already love this stamp set from all the cards I've seen that use it (yours was simply the icing on the cake!) However, I don't have to be afraid of the disease, because my daughter WILL purchase this set (which means I can borrow it). Her husband is from SD & that means purchasing anything to do with their state bird). I can hardly wait!

Elizabeth M. Harris

Oh, Jan, you have infected me with WRONG! LOL I did not pre-order this set either. Now look what you've done! ACK! Your card is usual! At least I can pretend that I don't need it since we don't really have Autumn Days here in Central Florida. ;)

Ellie Augustin

YES.. GASP.. Man oh man.. this is actually one of my fav. sets as sniff,sniff I haven't gotten ANYTHING from the catty yet so I have been using my pre-order stamps but I seem to be grabbing this set the most... as a matter fact I'm using it right now.. but WOW.. I love your colors.. hmmm I want to try that! BEAUTIFUL :)


Oh, I am an almost-constant WRONG sufferer - thanks to blogs like yours! What a beautiful card - I always think of the baby wipe technique for solid floral images, but it looks FANTASTIC with this pheasant! I love your tip for adding other colour with a blender pen too:)


This card is stunning. I am going to my stamping room to case it right now! Thanks for sharing.


What an absolutely amazing card! I might have to case it! Luckily I was able to not catch the disease this time...that usually isn't the case!

Samantha Stobbe

AGH! I knew I should have bought this set but talked myself out of it. Then you do something amazing of course!!

carol marbach (udi)


i suffer alot from wrong, only because i'm unemployed and don't have a choice. . . but that's what friends are for and one of mine has this set.

where do you get your inspiration?



Wow! This card is absolutely, amazingly beautiful!

Laura Webber

This is GOJUS! I, too, suffer from WRONG. I did get this set on the preorder, but there have been many other preorders where I beat myself up for not getting certain stamp sets. : )

Regina Cornelius

beautiful card!! you know, i suffer from that same disease - i am glad to have a diagnosis for it now! lol!!


it's beautiful!!

and omg, WRONG!! I suffer from that too! You make me giggle everytime I check out your blog. Thanks again for sharing your humor with the rest of us :D


Wow Jan, I LOVE this color combo, so very fall like.


Well I don't have (WRONG) because I bought this set on the Pre-Order but I have to say your card is Da Bomb!!!

I've done a couple of cards using this set, my latest you can find here:

Shelly Schmidt

Gorgeous card!!! I love your blog postings-great inspiration you are spreading around!

Beth Norman

Wowzers, another fabulous piece of art!! Love how you did the babywipe technique. You rock, Jan!

Dawn M

Boy, am I thankful that I bought this set during the preorder! I have suffered from WRONG many times before and am glad, for this set anyway, that I don't have to worry about it! :) This is a very beautiful card and I can't wait to try making one myself. Thanks for sharing!


So very purty, purty, purty! I would love to CASE this card, but alas, I was suffering from a severe case of WRONG and can't. I had it on my order and in a cost saving measure, deleted it. So very sad. Excuse me now - I have to go kick my own arse......again.


I am suffering from WRONG over Circle Circus. I feel your pain!


Thanks a lot..... Now I DO have WRONG!!!

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