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May 02, 2008


Stephanie P.


I must say the entertainment value of your blog has equal measure to your beautiful work, in my estimation! Thank you for the great creative inspiration and making me laugh so hard every time I visit!!! You are the best!



Jan, I had to read this one to my husband. We both got a great chuckle out of it and of course the card is delightful. And I am sure much much better than any ol two dollar card. After all it cost you over
Keep up the wonderful work.


Jan, I had to read this one to my husband. We both got a great chuckle out of it and of course the card is delightful. And I am sure much much better than any ol two dollar card. After all it cost you over
Keep up the wonderful work.

Linda E

Great story and GREAT card, Jan! I don't remember how I found your blog but I stop by daily and always get a dose of laughter and inspiration. I'm working on my own blog now. Would you mind if I put yours under "Places I Visit" so that my friends can be inspired too?

Kim Innis

Jan: You crack me up! You have just the kind of humor I love. And of course your stamping is awesome!!! I have a friend who got into stamping to do her own Christmas cards. She says she has now gotten the cost down to $200 per card!

Kathie Tice

Been there, done that, Jan! Your card is way cute, of course!

Carol Funicelli

I'm certain your card is WAY CUTER than the commercial one!! I love those Crafty Secret stamps and I soooooo understand this obsession - if there is a 12 step program I don't want to hear about it --



I have done this more than once ;)

I know *exactly* what you mean!


Love it. Love all of it...the story, the card, all of it. TFS.


Great card!! You are making it SO hard to be true to SU!!! I haven't bought any stamps other than SU for 9 years!!! But I absolutely love all of those sets!!! It is so tempting!!!



yep, I always say that I am my best and sometimes only customer (SU! demo), so much for signing up so that I could "save" money on my hobby. well, I went to the website to see the sets you were talking about, as I was reading, and thought that I must have the Little Chef because I have pics of my son wearing an apron while helping me bake cupcakes, he's 3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who MUST have that set! it validates my need.

Kay Kalthoff

That is totally the cutest most awesome Mother's Day card ever and I'm positive it is way, way better than the one you were looking at last Saturday. LOVED your funny story. I, too, got into stamping to "save" money. HA!


Thanks for that font site - too cool!! Love the card as well - I'm a sucker for those Crafy Secrets sets and could totally understand your justification :)


I can seriously identify with your amusing little story! LOL I too have a stamp addiction that won't go away, but I love it! Haven't had this much fun since I was a carefree kid! Great card BTW - love the inside as much as the outside:) TFS

Janet S

Oh you so crack me up!!!!!!!!!


Jan, love the card and love the sentiment!! Thanks for the link to the font place, too. And congratulations on having these stamps from Crafty Secrets - don't they make incredible stamps?! I'm so glad I already have them... I'm getting off a little easier than you on this one :)


LOL!!! I will not go to that site I will not go to that site. You have already cost me this week. After seeing your candle I had to go to Michaels yesterday in search of the Martha border. I am happy to report I found it and of coarse another one I had to have. And while I was in the big city I had to do Hobby Lobby and JoAnns and then into Target just in case I missed something. All that just to get that stinkin beautiful boarder punch. I will not go to that site. TODAY!!! Tomorrow however is a new day RIGHT????


Thanks Jan! You just reminded me that I'VE been eyeing those same stamps up for ages too! I ALMOST had them out of my mind (for a minute)! Guess I'll have to go stamp for awhile and focus again...


Jan, This is so Funny!!!! I use to hate buying store bought cards. Because they cost so much and now I will spend $30.00 for a stamp set and more money for all the embellishments and then you add in card stock... I;m almost to $50.00 by now... but you are so right it looks so much better. than a store bought one. I love your card......... Great Job!!!!!


Great card - perfect sentiment for my Mom too - now let's see if I can manage it without buying any supplies....


Jan - I have read your blog more than once and love the humor I can always find there, as well as your beautiful work. Thanks for making me laugh! My stampin' friends and I always comment "why spend $3.50 on a Hallmark card when we can spend $60.00 buying stamping supplies to produce the same (actually better!) thing!"


Thanks for the entertainment and the cute cards, etc. that you post. I come for the inspiration and stay for the next
"espisode" of "A Stampers Life." I think you speak for a lot of us when it comes to our hobby....Is it out of control if you need to add an addition to your house?!!
Sue H

diane mcvey

Well, you did it! The card is great, but you could have saved yourself some time and money if you'd just bought it! LOL I know, I know, I can't do it either! :D


lol... Grandma will definitely appreciate that card! It's totally cute!


I am SO going to CASE THIS CARD!! This is my mom to a T! Out the door to the next poker game, with a stop at the Chicago style hot dog stand (she's in FL) on the way!

Ann C.

hahahaha!! Been there done that! At least you actually MADE the card! I have refused to buy something I knew I could make and ended up NOT making it...meaning I ended up with nothing because I wouldn't spend $2 for the store card. LOL


ok, I did it, I case'd your case. but I didn't buy anymore stamps. I used the retro lookin stamper lady from that set we had a couple catty's back. i turned her catalog into a phone book, I will have to put a shot of it into my gallery when i can confiscate my dh's camera again to download the pic. hehehe....happy mom's day to you Jan! and a happy belated bday too!-L


So funny. I just spent $8 on paper and FOURTEEN HOURS to make a Mother's Day card. And then it was kinda messed up. But I fixed it, after another couple hours.

Gail S.

Fabulous card Jan! I'm just seeing it now since I'm way behind in reading your blog. I have a question. How did you get the bottom scolloped & kind of fringe on it with scissors? If I understood the recipe that's what you used.

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