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March 10, 2009


Lisa Martz

YOU CRACK ME UP! Reading your blog is the highlight of my day! Thanks for all the great tips, oh wise one! LOVE the pocket idea so the card doesn't get all buckled up...because that DOES suck! And the glitter grommet...I have named a stroke of genious! I just added the glitter to my order! ENABLER!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

So much for saving money in this economy...I HAVE to get this.


You just keep getting better. I think you can't, but you DO! Awesome! Thanks for the tips!


you have outdone yourself this time - that is spectacular!

i will never in this lifetime be making that card - FAR too compliated for me!


You always brighten my day with your posts and your work!

This is a great WOW! card! Love it:)


Well, you certainly do deserve applause for that card. Fantastic!


WOW, both cards are WOW; great idea about the glitter and of course that eye popping 3D card came out BEAUTIFUL! Very nice job!


BRAVO! clap clap clap clap ... thunderous applause - I really needed this little light of yours to brighten my day! Thank you for posting a great new card from YOU and SU!!!

Nancy Y.

all I can say is WOW!

Lisa (crazycatstamper)

How STINKIN CLEVER is THAT???!!!! It's like a book jacket! You TOTALLY ROCK!


You da bomb, girl! Most excellent card!


Well, aren't you just the clever one! Great job! Love the pocket idea... Now...I just told someone I wasn't going to get THAT die! lol!

Sharon  Bridwell

Jan, you are simply amazing gal. Thanks for sharing you ideas and posting your great card on Stampin' Addicts and linking to your fantastic blog!


I just love reading what you write, but this card and your comments on the 3D cake are brilliant! super love the liner - you rock Ms Jan and thank you for sharing with us!

Meredith Socha

JanTink you ROCK my world!!!!! This is totally awesome and YILY (yes I love YOU!!!). I just got this die in my preorder and have been itching to play with it....thanks for the tips and pointers ;) And for the totally adorable card!

Gail S.

When I saw your card, my first thought was really cute but when I saw the picture with the card opened I thought WOW THAT IS COOL!!! I love it!

Jan Hoyt

absolutely GO JUS indeed!!! And I love the sliding pocket idea almost as much as those adorable little blinking smilies. Too cute! Jan

Paula Jaggi

Oh Jan you have out done yourself this time!
AWESOME!! thanks for sharing!!


I often struggle with the fold on multiple layers, too. I have had some success with scoring TWO lines, very close together, on the outer layer. Another trick I've heard is to fold the wrong way and then refold the right way. It's SUPPOSED to make a W shaped fold instead of a V, but I'm not convinced :)

Interesting to finally see this die in action. I have made one like this that has a support in the center of each layer that seems to pop the layers up pretty well. (Does this die have that?) My complaint with THAT design was the unsightly gap between the top and the sides of each layer.

See it here:


Bravo! You are such a wonderful entertainer, and not a bad stamper either!

Samantha Oikawa

Fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the idea of the pocket at the top for the liner sheet. I've always avoided pop-ups for that very reason.

Jayne S.

Okay, Jan... now you're in for it. I already have one consistent "enabler", and you're also contributing. I wasn't going to buy this die. I was going to show some restraint. (Yeah, and I wasn't going to buy or eat chocolate for awhile -- guess how that turned out?) How am I supposed to control myself when you keep showing such adorable projects??? It's NOT my fault! :-p


Absolutely FANtabulous! WOOHOO!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your awesomeness with the rest of us :-) Awesome card!!!!!

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Wow. What a lot of will be hard to pass this one along to someone else. It looks great.

Wendy Bond

Way too much work for a birthday card...but I love it so thanks!

Jean Fitch

WOW! Somebody turn down the lights i can't handle the brilliance and the megacandlewatt of deliciousness and daring, darling, delirious dandy greatness.

Thanks for sharing - Now I'm loving this paper & this die!

blessings - Jean

Terri E.

LOVE IT!!! Your tips and tricks as always ROCK.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Jean Fitch

Hi again Jan,

Check out this link for a blog challenge:

Your card with cake would fit in perfectly! Still making me jump for joy. Still in my pj's cause I've been phoning friends and telling them to check this out(okay so that's not the only reason I'm still in jammies :D).

And yes I've emailed them too.

Hugs - Jean

Sharon Carr

It's just so cool! I think you need to send it to me for my birthday. What do you think? Of course it would be hard to wait that long. It really is lovely!

Bev Victory

This is fabulous! I just got the die Friday and haven't used it yet. Referred to "stampinaddicts" today, checked out your gallery and came right to your blog! You are hysterical - enjoyed reading this blog so much and now will give this cake a try. I'm so glad I found you first! May make the difference in making a cake rather than throwing the die out the window - that's a good thing. Thanks.

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