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December 10, 2008



This post is absolutely hilarious! LOL! Funny, you are good and go on a non-SU! diet....I'm a CTMH consultant and had to put myself on an "order only what your cusomers ordered and not any extra for you" diet! LOL! Although...I did find myself using a set I had never used before, so maybe this is a good thing! LOL! Your card is really cute! Sorry about the gag order. Rules like that are always so hard to keep!


I'm first, I'm first! I love being the first to comment!! I LOVED your post, your commentary on following the SU rules (and I'm sure Shelli, maybe she live forever, appreciates it that you do!), the picture of sweet little William, AND your GOJUS card!! Now I need to CASE yours! Trouble is, I have lots of other stuff to do - like make Christmas cards that don't take a long time! I don't like to mass-produce, so most of my Christmas cards are 1-of-a-kind (sometimes I'll make 2 or 3 of a kind, but not often). And I DO have that scalloped circle die for my Big Shot, so that part is covered! For me, I think the challenge will be the medallion!



Jan, just wanted to remind you to post your new creations in the SUB at SCS - PLEASE?!?!?

For those not aware, the SUB is a Gallery for SU demos only, so we can share ideas with each other before the big release of the new catalog!

Love again,


Hi Janine! Great job, but of course, you already knew that! *snicker* Your son is very handsome, and your cards rock! Or is it that your son rocks, and your cards are handsome? I can never remember.

Stephanie P

Beautiful job, Jan!! I love the complexity of the card - not one I could mass produce, but I bet you could cause your so darn talented!! And thanks for sharing the photo of your handsome young son - what a sweetie!

Merry Christmas and TFS what you could.... ;-D


You're too, too funny! I love your blog. Question - how did you do the folding? Would you share the instructions? Do you post on SCS? What's your SCS name?

Elizabeth Ecsy

Jan- I hope that in addition to the reward of comments, you will also reward yourself with chocolate.. all that work deserves good chocolate.. :) thanks for sharing! Liz


Jan-I have to say that your are hilarious. I just love your off the wall sense of humor and the way you look at things just CMU(cracks me up)thank you thank you thank you for making this LOOOONNNNGGGG day go by just a tad quicker.


Cute card! I, too, drooled over Amy's card when she first posted it. I have a couple questions for you...why isn't SU! allowing previews? I am not a demo and I get excited to see the previews and can't wait to get my hands on the new stuff after seeing what you all are creating! My other question is...did you figure out your percentage correct on your retirement prediction list? Just curious.

Peggy Maier

Oh gee, I too have Amy's card flagged so I can create one just like it "some day". I think you've pushed me over the edge, Jan - I MUST make one now!
Thanks a lot - I think.......

Shannan Teubner

LOL You. Crack. Me. Up.


High-larious. I'm soooo looking forward to seeing what you made for the control freaks swap! I'm in Canada so we only swapped with each other due to time constraints so I won't be getting a JanTink card this time. I'm *really* looking forward to the pre-order swap with you though. I shall frame it and hang it in my workshop. Sigh. You're my hero, Madame Tink. Beautiful case of Amy's card! Take care,



oh my, I better read SU!'s message about not showing samples, etc.!!! sounds serious. as always, gorgeous work, but I really enjoy reading your blog, I almost fell off the chair laughing so hard... again.


Hi Jan!

I doubt I've sent much validation your way, but I wanted you to know that your blog is definitely in my top 5. I am not a demo, but I appreciate your mainly SU style. Just a quick question though... does your tongue ever get tired of being in your cheek?

Cindy Major

Yeah, I know - what's up with that "no sharing" policy! Frustrating all around - for those who want to share and for those who want to see! I was wondering why the gallery at SCS was empty. Guess now I know! I'm a demo myself so I'd love to see what you came up with (and I'm kind of curious to know what you ordered).

I do love what you did share, though. Gow-jous is right! Love the medallion, love the Top Note die, love the papers... Pretty all around!

Bonne journée!


ABSOLUTELY LOVE your CASEd card! Hopefully you'll frame it and hang it in your stamp room to be able to look at forever and ever and remind you of just how totally awesome you are :-)


I am glad you slaved over this for four days. It is amazing. Now I am off to make this medallion.

Janell Ahern

OMG, that card is wonderful. I wish I had the time and the ambition to do beautiful work like that, but I have neither. LOL, but I sure enjoy seeing the work of people that make gorgeous things and post them to share with all of us. You have a gift for humor in your posts that I love to come a read. Keep it up.

Kim Innis

My jaw is on the floor!!!! This is a way-over-the-top gorgeous card! I can't wait to CASE YOU!!!


Hello Jan,
I am laughing (again) all the way here in the wilds of Western Australia - thanks so much for all your GOJUS!!! cards and posts that make my day.

Darlene L

Well it was worth a 4 day wait for me to view--just FAB! Althought I don't think I have the patience I seem to need the instant gratification most days. darlene


This is so gorgeous and yes you should love yourself for this card it is a masterpiece!!

Amy Sheffer

Is it safe to come out yet? ;)

Your post is hilarious, your card beautiful, and ILYT!! :D

Michelle Mallett

Beautiful card, could you share where I can look at the folding instructions? Thank you, Michelle

Ree Nathan

You are the best! Love your creations and your fun posts! It was fun to see the picture of your handsome lad too! I want some of your mojo!! :-)


Jan --- anything you do/create is simply GOJUS!!! :-) LOVE it!

I couldn't see anywhere on your site if you have a Cricut. If you don't, you should really consider getting one, cuz you'd be a "force to be reckoned with" --- w/ all of the super GOJUS designs/creations that you would come up w/!!!! :-)

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