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November 03, 2008



Oh, I'm the first comment! I must love you the mostest. :-) You are fabulous, as always! Love the way you did the calendar!


Yeah, like I didn't have enough to do already today, now I have to go and use the calendar kit I bought. Thanks alot Jan. YILYI(yes, I love your idea)

Peg Smith

Jan your tutorials and ideas are alway awesome. Keep them coming please!


Wonderful calendar Jan!

Tandra Boyer

Lookit Amy!! Kissin yer...! LOL
This is FAB Jan! Of COURSE it is!
I guess Ill have to go read your instructions instead of just staring at the pic tryin to figure it out! lol
I love you the MOSTEST TOO!!!!!

*digs around looking for my calendar kit I preordered too...*

Lisa Page

Oh yeah, baby! I LOVE it! I'm done kicking myself in the rear for not ordering it yet. BTW, I DID give some love to your upline's blog. She's talented!


Oh, yea!! I did order it and it is sitting in its packaging with me not knowing what to do with it. Well, now I do! Thanks...


Oh Jan, I just love it! And I'm SO glad you posted this because I too ordered it with my pre-order and haven't known what to do with it! Now I will be casing yours!!

Hugs from Susan


Jan, you are always so crafty, but you have outdone yourself with creativity this time! Like you, I thought the original idea was lame, but I LOVE what you have done with it!

Sharon in NE

I AM agog!


I'm so glad I found your blog to see your creation with the calendar from the Holiday mini. You did a great job!! I was going to make them for my office staff for Christmas and haven't seen the lame idea yet. Love yours. Will CASE if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing.


Oh wow, I've seen lots of these calendars being made but I like yours the best by far. Now I know how I will make mine! Thanks for sharing!!

Argyle Cats

your cards are awesome!


This is just absolutely amazing.... I had bought the clipboard to do this, but scrap that idea..... way cool!

Brandi Wiggins

Dude, you are WAY smarter than your average picnic basket. 'ime is still sitting downstairs waiting for me to return so it can stare at me with contempt. I know it doesn't like me. I can just feel it. If it DID like me, it would've done something cool with itself by now.


AMAZING...I didn't order it because I thought it was lame too. What you did was amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Gretchen Barron

Jan, thank you, thank you, thank you! I too, have had this kit sitting on my desk and clueless what to do with it. Now I know! You are truly genius! thank you again! Blessings, Gretchen


Jan...this is great! What a wonderful idea! And, now I am kicking myself for not ordering this!

Beth Norman

Love it!

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

As usual your work is fantastic. I tell you girl you should try your hand at writing a Help for You book. You are such a talented writer and full of ideas.

Barbara Dykhouse

Jan, you are amazing! I have had the calendar sitting in my studio for 2 months and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.

You know what I'll be up to today! ;c)


Jan - come join us at! There's a stampin up demonstrators page just for you!!

Sharon Carr

I'm so glad you made something fabulous out of the kit! I made mine and thought it was too lame to show anyone. What a way to do business. Now I'm going to have to make a few (ahem, make that ALOT) of changes to get something cool like yours! Thanks!!

nikki schmaltz

I have been waiting to order this and just decided that today I would. Then came upon your great idea. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Lisa P

This is an awesome idea and I think you have just inspired me on how to finally finish the event calendars I started to make 4 years ago!! Thanks!



Yes, you are a genius!! Thanks for patting yourself on your back for me! ...I would do it myself but you've already done it for me. Thanks for sharing your recipe.


(smacking myself on the head) YES!! You ARE a GENIUS!!! I kept looking at this and kept going "huh???" and NOW I have to buy a bind it all and several of these sets and WAHLA!! I have my teacher x-mas gifts (or at least part of them!!)....think DH will go for the bind it all being a MUST have for making gifts? hmmmmm


OMGosh Jan! This is the best thing I've seen to do with the Calendar Kit. Now I won't be kicking myself for "wasting" money on it. You're a genius! Have some chocolate to celebrate.

Susan M.

You are a genius! It's lovely - and the bonus is that I haven't made anything w/ mine yet so now I can case yours!

Debbie Olson

Jan, it's gorgeous--great job with that calendar!

Alison Snow

Hey Jan,

I absolutely love this idea! I just had to poll everyone I knew in stamping land to re-find this cause I thought I had it bookmarked and didn't...

Now I know what my BFFs are getting for Christmas!!!

Love it!



Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with all of us!


This is ab faboo! I will redo mine tomorrow I think! to think I just made the pocket as the instructions show. when I have a bind it all gathering dust. LOVE IT SISTAH!

Lois Burke

OH my! I still hadn't made my calendar kit that I ordered and then I saw yours! How WONDERFUL! May I copy your cover? Love,love, love the flower! I'm definitely NOT as talented as you... but will definitely be visiting often to see your other wonderful creations!
Thanks for sharing this with us!


I love this as well as your other ideas and cards.

Linda Mars

You are AWESOME and a lifesaver. I was given the idea for the photo explosion by a friend who was given one and I spent 3hours figuring out how it could have possible gone together. I can to almost the same measurements. I am glad to see it and be able to have written instruction for when I make it again. Thank you much

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