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August 04, 2008



Awesome tutorial and congrats on being the first WICKED stamper! I can't wait to try out the challenges (whenever I get home from stinkin' work!!!).

Katy Clark

Mmmm, I'm so full from all that chocolate! You write the best tutorials, Jan! :)


I dunno about the acronym of WICKED, but when something is called "wicked" anymore, it means "awesome." So that's what you are, wicked, baby! Love this technique and your cute little Halloween card. TYFS

Tricia T

What a great tutorial! Love the cute card, too!! TFS!!


Great tutorial. Thanks! I just signed up as a demonstrator. How do you get on the SCS Demo section?


Great card!!!


Thanks for being the generous person that you are and sharing this awesome card and unvented technique with all of us non-demos! Your the best!!!

Linda E

Great card. I can't wait to try this technique.

catherine martinez

I just gained 5 lbs after that tutorial, eating all those chocolates =)... thanks! i love it!

Stephanie P

So fun!! As a non-demo, I appreciate you sharing!

The Crooked Stamper

How cool is THIS?!?!?! I just may have to try this one. ;-)


Thank you Jan! You are so funny! Love your tutorials. :)


I was inspired by your new technique, but I haven't yet followed exactly the technique you published. I like what I did though, and wanted to share. Thanks for the inspiration! Lela aka Serenity

Heather Fullerton (Retired Heather)

Such a Wicked Girl...Wicked Success! This is a great tutorial, fun to read, fun to do and of course full of chocolate. You are the highlight of so many of my days...really you should think of writing a novel... the Chocolate________ Story. I know it would be a success, but wait, would you have to give up your blog! No I have changed my novel, just blog. I Enjoy You!


OOPS, i started eating my chocolate and forgot about my card. I will do it today!!!!!!!!!

great instructions



I LOVE your blog! I don't leave comments often [don't know why] but I felt compelled to do it now and tell you how much I enjoy your writing style. Your mind works like mine [don't know if that's good or]. Thanks for this tutorial; it'll come in handy!


Jan ~
I like sketches
I like easy techniques and
I like chocolate!

I'd say you hit this one out of the park girl! Very nice challenge. I may have to break down and actually try it today.

Kim L.

I don't have any chocolate. That means I'll probably totally fail at the technique. LOL!
You're so clever. But I think you already knew that! :-)


You are great! Thank you for the tutorial and your wonderful humor.

leslie b

Jan, you always crack me up. Thanks for the technique!! I think I will be making a card soon.

Renee Clark

Love it! I will have to do the challenge over at SCS! Love to see your SU cards! WhooHoo!

Melissa Williams

Thanks for showing that technique! I've got to get more into my stamps and this might help. :)


Awesome Tutorial Jan! Have some chocolate to celebrate.

Amy Kennedy

WOW - never would have thought of it - you are sooooo smaaaart!! And I think I'll have some chocolate to celebrate your card before I go make one!!

wow - how d yer come up with this idea
woman of wonder hey!

Kerry D-C

Wow! I am from Massachusetts and around here WICKED is often (very often....too often!) used in front of an adjective to mean "very". So around here, Jan you are WICKED AWESOME! And WICKED funny! And WICKED SMAHT. (that is very smaRt ;) Thanks for the great tutorial and lots of laughs!

Mary R

What do I do if I get chocolate all over the project???

Jennifer Nikolaisen

Just found your blog and am LOVING IT - love your personality on it - great tutorial too - Halloween is my favorite holiday (maybe because it is also my birthday... ?) - so I am excited to try out this technique for my cards!

Helen Robinson

I love this tutorial...for some reason I am craving chocolate now. lol!

Jeanette Lemay

Lovely technique and wonderfully well documented. I'm at work so I can't stamp but I did manage to eat a piece of chocolate cake while reading the instructions (close enough I'd say!)



I love your blog!!! Thank you so much for the Tutorial-you rock!!!

Sarah G.

Jan, this technique is so cool! Your card is very cute and I'm anxious to try this tech. out. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

Sarah G.

Kim Wiethorn

Jan- you crack me up :o) Thanks for a great tutorial. I'm off to moonlight everything I can get my hands on!


What a great tutorial! Entertaining, educational, and so darn funny. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

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