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January 11, 2008



Wow! Wow! That card is beyond GOJUS!!! It needs a totally new word to explain it. Wowtastic??? Anyway, it is fabulous!


Amazing!!! I have been contemplating whether or not to get this stamp set...I need not think about it any longer! What a beautiful creation!

Stefanie (ssummerer)

This card really is stunning Jan! I think you outdid yourself.

You know, you would use even more paper if this was your control freaks swap. ;)

Debbie Olson

Ohhhh, ahhhhh, JAN! This is fantabulous--love it!!


I love the card Jan! But if you don't SEND your cards, then you don't have to pay extra postage! One of my goals is to SEND *some* of my cards, but I haven't sent one yet this year! Heeehee!



Wow, another great creation. Love all the layers it looks 3-D.

Kathi S.

Question - What is "lerving"?

You have it your post today.
"I am ***lerving*** this paper and this stamp set and I love this sketch...I'm going to use it again, and again, and again...and..."

I love the card. How many layers did it have? I counted 8!!!


Just Gorgeous! And so true, the post office is out to get us and all of our stamping dollars! Yikes!


Jan, this is gorgeous!! I'm a big fan of layers too, I just never mail my cards, lol.


Wow, you have exceeded your own fabulous standards...YWLY (Yes, we love you)! I had resisted this set (pesky Christmas bills and all) but you've gone and "forced" me to buy it...I'm sure chocolate will help me get over the guilt....


Wow!! What a great card! Nice work! : ) Julie


After a very stressful day and I do believe even more stressful an evening I come and check out what's new over here on your blog and I find myself cracking up! Don't get me wrong, the card is beautific, but your humor is the BOMB! THANX!!!!!


Beautiful card Jan! I bow to your greatness (I can study and study and study your coloring, but I swear I'll never be able to match your skills). My little card doesn't stand a chance against this beauty!



Truly a work of art! Your talent to stamp and write is always a delight!


I got this set this week... I am inspired now... THANK YOU!!!

mj albright

What is this??? I am speechless by the beauty of this card. I personally love all the layers and love your theory:)
Thanks for sharing this awesome card with all of us.


This is beyond GOJUS! I saw someone say Wowtastic!
This is fabulous use of layers and your humor! oh my God! you're awesomely GOJUS in that department too..
I'd this this card deserves to be named "SUPERFANTABULOUS"

Love it.


You are too funny, and now I have to change again. This was fantabulous! TFS!


BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-A-U-Tiful!!!...of course I always LOVELOVELOVE the layers....and I am soooo with you on the CONSPIRACY Theory!!....But what a Paper-Holic Hoarder to do???....USE MORE PAPER!!!!!!...You are an awesome inspiration....hmmmm...ENABLER!!!


This is soooo pretty!

Lisa (crazycatstamper)

WOW! OMG... GOJUS doesn't even begin to cover it! Let me just say that I took a shot at Julee's sketch the other day too, and I did manage to pull it off with fewer layers, but oh, WOW!

And yes, I think it *IS* a Postal Conspiracy......

Susan G

LOVE this card!!! I can't wait to order this set and the DP. Your humor just cracks me up.


Wow! GOJUS :-) card!! I saw that sketch on Julee's site and really didn't like it. . . but you ROCKED it! Let's make a deal: I'll send you the postage. . . you send me the card!!! :-) Thanks for the humor! I LOVE reading your blog! Makes me laugh every time!

Rose Ann

What a stunner!! Love this!!

Julee T.

Wow! This card is just dripping with MOJO! I love everything about it, especially your doodling on all the mats. Just lovely! On the layering front - I figure I'm already going to get dinged by the post office for that extra 17 cents since I love ribbon and shiny metal things, so I might as well get my money's worth and layer to my heart's content! :)

Amy Sheffer

I saw this card last night on the SCS favorites thread and about fell out of my chair! It's the prettiest card I've seen in a while. Then, when I realized it used Julee's Mojo Monday sketch, my next words were something like "noooooo, you dog!" because I just knew, knew, knew you'd win the free Verve set, LOL! Only then did I look to see WHO had created this fabulous beauty.... Of COURSE, it's a JanTink card! Lucky for the rest of us, Julee picked two winners this week, because I'm telling you, you knocked this one out of the park and then some. (I know I've never commented on your cards before, but I have been a quiet admirer FOR-EVAH. Keep it comin'!)


The post office will be lovin you!!! LOL.....beautiful!!! I really like the bit of black you added that makes the rest of the card pop.

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