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April 20, 2009


Pam Brown

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dera JAn!
Happy Birthday to you!
Thanks for sharing all your creations with us.

Pam Brown

I can spell, really I can!


Happy Birthday!! Great card!


Happy Happy Birthday
From All Us To You!!

Great cards too! Thanks for sharing them and your wit and humor :)


Happy Birthday, Jan! You ROCK!!


Wonderful card and happy birthday to you!!


A very happy birthday to you! Even if it is rainy. I'd trade rain for the 90+ degree weather we are supposed to have here today. H-O-T especially for April.

Susan Miller

A very Happy Birthday to you! I also have a birthday today. I am a working girl so no day off for me. I also will have a yummy lunch with a diet beginning on the 21st so I can be smashing for convention. Look smashing not to smash someone. That is my goal anyway. My little sister was also born on the 20th. Some present when you are a 3 year old. A baby. (great timing mom and dad) She is a sweet sister and a true blessing. My chocolate of choice today will be a brownie cheescake. Yum! I do wish you are fab and rocking day with lots of fun and of course chocolate! Enjoy! Susan M.
PS so sorry about the rain. it is 9:05am and my air cond keeps clicking on...very warm for us this time of year.
Susan M


Happy Birthday!

Elizabeth Fortuna

Happy birthday! Hope your day is full of fun, family and especially chocolate!


Jan - Best wishes for a fabulous day and a fabulous year. Your birthday really makes you feel kind of special like nothing else can. Have tons of chocolate today and remember that you are wonderful no matter what size your dress is!

Jane Harrah

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jan Now go buy your shoe....s.
Oh well, it's as close as I'll get to rhyming.......Love your work as always and have a fun day, raining like crazy here in Maryland too.

Donna Meeks

Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays! I'm with you - birthdays should be no stress days full of only fun things - stamping, shopping, eating, more stamping!

Enjoy your day!!

Kathy Mc

Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday! Lunch, new shoes and chocolate ~ what more could one ask for to make their birthday special? Enjoy and thanks for sharing your creativity along with great sense of humor and quick wit. Happy Birthday, Jan!


Happy Birthday Jan,
Really enjoy your blog, the cards and the humor, make my day. hope you find some incredibly comfy shoes that are styling to boot.

Sheri Smith

Happy Birthday, Jan! Have a chocolicious day!

Gayle W.

Happy, Happy Birthday!
Hope your day is terrific in every way!

p.s. Did you start the celebrating early? Yesterday's post made me think perhaps the party started a day early! Clink, clink. I have NO idea what you were talking about, BTW. But no matter. CHEERS to you! The next round's on me! Bottom's up....

Betty Murphy

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a day that makes you happy. Sounds like you have plans to do just that -- eating lunch out, stamping, shopping!! go girl! Oh yeah, the card is cool too!!

Debbie in  Ohio

Happy Birthday. Hope it was great and that you get to go out to eat tonight! I love it when there is an email that you have posted! It makes my day! I love your humor and the Tearing Edge! You cards are super wonderful GOJUS!

Joyce Spear

Happy Birthday! I hope you're making a decent (or even celebratory) day of it.

Love your blog, and even more your warped sense of humor. Your posts brighten my days, and sometimes even leave me giggling!

Julie Temple




Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


Jan, Enjoy your special day. Look forward to reading your blogs everday.



Happy Birthday! Hope that your day was maauuuvelicious!

Stephanie Gay

Hope you had a lovely happy birthday in spite of the rain - you deserve it! And I love the card too!


Hi Jan,
Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Enjoy your day! Love the card and thanks for the laugh love your blog...


Happy Birthday!
Hope this year will bring you more fun, creativity, friends and of course chocolate. Life is good!!!

Sandy Knecht

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day however you want to spend it.

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Jan I wish you the most fantastic birthday....loads of time to do something just for you. Great card as the way it opens.
Hugs and kisses for your BD

Terri Schenck

You crack me up, Happy Belated Birthday. I love the golfing card, I too have a husband that likes to golf.
Take care.

Charmagne Gibb

Happy Birthday and Happy stamping Jan! All the best to you...a magical laundress to do your laundry...sunshine and chocolate and a clean house for an entire hour!


Hope your Birthday is the best evah!!! Enjoy your sandwich,sounds delicious!
Your card looks wonderful,love the colors and the image is cute!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN~~!! Sorry, I'm a day late.....Hope you enjoyed your day and perhaps had some extra chocolate? :-)

I'm adding you as one of the Makes My Heart Smile links on my blog. I know, I know, everyone else will be adding you too, but it did say to list my top ten favs, and well, you are in that top ten! Not only for your fab creations but also for your wonderful way with words. You always make me laught!! so, thanks again!!


Jan, Happy Birthday! Belated! I had 2 blogs opened and I either called you Wanda or wished Wanda a happy birthday on your birthday! :) Oh well, stuff happens and I do hope you had a great day!

Terry Molineux

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! I did not get your update yesterday so I am really sorry it is late....Big hugs from New York and cannot wait until convention so I can meet the goodness in person!


Jan, just a note to wish you a wonderful belated birthday, and you have to treat yourself regardless of your pant size! I found myself laughing hysterically at your Lord of the Rings post, and oddly enough, I never got into the Lord of the Rings, yet I understood exactly what you were saying. It was effective too, because later I found myself laughing again, and trying to explain it to my 10 year old. Unsuccessfully I might add. Now he thinks I'm weird too but that's ok. Regardless, I hope you had a great birthday and thanks for sharing all your fabulous creations with us. Your humor just kills me!

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