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April 19, 2009


Dixie Finn

You are such a hoot. I love reading your posts. It brightens up my day no matter what the weather or my mood.


Yes, you are certifiably crazy, but it's a very, very good crazy! Love what you did with the idea.


LOL! I read The Hobbit and LOTR back when my books were nearer to their publication date (1963, I think?) At Girl Scout Camp, we had a counselor who read to us from The Hobbit with different voices for each character. "What haz ze gotz in ze pocketzez ..." Yes, we had screaming nightmares out there in the woods, but I digress.

Awesome card! I love, love, LOVE the stamped image behind the vellum. I'll need to try this myself, now! :-)


I like it raw and wriggling!

Your card is positively GOJUS, no doubt there!

The rock and pool, is nice and cool, so juicy sweeeeeet, our only wish to catch a fish, so juicy sweeeeet!

I'm a doctor Jim, not a ringbearer!

Heather Hawkins

Beautiful, my precious.....


Your posts always make me giggle! Beautiful card!


JanTink, you totally crack me up!!! WOW, your project is absolutely fabulous!!! Quite brilliant!!

Rhonda L.

I love LOTR! My kids & I went to all the midnight showings of the movies so we could be the first to see them! My DS#2 has the dialogue in the movies memorized(no I am not exaggerating!) Your card is BEAUTIFUL and I never would have chosen to adhere vellum with a gluestick!! The printed paper behind it is inspired!!

Carol (HB)

Oh, this is the prettiest creation I've seen in a while! Dang, now I'm gonna have to find my vellum.


Wowza ... this is gorgeous for sure.

Jackie Thomas

Oh Jan, you are such a crack up. I just love your blog. You make me laugh everytime. You are also one very talented lady. xx Jackie

Jennifer Scull

oh my goodness, I am sooooooo laughing over here! our whole fam just loves LOTR, and I now can't get that 'soothing' Gollum voice out of my head! ;)

wnyhoooooo..... that card is drop dead gorgeous! so clever and crafty she is - now there I go, getting my movies mixed up, too. funny, we seem to have the same taste in cinema!
have a great one!

Barbara Dykhouse

Jan, as usual, your card is totally awesome! I especially loved your post today as The Hobbit is one of my all time favorite books! I taught it to my 7th graders 12 years in a row, and every year when I read it, I discovered something new. The kids really got on fire about the book when the LOTR movie series started.

I don't comment often (sorry about that!) but I am a faithful reader. I want to be the first to congratulate you on winning the Artisan Award! I have absolutely no doubt that I will see your GOJUS projects when I am at convention. I want my picture taken with you, and I also want one of you in front of all of your lovely work.


Barbara Dykhouse

Hm, I guess I'd better clarify here, or the rumors will be flying! I want to be the first to congratulate you on winning the Artisan Award because I have no doubt that you will win it, not because you have already won. The winners aren't chosen until mid-May.

Charmagne Gibb have made my day! Hope your day is as great as mine now will be...your funny bone is...well...funny!

Stephanie Gay

Ha, I LOVE LOTR & my daughter always makes fun of me for making snide comments to precious (i.e. "eh, it makes a mess in the kitchen, precious"). My other obsession is Harry Potter of course, and any time I measure something & it has a quarter in it, in my head (ok, and usually out loud) I'm saying in an exaggerated British accent "9 & three-quarters?? There's no such thing as 9 & three-quarters!"

Oh yeah, your card is GOJUS as always!! You're the greatest wizard who ever lived! I also have no doubt I'll be snapping pics of your gojus creations at convention. BTW, if you're looking for a hotel check out the Ramada - it's a couple miles from the convention center but they have a courtesy van that drops you off right at the door!

Cindy Major

Maaagnifique, my dear! Can you believe I've had this die sitting on my desk for like a month and still haven't used it yet. Couldn't say why exactly. Maybe because I haven't thought of any new way to use other than the ones I've already seen online. I love your vellum version, though - so cool and elegant!


Vickie Jones

I love vellum! So glad to see a card with like this

Angela Sulik

Wow! Really outstanding card.

Diane Cooper

GOJUS card Jan... And as always your humour is precious....


Gorgeous card Jan!

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