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April 15, 2009



I love your coloring on that little girl! And thanks for the tips on the watercolor pencils. See you at convention! (I'm in track 2)


I am so excited for you being able to go to convention. I was planning on going for the first time. While checking out airfares, I realized that my friends from Austria will be here during that time. I'm bummed about not going, but how can I be sad about seeing friends?


This is so pretty! Wonderful job! Have fun at your convention!

Alison (UK)

Cute card, your colouring is lovely. I love red hair too! Oh and I like the corduroy button with the ribbon tied thru.
Have a great time at convention!

Jane Harrah

I am pleased to hear about the no layoff issue which is the biggest worry for everyone right now. I am also happy about convention, having never been. My demo, Lisa Chatterjee, goes and LOVES it. She has such fun. I love your cards and all your work. so I am really happy things are looking good for you! You are a true inspiration for me.

Jennifer Picard

Omgosh! The famous Jan Tink the one whose blog I stalk... ah er check daily will be at Convention!And track 4 none the less, so if you see a crazied woman come up to you bearly able to speak because of your greatness, humor me and say "hi". So glad to hear everything worked out for you, have a great day!

Steph Herbert

How exciting that you can go to Convention! I am in track 1! Love your blog!


It's great that you get to go to convention!!!!! I love all the details in the watercoloring. So beautiful!

Terry Molineux


Congrats on getting into Convention and hope to be able to me the one who loves herself! Great card...

Terry Molineux

oops it should have said

Hope to be able to meet the one who loves herself...

Sorry about that

Gayle W.

Woo Hoo! SLC or bust!!! I knew you couldn't stay away! Awesome news ... all of it. So happy for you.

You have, once again, outdone yourself with these darling little girls. I loved that set the second I saw it in the catty. I have yet to get it, wondering if it would be "practical". YOU have just changed my mind. I must have those girls and the kitties.

So I'm sure we'll be bumping into each other at convention; what with being in the same track and all. I mean, hey, there's only going to be like a gazillion of us right?!


Congrats on the contest! Now we get to see all the stuff you made for it, right?

Karen Kane

I'm in track 4 too! I can hardly wait to meet the famous JanTink!! :-) I might be another crazy woman coming up to you bursting with excitement - please humour me too! Love your blog, it's so inspiring!

Angie Hamill

Add me to the line of crazy ladies that can't wait to meet you. Glad you get to go. =o)


This is incredible, Jan! I can't believe you were able to achieve the brilliance of color as you have with WC pencils on Kraft. Absolutely brilliant! I have been eyeing this stamp set since the new catty came out. I just may have to put that on my order tonight!

Cindy Major

I won that stamp set and have used it a few times, but I wasn't that keen on how the coloring turned out. I think yours is excellent. Of course, I love the little girl even more since she is a redhead! Funny how you've always wanted red hair... Mine is red, and growing up, I really wanted them to be anything but!

Have fun at convention this summer!


Sheri Smith

Your coloring is awesome! I never thought I would be telling an adult that...LOL! I adore the look of colored images on the kraft cardstock.

Susan Smith

I'm glad you can go to convention this year, Jan! I would love to swap chocolate (and stamping)with you. Alas, I decided not to spend the money to go to SLC again. Maybe next time!

Beth Anne Vella

Glad to hear that you are able to attend Convention this year! Praise God for his provision!
I am registered for Track 4 also! Actually I registered for Track 2 and then found out a friend's downline is going for the first time and already registered for Track 4. DS was able to transfer me in so this poor gal won't be alone (since my friend can't attend this year). Always look forward to convention!

LuRae, Missouri

Congratulations on all your recent happy news! No layoff . . . going to convention . . . winning a contest . . . in your PJs until noon-ish . . . it's all good!!! I'm very happy for you!

Alison (UK)

Jan, I dont know if you 'do' awards, but as you always make me smile, I've left one on my blog for you to pick up.
Love your blog!

Gail Kirby

Lovely card - it looks so effective stamped on the Kraft (and then I read all the problems you had with it lol!). You have convinced me to buy that set now and even the watercolour pencils!!! Yay on getting into Convention - ours is in 2 weeks, can't wait! (I am not meant to be reading blogs, I am meant to be making swaps!).

Take care

Gail in Melbourne

Jackie Barfield

I'm in track 4 too and can't wait to meet you! I'll be sure to look for you since I know what you look like but you don't know what I look like. LOL. I check out your blog all the time and get inspired by you a lot! Hope to swap with you at convention. :)

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