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April 21, 2009



Oh, this is gorgeous. I would love to see it in person. That is a lot of embossing. Did you use clear embossing powder? Happy Belated birthday. I hope you had a great day!


Oh MY Goodness!! This is amazing. It does make me want to try one, but oh the thought of the intricate cutting and piecing and drinking and eating and time it takes.....can a girl really do this with three sick kids home from school. Thanks for sharing.


ya truly amazing - and nice to see other people do insane things because the idea just will not leave them alone :-)


insane. that's all i have to say - insane. gojus, but insane.


I bow (again) to the great JanTInk!

So glad there are insa---I mean gifted people like you to make amazingly detailed cards like this!

Paula aka scrapshappen

You're amazing Janine. My mind just does not work like that! Wowsers.

Trina Caraway

Just WOW! Wow, Wow, Wow!


WOW!!!! I hope you sent something similar to this in for Artisan. Stunning, simply stunning!
Thanks for sharing and inspiring!


So amazing! Love it! You did it, so I don't have to--Thanks so much!!! j/k It is truly gojus/fabulous!!!


To die for!! I LOVE it! How about those new shoes? LOL


In case I didn't tell you yesterday, Happy Birthday! It took me a couple of times reading before I thought, "Aha!" I guess I was confusing embossing with the plate and embossing with embossing powder. So you embossed it with the plate three times, on three diff paper. Then embossed with gold powder on the gold, and cut all the pieces out of the other two and glued in that right? I'm soooo gonna try this! This die is one I'm buying tonight at stamp club!! Yay! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Mc

GOJUS is right, but I'm with Kim and a little confused with detes. Sounds like way too much for me to tackle. I'll just enjoy looking at yours, Jan! No amount of chocolate would get me through a project like this. Happy to hear you had a great birthday!

Angela Sulik

I'm on bending knee in the presence of card making greatness . . . Thank you Ms. JanTink. Your beauty is breathtaking.

Betty Murphy

How beautiful! I would give this a try ... probably once. Looks very very very complicated to me. Getting all those pieces cut just right, hmph. Not sure how much coffee and chocolate it would take. Thanks so much for sharing your GOJUS ideas with us.

Stephanie P.

WOW, that card was a TON of work, but leave it to our Jan to do it and do it exquisitely. Good work, birthday girl!! I love how you spent your birthday - stamping! Enjoy and may an abundance of good things come your way this year!!


Have you lost your ever loving MIND??? Un-REAL! You truly are the queen.

bizous, Brandi


My Goodness. This card is gorjus, gorgeous, and "gojus". I simply lovee it. You deserve a fantastic nap.

Jennifer Scull

WOW! picking up my jaw out of my coffee cup.......... yep, GOJUS sums it up! :)

Nancy L.

You are amazing and funny!!
Happy Belated Birthday!


Oh you never stop Amazing me!! Happy Belated Birthday not online much to keep up with blogs but this card is gojus!! I have that embossing plate but I don't think I'm crazy enough to go this far for a card right now. Maybe later when there's more time. But thank you for being so gifted and sharing such beauty with us all. Have a Great Day..




It was so beautiful, I had to try. Managed to get through it tonight without coffee (don't drink it) and without chocolate (unfortunately, no chocolate on my diet right now). It's not bad, but not quite as nice as yours. I am interested to try this with blue and silver...I love silver, but after making this one, I am not sure I will ever make another. :-) As usual, wonderful job!


Jan Hoyt

oh geez!!! Yes, you are amazing...or perhaps just totally nuts??? I can't believe that you did this's fantastic but I am afraid to even comtemplate how long it took you to accomplish this GOJUS work of art. And if I had made this card (which I didn't and would never have the patience to even consider!) then you can be certain that I never ever would part with it! Not even for Shelli, may she live forever! But thanks for sharing...I continue to be in awe of your fantastic creative genius...and maybe just a little scared of how the card ideas seem to torment you until you create them??? Jan Hoyt


So beautiful - woh - it seems like silk-painting - cool, cool,cool ...


gofantabulous! I will have to try it. Love it!

Gayle W.




CAN'T .... BREATHE .....

(*passing out from over-gojousness!)

Kay Kalthoff

OMG - What an AMAZING creation! I award you a stamping GOLD medal!! Way to go, Jan!!

Lauretta See (LadyPou)

WOW! this is a stunning gard!! WOW!!!! I just found today your blog. And i looked at all the blog.. just took me a couple of hours but it was worth all the time spent looking at your creations :)) I am amazed to see all the beauty you have done ;) Keep up the great work of art, i will be hopping by very often to see your new stuff! Thanks for sharing with us!

Lauretta xx

Tonya B

Wow is all I can say! This is one amazing card and I bow to your greatness. I would never have thought to cut out all the pieces but it does make a stunning card! I don't think I could part with it either but would rather frame it and stand it awe of it's beauty. I do however understand the part about an idea getting into your head and not leaving until the card is finished. I thought all stampers had this same syndrome. Are you telling me we don't? Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with us and Happy Birthday a couple of days late, Tonya


WOW!!!! You are right...that card is FANTABULOUS!!!! You are one creative lady. Happy belated birthday-hope you are still celebrating.

Cindy Major

It is really, really cool! At first, I thought you had heat embossed with gold powder so it took me a second to figure out where the brushed gold cardstock came in... Then, I got on with the program and realized you have handcut every single petal out. Yes, it sounds like an amazing amount of work. And yes, I am crazy enough to try it myself - for sure.

Thank you so much for sharing!


Ellie M

You crack me up b/c you write how I think LOL The funniest part is you actually write it!! This is a really awesome card and I NEVER would have come up with this idea. It is pretty awesome though-makes the flowers look pretty real looking! Thanks for going through the painful process and sharing how you did it!! --simply GOJUS :)

Kim Dunworth

Yep, you're crazy! I can't wait to try this at home...


Oh my gosh - it's breathtaking...and after staring at it 3 or 4 different times today; I have decided you are my hero and I will NOT try this. LOL Too much work; not enough time to nap and regain my strength! HA!

Truly beautiful Jan!!


Simply stunning!


Amy Sheffer

Oh my gosh, a big ol' THUD over here! Incredible!! TFS!

Laura (scrapnextras)

Stunning! I have thought of paper piecing this, only thought about it. Too tedious, but I'm glad you did it! The result is absolutely incredible! Well worth the time and effort. I can spend a whole day on a card, and it still won't compare to this!

Linda E

This card is truly "GOJUS"!!! your painstaking efforts really paid off.

Robin McK

Hi Jan!
I love your card! I don't quite understand how you embossed it 3 times...are you able to elaborate at all? I am trying to figure it out in my head, and it's not working : )
Beautiful job!


Jan, Another fab card! Can you come over & do this one with me? :)

Lee H.

ok... I admit, I didn't get it at first... now... I GET IT!!!! ohmygosh!!
you are: amazingcrazytalentednutsinspiredandtheoneandonlyJanTink!!!!
I bow... and there is not enuf coffee and chocolate... sorry! I will however, put it into my faves... cuz one never knows. HAHAHA
You are 'da BOMB!!!

Louise Streater

Ok, I get how you embossed it with the embossing FOLDER 3 times on three different papers.....
But, I do not get where the gold EP comes in if you do not have the stamp set.
So, what did you actually emboss with gold and on what?

Connie Paxman

Well drop dead georgeous and a piece of art...Frame this you can ooh and ahhh..when you are not so tired..
Love your sence of humor.
connie paxman

Wendy Riordan

Applause!!!!!!! This is absolutely stunning!! Fantastic job!! :)


This is incredible...I think I would frame it and use as a home decor decoration!

Janet K moore

Jan, I am stunned. I am the queen of labor intensive cards, but I think this beats me. I love it, love it, love it. Gotta make it. Thanks for sharing.

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