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April 25, 2008



Your card is beautiful! I can so relate to the busy-ness of life right now!

Peggy Maier

I'm sorry - I can't relate to your life - I'm an empty nester - Hahahahahahah! (but I remember those days!) Gorgeous card - what a stroke of genius to thread the machine wrong - pure genius!

Sharon (notimetostamp)

This card is just beautiful, Jan!!! I so love your rich colors, it's making me wish I had gotten some Boxer myself -- I'm sure I need some now!!! Your stitiching story is too funny -- and yes, it was my first question -- LOL!!! It looks wonderful!!! TFS and hope your life gets on a better track real soon!!! Best wishes to DH!!!

Rebekah McClain

I did miss you! Hope things get back to normal for you soon. Everyday since Monday I have logged on multiple times jsut to see the Monday crushing the little smiley...sigh...So I am definitely glad to see that you were able to stamp some today! YAY! Your card is gorgeous! I must get some watercolor crayons...


"it's called 'I set my top tension too high so this is what I got instead of zig zag stitch!' "

HAHAHA! I used to do this all the time when sewing straight stitches (on fabric) so my machine is tucked away in the back of a closet somewhere .... Did you know you can set the tension so high that it breaks the thread between stitches? Snaps it right off, and high enough up so you have to rethread the needle. Like I said, it's in the back of the closet ...


Well, of course we missed you!
Your card is so lovely, and the stitching is a nice detail.
I work in a quilt shop/sewing machine dealership, so maybe I can pop over (only 2,000 miles away!) and fix that machine tension. I'd bring chocolate, too...! :D


gorgeous card Jan!! I love the boxer paper:) I hope your life settles down soon and everything works out for your dh. We can't have your mojo sucked out of you!!
Take good care,

Sherri aka sherristampsalot on SCS

Ah are gifted with words! (and stamping of course!) I love to read your writing and today's (or yesterday's, I guess!) especially made me chuckle! Love the little hahahahaNO smiley! With 3 kids myself, 2 of them being teenagers, hahahahaNO is a big part of my life. And I can totally ID with the business and running here and there! A suggestion for your ballgame waiting...(which you've probably already thought of yourself!)...pack up a stamping basket so you'll have something to do while you wait! You'll get to create more GAW-JUS stuff for us to see and also save your gas money! Thank you for being such an inspiration! And Happy Belated Birthday!
Sherri aka sherristampsalot


And here I just thought there was a diet coke shortage in your town! I was just about ready to ship a case your way! Gorgeous card - as always!

Gail S.

Wouldn't it be nice if dust would just evaporate so we had more time to stamp?? I've been working on my walk in closet bit by bit. Today I sorted shoes.


I love your cards, and the fact that you are cleaning your entire house! When you are done, come south for a vacation and help me clean mine!

Melanie aka Batgirl

Happy b day!!! ok Im really tired and when I saw this post I was like why is my card on your blog!!!! LOL Night! and glad you got my b day card!


Yes, I missed you as I always do when you are away doing your life thing. I mean I understand and all, butttttt doesn't your family understand we need a Jan fix and we need if often:) Lovely work as always and TFS. Happy Birthday. I got an idea about your kids and practice. Hook up with the group on the team and take turns car pooling. Maybe get a central place where you can drop off all the kids and then one Mom takes em and brings em to the drop off point. Hey you never know might work. You know they are all int he same boat you are. Good luck with whatever you have to do. And know we miss you much.

Joan B

Another rocking beautiful card.

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