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March 12, 2009



You're a fuffle renious! I mean a ruffle genious! Wow, how DO you come up with these ideas? Must be the chocolate!


You are the best! What a super way to trim out that wide oval, I might use that punch more now!
Thank you, thank you.


Thanks Jan--I had a dumb club (my projects were darling the customers were dumb--but I can hardly call them customers because CUSTOMERS actually SPEND money) last night and was ready to sell my whole stamp room on e-bay for $5.00. But because of this darling tutorial I will stamp another day!! Eating chocolate as well! Thanks Jan for 'keeping it real'!

Tammy T

How did you get to be so smart? YWLYT - yes we love you too!


Yes, you rock! Thanks for the nifty trick. Keep it going.

Robbie Rubala

Jan this is fantastic. Reading your blog is my laugh for the day! Thanks for sharing.


Jenn G

That is so stinkin' cool- I love it. You go girl!!!

Nan Goerlitz

Jan - I don't just love you...I adore you...worship you, even! You are fabulous! How did you know that I was going to do a scallop envelope Easter basket next week at my class? This will be PERFECT! Thanks so much for sharing your great tutorial.


You can't see me but I am bowing down to my computer screen (I know I am at work and should be doing that but are so much cooler than work) in awe. This is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Thank you so much for sharing your brain with us.

Elizabeth Fortuna

Whoo Hoo! That is so stinking AWESOME!! Gotta run- I have much paper to scallop, crimp and stick! Thanks for sharing!! You rock!


I love your blog, your creativity, and your sense of humor....almost as much as I love chocolate. Thanks so much for sharing with those of us that are not as cool as you!! You have every right to brag----purty, purty, purty!!

Lisa Martz


Peggy Maier

Dang! You are a genius, Jan! AND... thanks for reminding me about the chocolate!

Dana Hatch

You are so clever!

Amy H.

Very, very cute! And I actually have all the tools you used in the ruffled scalloped edge tutorial so I have no excuse not to try it for myself! Thanks for the inspiration:)

Cindy Major

It *is* cool! I love the result, it looks like a pretty lace detailing and I really love the 3D effect!

Thanks so much for sharing! :D


Lisa (crazycatstamper)

Speaking of "gobsmacked".... WOW! Absolute genius! You totally ROCK! Thanks so much for sharing your chocolate-enhanced genius with us!

Mary Davidson

What a fantastic idea! Thanks for showing us hot to make it too! Your basket is so sweet and I love reading your blog updates too!

Meredith Socha

you are a GENIUS!!!!!!!!! Absolutely brilliant!!!! Thank you SO much for this tutorial!!!! I am SO going to try it out right now!!!! You rock!!!! :)


Beautiful. Just beautiful. Thanks!

Wendy J.

Pure genius Jan! Chocolate never hurts either! Great job and thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas. We love you too!


Oh my word - you are a GENIUS! I know you say it all the time, and I really do believe you, but every now and then it really hits me upside the head! Thanks SO much for sharing - I'm definitely going to work this into some projects soon:)

Betty M.

Great job. Never gave that a thought. You are just brilliant! The sun must be shining in your neck of the woods. Brings out the 'bright' in all of us! Keep stampin'!

Stephanie P.

Brilliant!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new idea of yours!! TFS!

Debbie Fisher

Totally awesome project!! I love it. The tutorial is amazing. That was not at all how I thought you did it. Ü Thank you so much for sharing.

Cheryl Curtis

that is so cool! i can't wait to try it at home - You are truly amazing JanTink!

Melissa F.

Jan you are brilliant. I love the ruffled scallop around the wide oval. I'm definitely going to have to try that one. Thanks for sharing and providing such a great tutorial.


This is just adorable. Love the crimping!


You are Amazing!! How you ever come up with all this stuff I'll never know , but love your awesome creativity!
Thanks for all your inspiration!


You are fabulous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

Kathe D

WOW - I have been a fan for a while, and I'm usually awed by your awesomeness, but this is the most awesome awesomeness I have ever been awed by!

Elizabeth M. Harris

You. are. a. GENIUS!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



CUTE easter box, Jan! Of course the colors/pattern paper are YUMMY too. And that Ruffle Scallop Edge idea is so CLEVER!!! thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

Jessica Canham

Jan, Jan, she's the (wo)man,
If she can't do it, no one can!

Another great tip and tutorial! Thanks for sharing this. I knew there was a reason for having a crimper.

Gail S.

Really cool!! You truly rock!


It's like you read our minds!!! I saw that cute little bird with the scallop/crimped boarder, and immediately I thought, "How did she do that?" Lo and behold, one little scroll down the page reveals your psychic tutortial! Thanks, Jan!


Jan Tink - Did anyone ever tell you you're a genius?!! LOL
Now I think I'll go eat some chocolate to celebrate you.
PS Chocolate is brain food.

Jenn D

Jan's on a roll! What a fabulous idea! So pray tell, should a person who doesn't like chocolate do on a chocolate break? I know, send it to Jan. I'm sad to say I buy chocolate to photograph my pictures only. *gasp*

nikki schmaltz

You ROCK. I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing

Cheryl Wilcox

What a cute little trick to make that ruffled scallop border! Thanks for sharing you talents with the rest of us.

mary jo

You are just tooo very great! If the mojo weren't enough, your directions include eat chocolate. At least I'm assured to be successful at some part of your gorgeous project. Too cute! Mary Jo

Martha Cavazos Fipps

You are absolutely incredible! I can't wait to try it!


it's awesome Janine!!! AWESOME!! It's very early and I gotta try that scallop oval, I LOVE it!!!


You are a Genious!Yup, awesome!

debbie essay

you are one sick girl (and I mean this in a good way of being sick :)....and i just love ya for it.....chocolate is the key to greatness. These scallops actually look better than just a flat punch scallops.
keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!!!!!

Alison Snow

You certainly do rock, Jan, you certainly do :)



Jan, wow, what a neat tip w/the ruffled edge...I cannot wait to try it and the little Easter basket is to die for cute!!!! Thanks so much for your tutorial.


Ginny Schleich

Oh that is so awesome!!! You are just so talented and smart! Thank you for sharing! Saw your cards on the SU demo website also-awesome!


completely brilliant!

Lori Barnett

This is GREAT! Love the scalloped edging :)


LOVE LOVA LOVE this idea to solve the missing larger oval or scallop oval punch!!!! This is even better than the punches. The dimension it gives adds to the project. Tiny flowers? Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing this tip.........this is a Gold Star!




This is so cool! I like what you did with the basket but REALLY like the ruffled scalloped edge you were so smart in creating :-) Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial!


OMG this is the neatest idea. So neat in fact that I am seriously considering playing hooky for the afternoon so I can go home and try this, because I just can not wait until this evening. Everyday should be "bring your crimper to work, so you can try out other people's fabulous ideas you find on line" day. thank you


This rocks Jan. You rock Jan. Thank you so much for sharing your genius with us. Now if only I had that darned scallop envie die for my big shot. YOU know where it is right. Some where on the pick line not being shipped in a timely manner all the way to the east coast. The basket is beautiful.

Nancy Y.

You do rock... not only clever but entertaining too!
I have alot of cards to make this weekend, perhaps I should go get a bag of chocolate ;-)


This was super cute!!! I'll have to try it!

Mary O'C

You certainly do rock! I love it!!

Lori A.

I bow to your genius.

Sharon  Bridwell

Just amazing Jan,thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the genius idea and the laughs!

Mary NSC

Love it!!!

Cindy are absolutely awsome. Thanks for this great new technique....You GO Girl!

Linda Slattery

Oh, Jan!! What can I say? What can I say? "Here,....have some more chocolate!!". Linda S. in NE


What an absolutely wonderful card! Need to borrow your creative mind for a day or two so maybe it could rub off by osmosis

Michelle Habib

OK - THAT is sooo cooL! You're da bomb!! LOL, no really, very very cool. Thanks for the tutorial - can't wait to make something with it now!

Linda Watts

Jan, You are the best! Thanks so much for sharing. Please continue basking in the Light of the Virtural Adoration being sent your way!

Sheri Smith

Thanks for the tutorial. That is way cool!


OMGoodness!! You are brilliant! I'm running upstairs NOW to try this out!


You DO totally rock! This is awesome and I will certainly have to try it tomorrow after some sleep! Thanks for sharing what comes from your chocolate rushes!!


Wow! TFS! This is amazing!


Wow, thanks so much for that wonderful tutorial. That is a great idea and I can't wait to try it. Yes, my dear, you do ROCK!!!


Jan--I discovered your blog recently, and, I have to say, that I can hardly wait for another one of your posts. Not only are you incredibly talented, but you are hysterically funny, and I always come away with a new idea and a smile on my face after reading your blog entries! Your ruffled edge is just brilliant--thanks for the new idea and the laugh today.

Kathy T

You are brilliant! I had to whip out the supplies to do this, but alas, no chocolate in the house. Thanks for sharing.

Amy Sheffer

OMG!! Brilliant!!

Cindy Van Sluys

Get ready....I am giving you! who would have thought to do that but you! you are so gosh darn talented! Seriously, thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us!! Keep up the great work! Cindy

Gina F.

Awesome!! and cute!!!

Anne Laflamme

Hi Janine,

I go regulary to your blog and I love what you do. You are inspiring for me.... sorry for my english, I'M from Quebec so I speak french...

But for that I give to you an award made by Marie-Josée Trudel call Color Queen...

You can see it on my blog

See you!!


Dena Rekow

HOLY MOLY, Jan--you are truly amazing! Thanks for sharing and thanks for making everything so fun!!!


Holy Moly That is AWESOME! I'm so gonna try this when I get home from work!!! You are GENIUS!! Thanks for sharing!

Debbi (stampinCPA)

Brilliant Jan! Simply brilliant. Have some chocolate, you totally deserve it.

Melissa W

Man... now I gotta go rebuy a crimper. This is an AWESOME technique!


Thanks for such a wonderful tutorial. Now I have to add the Scalloped Envelope to my wish list too. Thanks for sharing and keep on inspiring.

doramiyi at gmail dot com


you're right - YOU ROCK!!!


Mary Redford

oh my you made that egg like you made a few lol thank you for showing US how to do it , you so sweet...happy Easter.....

Mary R/


Jan, that is BEYOND AWESOME!!!!!!!! Think that you deserve a whole mountain of chocolate for that one! You know, you could take your new technique, and a smaller circle, and create flowers :-) Thanks, as always, for the wonderful inspiration!


Very brilliant, indeed. I enjoy your blog *munch, munch* and your humor very much. *chocolate smudge here* Congrats on your recent entries on Stampers Showcase. *munch* Please get well soon. Oh, and wouldn't it be totally awesome if SU really DID have a scallop oval punch ... ya know, for those less fortunate folks who are all thumbs? ;-)
*munch, munch* Uh oh ... dang it! See what you made me do? Now I only have one ear left of an entire chocolate bunny. That won't look very good in my basket. Better run to the store ...


Very clever ... thanks for sharing.

Jane Staples

That was a terrific demonstration,
totally different from the way I would have thought to do it, just by looking at the picture, so it is a really good thing that I read your excellet and hilarious directions! I'm going to try this for sure. I love reading your blog, you are very talented and have a great sense of humor. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas, even when you are sick! You're a trooper.


You are gifted! This is the most creative idea I have seen in a while.
Thank you. I can't wait to try this.

Jenn M

You have restored my faith in the paper crimper!! This is GENIOUS!
Thank you so much for sharing this! LOVE IT!!

Reina Moore

This is just darlin!
Is it possible to do the same thing useing the suCarousel cards and envelopes notes?

JoAnn Burnhamj

Wow, this is great. Thanks for sharing. I will have to try this out. Found your blog from Rene's Stampin for Sanity.


Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial. Gotta go try it.

Donna S.

Well, if it wasn't almost 1:00 AM right now, I might sit down and try to make this. It'll have to wait until tomorrow, but it is GO-JUS, as is all your work, Jan. Thanks so much for all your inspiration!


You do rock... I just found your blog & I am already one of your groupies... where have you been all my blog life??? Can't wait to try it! I will be putting ruffles around everything... well, maybe not hubby's undies are safe for now! *Ü*

Karen Boreham

Okay... you just slay me. Really you do!!! The crimped ruffled edge is almost as much fun as reading the tutorial explaining it!!! But please don't mention chocolate... I have been trying not to think about the bag of "things" hidden in the closet for a certain special event coming up. I have already had to do some replacing..... My bad.

Nancy L.

Love it, thanks for sharing!!
I love how you incorporate the chocolate ;)


Jan- I want to know what kind of choclate that you eat to make you such a genious!! This is the best! Thanks for sharing Kelly

Liza Yon/hudsonhannah at SCS

Jan Tink, I just want to let you know I cased your basket! Here it is TSMFS!!

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