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May 16, 2009


Pam W

Jan, YOU are MY Erma Bombeck! I love your take on life!!! I also love this card and this stamp set. I can't wait to try your sepia tones with it, and I assure you that now I will be thinking of "what does this picture say to the man that receives it" as I create.

Cathy Green

This is a most splendiferous card!!! Looking at this set, I've often wondered similar things. So even though you will be alone at the ballpark, you aren't alone in your thinking. I would love to come to your class, but alas, Texas is a bit far away from Michigan. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! I always enjoy your blog. I will confess, some blogs I just look at for the pictures. Yours is one that I savor the images and laugh at your witty words. You never fail to inspire and entertain! Thanks!

Lisa S

Of course we still love you!! I really like this card. I love the fact that you painted the highlights and shadows. I'm guessing it pops even better in person too!


I love the card! I think it's so funny you have thoughts very similar to mine about this stamp set. While I thought it would be great for my father, I didn't think it would work at all for my son :-) So glad I'm not alone.
Thanks for all your humor and inspiration!

Charlene Merrick

You are too funny, and I love your gorgeous masculine card!


Your humor and creativity are inspirational. You make me laugh out loud when I read your blogs. I love the way you think. You should consider putting all your words of wisdom in a book. Thanks for making my day!

Bev Dahl

Your card is beautiful. To me, this car says "You are a classic"
Thanks for sharing!


I think your card today is MOJUS too! I'm so glad you wrote about light and dark values! Now I have a name for what my personal card challenge is - I'm VALUE-challenged! I only see light to dark when i put a card together. Love your watercoloring - great work of art - that's what that stamp set is... a work of art! LOL. Keep on keepin' on, Jan! Love your blog so much!!!

Jennifer Schmitt

We Love you Jan!! What a beautiful card. I love your humor too :)



Wasted effort??!! Never...I mean, if you think that all of us who live too far away to come over for a class are worth such a beautiful card! Truly fantastic, as always!


Truth be told to be honest with says your married to a redneck if you really got one in your yard like me..but he work on his often but the weeds gosh they grow..Good for a man to have a hobby..

I got MOJO Envy going..gotta find mine I haven't made a think in weeks. But very lovely man card..I got to get that stamp..


Love the card -- love your thoughts on what that stamp is really saying. If I lived anywhere close to you, I would schedule my life around your classes. :-)


wonderful card, I just love the way you have used the colours. Love your thoughts on the stamp too, LOL

Michelle Wallace

Are these people NUTS? Cancel on a JanTink class? Don't they know the royalty they have among them??? I would be there with you in a heart beat if I lived closer, even though I'm already a demo & everything!!! :)) We love you Jan!!

PS- Where's that fabulous retirement prediction list?? Know pressure, just wonderin' :))

Michelle Wallace

Sorry- meant "NO pressure".... hehehe, we know you "KNOW" pressure........ boy I need a nap.......;))


I love this card! Your theory of "age" of the car relating to a man is right on! You made me laugh. And if you didn't live so far away, I'd stamp with you on Monday night. Keep up the great work!!


I wish I lived near you....I would so be at that class!
Thanks for always making me LOL!
You rock!!!!


Of course we will always love you! With the humor, stories, and art you give us ... how could we not?!

Linda Peterson

You are so fun. I love the card!!
Linda Peterson

Erica Fields

At 4AM you had me crackin' up lady. Almost woke up the dogs. I so enjoy your posts and your cards ain't bad either.

mary puskar

It's dark, rainy and dreary where I am but Jan, you have made me laugh my but off with your comments on what this card says. You did a great job in spite of what the image might convey!!!! Way to go!



Love this card! And I nearly choked on my coffee that we AGREE on this image...I had it all set for a get well card...didn't inspire feeling better about myself when I really looked at the rusty truck in the weeds...but it IS a neat image in sepia...will have to try it.thx for your inspiration! esther


If I remember, you started early with your cards for this class that is now cancelled...isn't that the way of life? But those of us who live too far away appreciate all your efforts!

I love the images in this set every time I look at it and when I start to write it on my wish list, the thought of "abandoned, neglected, overgrown" stop me every time. One of the things we all love about you is your willingness to say what we're thinking!

Nancy Riley

Jan, thanks for a great laugh! I am one of those people that think those things, but don't have the talent of expressing it in words like you do! I would JUMP at the chance of coming to one of your classes if I lived closer!


If we didn't LOVE your not so normal take on life would we continue to come back day after day after day .... you get my drift. Life is way too short to take it seriously ... why would God create a sense of humor if He didn't expect us to use it? From one "nut job" to another, keep up the good work!


Wow Jan wish I could have come to your class!
We all LOVE you, don't worry! Look at how many comments you've gotten! :)
Your card is just beautiful & means something extra special to me! It brings back wonderful memories of my Dad when he was rebuilding an old 1930's Ford pickup. He never was able to complete it, but as a wonderful gesture my brother-in-law purchased it from my Mom & is going to finish what Dad couldn't. Dad knew of this too, so it is extra special!
I wasn't even thinking of purchasing this set since both my husband & I have lost our Dad's, but now I'm thinking it would be a wonderful stamp to use for scrapbooking photos of him with his old truck! Or use in a memory/scrapbook I have been putting together in my mind, but just haven't gotten them down on card stock yet.
I miss him so! But I know that he is at peace in heaven & is no longer in pain. My Grandmother, (his Mother) passed not even a month earlier at the age of 97. It will be 2 yrs. this summer. We miss them both dearly, but our memories keep them alive in our hearts!
Thanks again for making me think of this stamp set as a good memory, not a sad one!
Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

Cindy Major

Wow, some people don't know what they are missing. Frankly, this might be one of your best card EVA! I absolutely love the sepia picture look you have achieved. Never would have thought to watercolor with my Vanilla ink. Mostly because I hate stamping with it so it's hidden at the bottom of a drawer where it is gathering dust and never seeing the light of day.

Fab job - thanks for sharing!


Oh, Jan, I sooo wish I could come to your classes. Move to AZ!! You kill me with your wit! I always look forward to reading your blog. I often find myself chuckling throughout the day because of something you said.

Mary Ellen

Wish that I was coming to Michigan this week. This card is awesome! I will have a card coming your way this week. I really enjoyed meeting you and loved your class!!!


Love the card and your humor. You may be saying what we are thinking!! Just think if we were all closer, your house would be overfilled.


Absolutely GORGEOUS card! I'm printing this one out for my CASE files :-)


can i just tell you that I LOVE this card. love this technique and you make it look/sound easy! gorgeous card

Staci Miserlian

Not only do I really LOVE your card, but I have you to thank for the *at least* 5 calories that I just burned off laughing at your old car descriptions! :)


This is one of my most fave 'JanTink Cards!' I love Kraft cs and this image is so perfect. Thanks for sharing all the deets!

susan in FL

Personally I've always thought the first one as I made it up for my sweet hubby. Boy am I glad he doesn't read this or I'd be in big trouble. Love your views. and now my monitor is clean cause I was drinking water.

Stephanie P

My Dad would have loved this card because he LOVED cars (poor guy didn't have any boys, so guess who learned alot about car...;-). And I think if a man gets to a certain age that he will enjoy being a classic. All that said, you again made a fabulous, gorgeous card and I am thankful to learn a new technique!!


I'm a little new to your blog, but I really like it! Your work is wonderful. How dare those two cancel on you! I wish I could come to one of your classes! Hope the kids at least won the softball game! Have a great day, michelle

Joni Kelly

Jan, every time I see this set used I think I should get it and this time is no exception. I really like how you layered the DSP and the color choices. I know what my next order will be - even though I don't have anyone to make Father's day cards for. :( Thanks for sharing the great ideas! Joni <><

Janice Cool

Jan, of course we love U!


Lorree Bosworth

This card is LOVELY!! I must admit I'd NEVER given a thought to what the "message" might be behind the image!! This happens to be one of my favorite stamp sets because it reminds me of my Grandpa. He loved old cars and gave me an appreciation for Classic Cars. I was oh-so-lucky (and yet not fully appreciative of it immediately) to have gotten Grandpa's work car as my very own first car. I see a '55 Chevy 2-door these days and it brings tears to my eyes thinking of my wonderful Grandpa.
Okay enough of memory lane! I love, love, LOVE the look of this technique. I'm curious though about painting with White Craft rather than using the gel pen - - there must be some advantage - what is it? I can't wait to try this technique myself!
So glad I found your site (Thank you Diana Gibbs!)! You are a hoot!!
Keep on stampin'!

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