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January 08, 2008



That's EXACTLY what happened to my nuggets and tins that I bought! Oh, and the kisses in 3 flavors that I was going to make cookies with! And the large hunks of chocolate that I was going to make almond bark with as well (but they're still waiting for me)! Let's not even talk about the stamp sets I purchase to make Christmas tags with, and rolls of paper to make my own wrapping papers, and bags for gift bags, and well, you get the point. I do need my chocolate to deal with all the stuff I never finish! I'm with ya, Jan!


Jan you are so darn funny!! I'm sorry you had a bad Monday, the rest of the week will be fantastic!! This card is gorgeous!! I love the way you colored the girl and use of dp. Enjoy your chocolate high, or have a shot of Jack!!


you make me HOWL. sorry to laugh at your expense!! i am not laughing AT you, i am laughing WITH you.... thanks for cheering me up. i bet that post cheered you up to oddly, it is funny how things work that way! HOPE YOUR DAY GETS BETTER. yep, stamping and chocolate are the cure....


oh girl, I am WITH you! I would love to be 8 again! Little did we know after that it was going to get HARDER. good thing chocolate was invented, huh? go get you some good chocolate & some wine too!

Cindy H.

This card is soooo gorgeous! I love everything about it: colors, coloring, dp, etc. etc.

Peggy Maier

Your card is SO beautiful! I'm so glad you figured out that the problem was Chocolate deficiency! At least that's easily remedied!!! Just remember to keep a supply on hand.


wonderful card - and I have a tin depot too :-) Alas... the bag of nuggets is history!


it is so wonderful to see things from your fun! We are getting new flooring in our kitchen...after 18 years...I deserve it! Our flooring guy...who is a great guy! recommends we leave the old lino down, cause it is glued and ripping it up will damage the subfloor. handy man hubby will take up the baseboards then they will lay a thin sheet of ply right over top of the old floor...this advice is straight from a I am just sharing...might save you in time and $$$ (more $$$ for stamps!) I will keep you posted...we haven't picked out our new floor yet...


Good luck with that floor and remember... eat mor choklat! You crack me up, woman!

Lisa (crazycatstamper)

LOL! Jan, you totally crack me up! The card is just STUNNING, and I hope your chocolate deficiency is soon remedied!

I feel your pain on the flooring.... we discovered the same sort of bonehead adhesive issue when we went to patch a section of carpet... WHO GLUES DOWN CARPET????

Lori M.

Jan, you are a "knee-slapper" of a gal! You crack me up and I'm ROFLOL at today's entry! I am so WITH you on the tins, nuggets, etc.! I need to focus more this year....You focus on the chocolate, and I'll focus on getting my butt in gear and getting something done! Sound like a plan??!!

Lisa Banks

Sweet card...Super Wonderful!!!


Jan your card is gorgeous!!! I must say that I think every adult thinks that, I just want to be little again and let someone else take care of this. I was going to make my DD preschool teachers post it note holders but that hasn't happened either. You made me smile this morning, thanks for that.

Kay Lewis

Jan, I am reading your post after I just ate a Choc Reese Tree...that was supposed to go in the kids stockings! But they are in their 20s and all on diets and into eating right(what's up with that...didn't I teach them better?) soooo I have been eating the really big bag of Christmas candies that I bought for the stockings. SO guess what size my butt is! Love your cards but especially your humor. You keep us all sane realizing that there are other Martha wannabes that really just like to gather supplies and not really liking to use them:) Kay

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