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March 17, 2008


Sue B

You are NICE thanks for the tutorial the purse is absolutely beautiful.

Jan Ledman

Thanks so much for sharing, this is a beautiful project.


Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have been so excited about this project. You are so talented and generous. Thanks again!

Alexandra Hobson

this is a great project Jan - and I will have you know, I made mine without a tutorial!! Teehee - I just stalked the picture until I figured it out!!! Love this little creation, you did a fabulous job with it!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


Jan, we bow down to your greatness! Thank you for the tutorial. I don't have the Carousel Notes at this time but think I will play with the white sqaure envelopes and see if I can come up with something. Thanks again, Tonya

Joanne Walker

Thank you!!! What kind of chocolate do we send?


You are too awesome Jan! Thanks for the tutorial!


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I almost had it figured out except for the bottom. I was trying to use two envelopes - DAH!! The cardstock works much better!!!!!!!!!

Ellie Augustin

OK I just screamed and the 2 of my kids that are home right now just looked at me like I lost my mind!! OHHHH THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! ok so tell me what is your fav. chocolate YOU SOOOO NEED TO get some!! I have your addy over at SCS since I was the one that started that thread about this!! LOL I think you should get some goodies from me at least! LOLLOL!!! (((HUGS))and thank you sooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!! YEAHHH I AM SOOO HAPPPPPYYYY!! :)

K. Thomas

Whoo hooo! I am so excited! I can't wait to make one of these. Thank you soooo much for the tutorial.

Mary C

Yikes! I let a scream go at work! Everyone thinks I hurt myself. Thank you! YILU! You are the best ever!

Sheila from Texas

SMAK!!!!!! I can kiss you!!! OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE THEM! My daughter thanks you...she was just wanting me to make a scrapbook page for her too. She's a pursaholic.



I'm not happy at I?

Need addy: Gotta send CHOCOLATE!!

Lisa L.

This is gorgeous! Thanks for the awesome tutorial and pictures. Guess I need to order some carousel notes and a brass template now!
What a great project just in time for Mother's Day!

You're the best!!!

cindy rymer

I visit your blog daily and I am in awe of your talents. You do beautiful work!!
Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration.
You are truly gifted ( and not just in cards.... dishwashers etc.)
have a great day

Dianne Shiozaki

Wow Jan, Thank you for the tutorial! I love the purse. I wasn't thrilled with this paper at all, until I saw this purse! THANK YOU for sharing it (and coming up with the idea!)


Hurray for JanTink and her fabulous tutorial! We must shower her with chocolate goodness, and place an order with SU right now for the Carousel Notes! :D
(You should be getting a kick-back, ya know....maybe SU could pay you in choooocolaaaate!)


Girl, you got the MOJO! Thanx for sharing...we can get on with life now.

Joan B

I haven't decided but I think I'm stalking you on an official basis. You are TOO TALENTED to tolerate!!!!


I absolutely never comment -- I am a lurker... HOWEVER, in the words of some Food Network stars, this was Smack Yo' Momma Good! Wow! I loved it when you originally posted it and I so appreciated that you shared your hard work with us. Yes, we love you!

Tracy Komito

Jan - thank you so much for posting the tutorial! I absolutely LOVE everything you create and think you are extremely talented! I love checking your blog looking for new stories (always hilarious) and your beautiful projects!

AJ as I was looking at the original post to figure it out, I saw this!
thanks for the technical deets, and yes, we love you, your the best, you rock the stamping world, we bow in your presence, it's gawjus, blah, blah, blah!



O' Jan Magilicutty(your Irish name ) you are my o'pally today for doing this tutorial. May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back!

My Irish eyes are smilin:)


Thank you Jan! I would love to make something like this for my 6 year old niece. I don't have all your supplies but I can make my own envies and cut out a scallop from my cricut. Take care and I can only imagine all the chocolate going your way. :)


YIPPEE!!!! Thank you ever so much for posting tutorial for this project. You are a goddess!


Thank you so much for the tutorial. I was working hard at trying to figure it out! Your work is incredible.


Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!! (that was me bowing three times) You are the GREATEST!!



Thanks for taking the time to share your creation and directions!

Kim Evans

You are the Queen!!


Thank You!!

have one question.. the basic grey magnetic snaps.. where do you get those? Being overseas, I have to ask my mom to find things and mail them to me, and shes no crafter so I have to be specific LOL
also, did you use big ones or small ones? Ive seen both online and might have to resort to just ordering from somewhere..

thank you again!! love this!

Terry Bolender

UR da bomb! Thank you so much for the details!


Wow Jan!

You've outdone yourself with this one. Truly a masterpiece. Thank you so much for the tutorial!


Way Awesome!! thanks for sharing!!!

Linda McClain

We are humbled in your presence, you are SO NICE. Thank you for the toot. Ah . . . chocolate calling my name.


This is absolutely so clever and so beautiful Jan! Thank you for sharing it with us. I love the inside layout and the colors you used. Maybe you can start a company that makes chocolate paper so people have a choice whether or not to eat it or create with it. Hmmmmm......


I think you are totally amazing, a knock me over creative individual, and a wonderfully generous and gracious person to do this :)

Big hugs!


Jan, thank you so much for taking the time to share how you made this beautiful creation! I am going to try making one for my Mom for Mother's Day. I know she will love it! I didn't plan on ordering the carousel notes or the Live you Dreams stamp set...but thanks to this gorgeous project I just had too!


Thank you for designing an awesome project and for sharing the tutorial! You are beyond marvelous!


YYKILY for sharing this!! Your fabulousness is only outdone by your amazing generousity :)

Beth Norman

Bless you for taking the time to post a tutorial. I'm going to make one of these for sure!


You are the Queen of Crafty, the Empress of Originality, the Duchess of Wow... All hail the mighty JanTink! :) Thank you for the awesome tutorial. Guess what just went on my next order - Afternoon Tea DSP! I wasn't crazy about it at first, but now you've convinced of its rightful place in my craft room. YEAH JAN!!!

diane (cookiestamper)

awesome idea, Jan!

Barb  ( McStamper )

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful project.

Starla (star)

you are the QUEEN!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Angie ~ Duckwaddlequack

Gorgeous, gorgeous, Gorgeous! And Girlfriend, did I mention it was gorgeous? :)

Anna Wight (SweetMissDaisy)

Brilliant. =)


Jan, Thanks so much sharing this wonderful project and for doing the tutorial. After you posted the purse, I ordered my carousel notes so I could CASE you. Blessing to you. Pam


OH my!!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited I ate all the chocolate in my house {not that there was much, but it gave me a GREAT excuse to eat it!!!}
You are a peach... did I THANK YOU yet? Oh yeah, I did... okay, thank you, thank you, thank you... {need I say more}... Marilyn


Hello, Jan. WOW! That is awesome. I did not order these because I was not sure. I still cannot order, I still cannot order..... HELP! I thought I sold SU to make money!! Thank youf for the tutorial.



Thank you so much for posting this!


OMIGOSH!!! What a treat for the eyes this is!!! I just love it and appreciate so much the tutorial! What a darling little album this makes.......awesome details!

Stacy (sltch)

Hi Jan,
I love this idea and I'd love to show my customers. I've ordered the materials for myself but would like to show a picture of it to see if people are interested in a class. Do you mind if I use your picture, giving you full credit for design and everything? Thanks for your consideration. Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Stampingly, Stacy

Terri D.

Jan, you are just too good!! I love your Carousel Notes Purse. The notes cards are on my next SU order. This creation is too good to pass up. Thank you so much for being so generous in sharing your creations! I simply love your blog site. I look forward to the next offering. Blessing to you.

Regina Davis

Oh. My. Goodness!!!! This is just so incredibly wonderful! Thanks sooooooo much for sharing this with all of us. Pure genious!!

Take care - Regina Davis

Heather P.

This is awesome, and you, are a genius! :)


I wanted to say THANK you again!! here's my spin off of your tutorial :)


Just bowin' in humble worship, Your Majesty! *wink* This is truly amazing, Janine! WOW! I seem to be having trouble picking my jaw up from the floor, my dear!

And, a question from your humble subject: WHY is it called a Carousel purse?


Absolutely brilliant! I LOVE it and thanks so much for sharing this fabulous tutorial :)

Cindy the words of my eleven year old son YOU ROCK!
I have made two of these already...except I didn't have the dp or stamp sets. Oh and also I made one of them using the velum square envelopes which are a different size, but looks great! :) Thanks again!

Crafty Al

Gorgeous! Thanks so much for the tutorial.

Silvia Mabie

I really do think you are a paper crafting genious! I love your style and your never ending creativity! Why don't orcan't I think of these awesome ideas? YOu just rock...plain and simple!


Thanks for posting directions - you deserve tons of chocolate! I didn't have all your supplies, so I simplified and worked with what I had. You can see my version at
Rock on!


What do you put in the envelope portions....I am not seeing this.


Jan, Just want to Thank You so much especially for the dimensions.
This is a great purse package & have cased it for my Mother's day class project.
Mind you, it has taken me 3 days to finally complete this. I hope it doesnt take my ladies this much time. lol.......
Thanks again for all the details.


Jan...this is incredible!! I saw one in person last night and pictures just can't do it justice. It's so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent with the rest of us!


Hi wow I really like it .what size is the envelopes and the carousel notes did not find them in stamping up book thank you

Super! I didn't know what I was going to do with note cards i ordered! Now I have a project! Send me your addy and I send you a proper chocolate thank you!

Jill Blanchett

Hi dont need to post this but I couldnt see where to send you an email. I was wondering if I could post one of the pics of the carousel purse on my DBWS with the class offering so they can see it? Thanks for this tutorial it is absolutely beautiful and fun to make! I brought the goodies and my group made it in a shoebox swap at regionals last Sat. fun fun fun! A long drive from Kalamazoo to Milwaukee but worth it!

Becky Conn

This is fabulous! Can you tell me where you got your envelopes? I love them! I made this with an A6 set of envies but love the square!


Karen Rice

I just found your tutorial and it looks great. I am going to try it. But I have one question, where's the chocolate? (I must have not been paying attention!) HA HA

Betty Todd

Ooooh! I've been wanting the "Carousel Notes" -- now I have a project, I can get them
Great Instructions-Thanks!


Sue Poile

Absolutely Gorgeous!!! TFS. :)

Joy Moss

I just came across this at and am so glad I clicked on your blog. I am going to give this a try tonight. But what are Carousel Notes?
Anyway, thanks for such clear directions. I'm so excited to try something new.


Love your blog and designs!



THANKS YOU!!! After seeing your tutorial I purchased the items needed to complete the purse and I'm in the process of making 4 as Mother's Day gifts. Love them!!! Thank you thank you thank you. Send me your snail mail, you need chocolate!!!

Barbara Rathmell

Jan, I finally got around to making your Carousel Notes Purse. Gotta say, I love, love, love it! Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait to share it with my customers.

Kristi Kelly

I wanted to let you know that I made one of these purses and it came out so cute! Thanks for putting out the tutorial!


Wow, I can't believe you are so beautiful talent.I enjoy to watch your pocketbag. Thank you for your sharing with me.

Barbara Vogt

OK...I finally broke down and ordered the carousel notes and brass template (anything to boost sales for the month!!). I had to come back to the source herself for the tutorial on this fantastic project that I just could not put out of my mind. Thanks for sharing with us!


I LOVE this little book and LOVE that it's made with envelopes! How cool and how sweet of you to share!! Thanks so much!!!!


Paige Olson

Hi there...I have a question. where do you find the carousel notes? Also I need the brass template too....

Thanks for sharing.


P.S. I loved the part about the chocolate....It made me laugh and laugh.

Paige Olson

Hey I think I found the brass template in the stampin up catalog that I saw on-line. I am not sure about the carousel notes though. I will keep looking.

Thanks Paige


I really enjoyed this wee purse it is a great idea. thx again!!


This was a really neat little idea and such thought went into the directions. Thx so much!!

Please please tell me where you got that adhesive runner (red) that you use. I always run out of it, and would love a giant one! Christy

I love your work!

Kellie Jupe

Absolutely stunning work. Love it.

Jen A

Jan, I've had this tutorial saved forever! I just finished making a carousel purse of my own. Thank you so much for the great project idea! If you care to take a look mine is posted here:
Not sure that it does yours justice but I had fun!


Thank you Jan...for being so cool about the donation item. This is such a wonderful deserve all of the credit for this creative and amazing little project! Thanks so much!

Mary Ellen Cope

What a GREAT tutorial but where did you get the caoursel notes??


Thanks so much for the tutorial. I'm just loving little album projects like this!



Oh my WORD! This is just stunning! Will DEFINITELY be CASEing this! TFS.

Jackie Bultje

This purse is awesome! Thanks for sharing- I live in Chatham Ontario just like your friend Linda- I am gong to have to look her up. The Paper Pickle is a fabulous stamping store. Hope you find a job soon- you are so talented Stampin'Up alone should bring in the cash...

Honora Lozynskyj

Thank you so much for sharing .It is really lovely and i love the papers you have used .




Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us! Can't wait to try this!

Anita tote-ally cute!!! Thank you for sharing, you're a gem :)

Patty Zeitler

WOW thanks a bunch for sharing and giving a rock!!

can't wait to make this at club.

Cindy Van Sluys

Jan, You are one of THE nicest people I know in blog land! I love this purse, your tutorial and chatty commentary, as always! Keep up the great work!!


Cheryl O'Bree

Thank you for being so generous and sharing this tutorial.

It is absolutely fabulous, Jan.

Cheers to you



Thanks Jan! I used your tutorial the other day to make a friend a purse! She loved it and came over and made more!! I'm linking you on my blog, if you don't mind.


J'adore !!!
I love that purse and could not resist to make one. It needs a little bit more embellishments but here it is :
Thanks for that tuto

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