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January 09, 2009


Melissa W

That's an awesome card. I could probably do it, but I won't because I'm a wuss and the scoring/cutting intimidates me. :P

Hey if you get the knitting bug again, wanna knit Cameron a pair of cool striped baby leggings that are boyish? :D He hates pants and with hardwood floors his poor massive thighs get so cold! I would even pay you for it! He wears 24 months pants because of his massive thighs, but he's short enough that 18-months pants fit him in length still. :P Pretty please?


I'm gonna try it, and I'm gonna like it. ;)

susan in FL

OH MY GOSH!!!! I actually understand how this card works now. Jan you are soooo Awesome!!! I'd seen it before but just never understood it. Talk about frustrating. The other tute I'd seen on it never properly explained how to see the hidden message. I took your instructions and a sheet of paper from my notebook on my desk (I'm at work) and just whipped it up. PERFECT!!

susan in FL

so where should I send the chocolate? As you deserve it for that tute!


Oh thank you thank you. I need a fun, new project to keep my mind off the fact that I'm suffering from chocolate deprivation. Or is it depravation? Either way, I miss it!


i've done this one before (years ago) and now i can do it again!!!! thank ye, jan tink

thank ye thank ye thank ye

Peggy Maier

I'm with Susan - I finally understand how it works! Thanks so much, Jan. Love the comments on the chocolate - you have such a knack for helping us see the importance of chocolate as it relates to stamping - who would have thought?!

Janine A

Thanks!! I've seen the cards and plyed with I can make one. lol....


THANK YOU JAN!!! I have several days off from work and will have to try this card now. You Rock!

isabel z

Oh why, oh why is it Saturday? I have to wait until my next day off to try recreating your masterpiece. When the kids are home no stamping gets done. Maybe I'll throw them outside and tell them to run 50 laps around the house in the frigid cold so they get worn out and go to bed early. Love, love, love your tutorials and your blog. Thank you for always brightening my day.


I learned how to make this years and years ago at one of the first SU parties I ever attended. Happy to be reminded with your excellent tute!


Get off your, it's comfy up here! hee-hee What a cute card, I have 2 upcoming kidlet birthdays that I'll try this for. Thanks a bunch!


Wow, that is super involved looking. But, off to the basement to try it out

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Well this could be lots of fun to make. Your directions are easy to follow and I plan on making one of these.


Hi Jan! How the heck are ya! I'm always stalking, not usually commentin' but i'm LOVIN' this tutorial! I may try it myself one day! Hope to see you again some day soon! Paula is planning a trip down later in January and if you can make it, I'd be more than delighted!

Elaine Moore

Hi Jan - I've got something I've been wanting to send you. Could you share your address???
Elaine Moore

Mary NSC

WOW Holy Secret Message Jan.. This is UNREAL.. WOW..I got to look at it again and again..WOW


I don NOT understand how it works, but I MUST try to do such a card!!! Lovely!

And your description islovely, too! I have to buy me some chocolate... ;-)

Greetings from Sweden!


super merci md


WOW, am definelty going to try this card, your instructions are so well presented, i have seen instructions for this card before and couldnt make sense of it.


Very clever! This can be a lot of fun with a secret admirer. As long as you have a good guillotine paper trimmer to do the cutting it should be a piece of cake!

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