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March 01, 2009


Terry Bolender

Thank you for a good laugh tonight. I spent today working with customers and talking a fair amount about that visual triangle. Of course, that lesson is always followed by the "less is more" speech which goes "Just when you think you need to add one more (insert here), then STOP!" (Insert here) being another embelishment, stamped image, etc. I can SO relate to that last scribbled card you showed! Thank you for being such an inspiration! I hope your ear is feeling better soon.


Thank you for another great card. And a lesson on the visual triangle. Hope you feel better soon!


You really need to stop drinking while blogging. LOL! Beautiful card, no matter which visual triangle you use. TFS!


Debbie Pamment

That's the best laugh I've had for a while - I love the humor in your posts - AND your card is pretty darn great too!


Gorgeous card, I love your blog! I hope you are feeling better soon. Thanks for bringing some giggles to my day - along with some serious information and learning! I'm not sure which I appreciate more ...


OMGOSH! You've captured how I think on your last visual. :)
Jan, I love how you teach with humor. Thanks for making my day! Hugs.

Sara Nell Langland

Okay, I've have an earache that is not responding to medication, too. This started after your post--so somehow--I caught it from you way up there to down here in south Georgia--it must be something with the psychic resonance. It is even snowing here today for heavens sake! I guess it's worth it to get great lessons on visual triangles--but I am not visiting here again until my aluminum shield is up.

Linda Watts

Thanks for the visual triangle vs. quilt stippling lesson. It's all so clear now! Thanks for the laughs.
Feel better now!


Oh my gosh, you are not only very talented and creative, but you are SO funny! Thank you for always sharing so much!

Patti Groetsema

Shut up & go to bed. I don't know who you are trying to fool - you don't shut up even when you're feeling good? (I can say that cuz I've known you the longest on here).
AND I am SO glad you changed the visual triangle because I wouldn't be able to take my Sunday afternoon nap knowing it was a flat triangle. Phew - you saved my day cous!
Oh - feel better soon, I hate being sick too!

Emma Anderson

Very fun card! Love your visual triangle diagrams!

Rochelle Gould

Great Card! I think this is my favorite card I have seen with that SAB stamp set! Now every card I see I will look for the "triangle" on it! Get better!

Jana Emmert

Jan, thanks for the graphics on the visual triangle! I have to tell you that the last photo reminds me of a movie we watched in junior high with Donald Duck learning geometry. That's what the pool table looked like when he tried to figure out the angles for hitting the ball into one of the pockets! Hope you're feeling better soon!


Thanks for the humorous and most entertaining lesson on visual triangles! You really are something else! Oh, and your card is really gorgeous too!


Thanks for making me smile, as always. I may not comment on every card, but I visit your blog every day hoping you put new things up or that you have something fun to read. (no pressure or anything) :o)

I really enjoy your work and comments.


Thank you for the hillarious lesson on the "visual triangle". I laughed outloud tonight...several times. Are you sure all you are on is anti-biotics? Seriously...get to feeling better soon!


I literally LOLed at this! That lost photo is a classic! Thanks for the laugh on this boring Laundry Day!


OMG. I am laughing here at work (through my ever present kleenex since I am sick too). I just love your triangle explanation (especially the last picture). :)


Fabulous information, and much as I'm trying to feel sorry for you being sick, you're so darn funny with it, that I'm really struggling!! Hope you're doin better REAL soon.
have a wonderful day!

Cindy Major

hahahaha, the doodling on your last Justification Piece just cracked me up! What a great way to show what overembellishing means...

Feel better soon!

Linda Slattery

O.K., Am I the only person who sees the irony in someone named Brandi telling Jan to stop drinking while she is blogging??? lol
Jan your triangle diagrams are unusually clear...especially that last one. My cards always look just like that!! I say..drink up!!
Hope you feel better soon. Linda S. in NE

Jen Stevenson

Jan, you make me laugh, which is very very hard to do. I don't have a humerous bone in my body according to my DH. I find your humor so off the wall but I keep coming back to read more. It's addicting!

BTW-Love the card!

Martha Beck

ROTFL!!!!!!! Thanx for that the last card with the scribbles. How many times do I feel like that and just throw it in the trash!


Jan, you are HILARIOUS! The scribbles just says it all. Keep on creating and sharing your wonderful sense of humor. You have no idea how you can make so many people smile.

Take care!

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