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March 27, 2008


Regina Cornelius

i'll be thinking of you with your tests!

my space looks like that, well actually worse, all of the time! hehehehe!!!!

Michelle Wallace

Will be praying for good outcomes for a 2nd test!! And my space looks like that at prepping time as well!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!


Good luck on your tests. As for your room, I ain't never seen a room that messy! JOKING! I wouldn't dare show you mine right now! Have a great day!


I'm so relieved to see your stamping space. I found myself actually studying it!!! Comparing yours to mine!! Thanks for allowing us to see it. For me to show a picture of my messy stamping space would be as embarrassing as showing a picture of myself in a bathing suit. I am such a messy stamper and all of my fellow stampers are neat freaks. I will never allow them to see where I stamp. I look at my room after it has been cleaned and think "why can't it stay this way?" All I need is one big project or event and it looks like Taz went through it again!!!

Good luck with the next mammogram. I had to have a repeat test too. I know the anticipation can darken an otherwise sunny day. Put it at God's feet and leave it there. I'll be praying for you, so be sure to give us an update!
Love your work and your blog!

Alexandra Hobson

hah!! They say you can define how great the artist is by the mess in their creative space so you my friend, are a genius - LOL!

Good luck with your mammo - this happened to me too, so don't worry too much, okay? *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Regina Davis

Your pictures and great sense of humor just make me giggle! I'll be sending good vibes your way about the mammogram. I turn the big 4-0 in September, so I'll be having my first one in the fall.

Take care - Regina

Ellie Augustin

That happened to my mom 3 yrs. ago and ever since then when she goes to do her mamo there is always that spot that makes her worry but its turns out to be nothing as I hope goes for you((HUGS)) :)

Laura Venvertloh

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for good test results! Sorry you have to go back for another one. did make me feel better seeing your workshop space after prepping! I have some strange urge for chochalty oohy gooy stuff! :)

Brandi Wiggins

Good luck with your boob mashing expedition. I laughed out loud (the way I laughed goes beyond typing LOL) when I read the George Foreman comment. You are one funny lady, Jan Tink. Funny indeed. I showed my husband your workshop and said "You SEE? There ARE crazier ladies than ME!" We're rearranging my space this weekend so I can start giving classes from my home instead of packing up allllll the time. I`ll wish you luck if you wish me luck!!! I'm sending some serious positive vibes your way. Take care!


good luck on your tests Jan


I'm one of those women who had something on the mammogram that ended up being a cyst. The ultrasound showed multiple cysts.

Joanne Walker

Glad you liked the chocolate! I'm headed to Vegas for a Scrapbooing Retreat. We'll probably visist the M & M Factory and the Ethel M's Chocolate Factory - so I'm looking for another totally wonderful creation to CASE!


Good luck with the mammo today! Mine was just calcium deposits. Will be thinking lots of positive thoughts your way, J! Hope the wkshop went well!

Beverly A

I hope that you come thru your next mamogram with flying colors!

Gail S.

My project to accomplish (hopefully) today is to clean & organize my stamping room and I was dreading it! LOL Now I'm inspired to get it done before it gets worse than it is!!

Prayers that all will go well with the squashing of the boobs!

Yehhh, I just saw a Robin!! Only northern people know how happy that makes us!


I had to go back for more views this year too. It all turned out to be fine. It was stressful, but everything turned out ok and I'm sure yours will too. I'm just thankful they are so careful reading the results.

Kris McGinn

Hi, Jan, I am a lurker on your blog - I love it. So glad to know that even creative people (as opposed to me who cases everythign I make) are messy!

Good luck on your test. I know how you feel - I too had to have a repeat and an ultrasound several years ago. And, my Mom is a BC survivor, so imagine how wooried. You are right - they usually turn out fine. My thoughts and Prayers are with you!


It's pretty pathetic that my stamp room looks about like yours and I don't even do workshops anymore! haahhaah. A messy desk is the sign of a creative mind :-)

Good luck on the mammo. My 2nd mammo last year I had to go back for another one after they saw something and I was scared beyond belief. Turned out to be fat necrosis (dead fat? If only ALL my fat could be dead LOL) that had resulted from reduction surgery I had the year before. It's the unknown that is scary. You'll be fine :-) We'll all be with you in spirit.


happy go lucky, thirtyish, scap addict up for adoption. Willing to sleep in the craft room for nothing!


Everyday I check your Blog just to cheer up my day. Your sense of humor is supreme. Learning that you have to endure another Mammogran is a bummer. You know a man must have invented that machine during high school shop class, laughing about girlfriends with his buds, when they learned how to use a Vise!

Meanwhile, I didn't notice any mess in your stamp room. I was too busy looking into the background to see what a Master Stamper owns and how she organizes the chaos. I see shelves full of goodies, and with a squint, I see a cuttlebug sitting on the sidelines waiting for a chance to help his master create another masterpiece (you do have bragging rights). The best part was knowing someone out there has more than me and my addiction isn't as bad as others (at least that is the story I am sticking with)! All my best and I look forward to reading about the Life and Times of Jan.

teresa K.

I agree with the others in wishing you the best news on your tests. About the stamping space... I've carefully compared my space to yours, scrutinizing the details surrounding punches, ink pads, paper etc. I've determined you have more stuff than I do. This qualifies as good news in my world, as I was pretty sure my studio constituted proof of a mental illness. I'm not sure if you've established a new high or a new low, but thank you either way.

Joan Hajek

I too am glad I am not alone. I am jealous over the size of yours though! Mine is just big enough for me. (well maybe if DH would allow me to spend money and do it right I could get more!) But mine is a hodge podge of different tables, cabinets, book cases, iris carts etc. And EVERYTHING is covered! I keep saying that
I cannot stamp another thing til I straighten again. I do it from time to time but it NEVER lasts!

marsha williams

For many years I was called back in to have another "look", another ultra sound just to make sure it was only a cyst. Now that I'm mostly through menopause I don't have the cysts, they don't call me back so now I worry if they are missing something. Good Grief it never stops!! Anyway good luck and I'll think positive thoughts.

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