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September 06, 2007


Jane Wike

Wow! This is beautiful! Where did you get the calendar pages? Is there a site to download those?
Thanks for sharing!
Jane Wike

Michelle Wallace

You are a GENIUS! I love it all!! I'm so glad you came out of hiding. Was getting ready to send a search party out for you! :) Thanks for always sharing your great ideas!!!

Michelle Wallace

PS- Where'd ya print the mini calendar pages from? :) Or did you make those?!?!?


I LOVE The Cat's Pajamas stamps, and I have an embarassingly large number of them, including the knitting kitty! I put her with the A Muse 'knit happens' sentiment. ;-) Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Kim Pebley

Hi.. I have seen these and yours is great! Just a question.. what adhesive did you choose for your project. Thanks for sharing :)

Peggy Maier

Oh my... Jan, I can't believe that you let your guard down like that! Stay away from those banners!!! AND, to do it a SECOND time - I'm speechless!!! Well, we must forgive & forget! You certainly did make a gorgeous project with that cool calendar - I'm going to have to try one of these - you make it sound so simple (but I'm sure it's not).


Awesome job! I love it! Hmmm, thinking teacher's gifts for Xmas, & well for anyone! Thanks for the post.


This coaster album is just TOOO cute!! And don't worry, we all forgive you for your momentary lapse in judgement leading to your infidelity. I mean, banner ads are evil!! :-)

Jill Kirk

Absolutely adorable coaster calendar. LOVE IT!!

Marie - mariemc

Oh my gosh! That calendar is SO STINKIN' CUTE - just like you said!!! Now you just need to do a tutorial on how to make that ADORABLE turkey and the clover...hint, hint ;) TFS!!

April C

Your lack of control has gotten out of control........... can you say 'therapy'? I knew you could!!!

Shelly P.

I was tempted by those stamps and have resisted...may have to rethink Love your calendar,it's awesome. May have to try something like that. Well, off to see if I can also be a Rubber-adulterer....


Are you sure it's okay to actually used the stuff we buy? I thought I read somwhere that was against the rules.


I kept checking back waiting for some shameless bragging about your card on stamper's showcase this week!! (or was it last . . .) Anyway, thanks for sharing the amazing projects and the torment that is your life! ;) I'll just refer to you as "Stamp Tramp" from now on. HA!! Love ya!


You are so great! I'm so glad you share your talent with us!


LOVE the calendar and especially the CUTE turkey!!!!!!
Stamp On Sisters!!!

Amy (amysings)

Janine, you are a genius! You should *totally* love yourself!


Your blog cracks me up! Love to read it! Calendar project is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Dawn G


I just love your stories. I love your calendar, you are 100% right it is super coolio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conny Moody


You just sent me scrambling for my Mike's enabler you! Love the calendar project. You are a true woman of stamping genius!


Susan in TX

Bravo! Another gojus project! I just said to my husband this morning that I wondered if they had the equivalent of Texas Rangers up where you are to send out a posse for a "search and rescue." I should have known when you were gone that you were Michael's!! (I guess you might be closer to the Royal Canadian Mounties?) I definitely missed your posts the last week. But, that said, I'm not buying for one minute that you're done shopping for a while...there is the Simply Sent kit sale that you can pre-buy next week. ;)
Thanks for sharing!
Susan in TX


Your designs and art and writing are FANTABULOUS!
Must use my Michaels' coupon on a Martha item or 2 or 3.


Thanks for sharing all your finds! I love the look of the MS Halloween ribbon - well actually, everything you found. Me is jealous!

Thanks for sharing the calendar and the tip about the size of the hole to use in the CAD. Your storytelling is almost as good as your blog entry titles.

love ya!

christina fischer

Thanks for sharing the story of your buying spree -- it's good to know I'm not the only one who has those "momentary lapses"!! ;) Your calendar is unbelievably coolio -- you are truly talented!!

Michelle Roberts

OMG!!! I have seen these calanders before but yours has pushed me over the edge!! I must re-create it! Simply gorgeous! I would love to do this as a class with my ladies, how are you setting something like this up for your customers to do? Thanks for sharing!

Kim Howard

You are hilarious!!! The calendar is absolutely gorgeous, I love it!

Catherine Harwood

Too cute -- and too funny! We all commit a little rubber-dultry every now and then. But we always come home to SU each night!


All I can say is wow! This is definately something that I would love to do for a little group of seniors that can no longer craft independently but yet love receiving something like this. You deserve to YILM! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Vogt

Your calendar is absolutely magnificent!! (and thanks for the tip about now being able to use coupons on Martha stuff at Michaels)


Holy Cleverness, Batman! That calendar is just too much. Love it! I, for one, forgive you for your rubber-dultery. I too have felt the pull of the Martha Stewart aisle at Michael's (and those scotty dogs are the cutest).


It IS very cute! Nicely done - I love the colors and the crispness of it all. Hmmm, I have a stack of coasters downstairs....

Nancy Riley

Genius, pure genius! LOVE this little calendar! So creative and inspiring! Thank you for sharing it!


My day is just not complete if I don't read your blog. Hahaha! Always entertaining. And the calendar...well, thanks a lot for giving me something else to do! As if I don't already have enough on my plate. ;) This is perfect for my mother-in-law who has everything.


Oh, that was clever of you to post such a beautiful calendar and now I can't chastise you for straying from our beloved Stampin' Up!


BAAWHAAA!! I was ROFL when I read this! Love your gojus cards and projects and terrific writing!

Debbie Fisher

Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas AND the instructions so we can make them too. I love all your projects!

Jacki :-)


You are hysterical! And I am glad I am not the only one who is a 'rubbaholic'!
It wasn't your fault though....really, it wasn't! Love love love the calendar....your work is beautiful. Your writing is awesome....could you be
any more incredible?! No, I think not! Enjoy being YOU dear! LOL!


And once again, you bring a smile to my face, ideas to my mind, and some laugh-out-loud moments! You are the best! No wonder you love yourself -- we sure do. Thanks for your tutorials, sharing your art, and your sense of humour.

Brenda C.

Love this! No wonder you love yourself! :o) Just wondering if you are going to the Stampin'& Pamerin' weekend in October?

Heather P.

Oh... My... Gosh!!! You ROCK!! 'Nuff said. :)


This is amazing and you are a genius! I love your work..thanks for sharing.

Anita Van Hal

OMG! You are so hilarious! I am so thankful I'm not the only one like this! Your calendar is fantastic!

Michelle (MilwaukeeMommy)

Absolutely gorgeous!! I just don't have the patience to make something of this caliber ~ so could you just send me this one?? I don't care if the rings flop over, honest!! LOL!!

I saw that banner too ~~ but resisted. See, I have more will power than you!! No, the truth is, I don't have any money, & that makes it really hard to buy stuff! I just had to tell you that I, too, purchased my first MS punch with the 50% coupon ~~ that very same flower! I'd been eyeing it for a while but refused to spend $10 on it (see previous comment about no money). I think MS sales will explode since they lifted the ban!!

Rose Ann tell a story like no other...and I LOVE your calendar!!! Thank you for all the deets!!

Lori Stilger

I'm SO not worthy! :D I was going to email you to ask about the 4-leaf clover; I LOVE LOVE LOVE the turkey!!!!!!!!!!! You're so CASEd when I do my workshop in November, too, Jan! THANK YOU for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was so excited to see this calendar I immediatly printed off 2 calendar pages and got my "booklet" of dp out with my stamps and punches and my mom and I got to work! We were able to complete up to July then had to pick up the kids. Love it! Thanks so much for the inspiration! You are great!

tanja fussell

Truly amazing project!

Sheila Owen

I don't know whether or not I'm allowed to reply this way, but I had to...I have laughed all weekend at the wonderful article called Rubbah-dultery. Thank you for making me feel like I'm not alone in this crazy world of products. I am new to this website/email update, and am loving every minute of it. I won't bother you again, but I wanted to say THANK YOU!!

Sara SCS Inkymom

OMG!!! I totally love the calendar! I am going to make some of these myself!!! You are so awesome - can I be president of the Jan Tink Fan Club???

Sara Koehn

The calendar is great! You are so creative!! Did you just stuff extra coasters in your purse when leaving a restaurant or can you purchase them somewhere?


Jan, this calendar is so stinkin' cute! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us. Does it stand up?



I love this calendar. Thanks for the link to the calendar pages. Can you tell us where you got your coasters and what adhesive you prefer for them? Thanks so much.



This might be a dumb question, but what did you do to the backsides of the months, and the covers??

Deby Scott (aka thesofalady)

Will you be my best friend? Then we can spend lots of time together and you can teach me even more cool stuff. Yep, gotta luv ya! Do tell all...


I have to admit it, you are a genius!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creation!!!


Okay, I have spent days dreaming about this calender. That's just NOT RIGHT! I love it! I love the colors, layout, stamps, punches...everything! Now I'm challenged to try and recreate it, without outright CASEing it, so I can offer this workshop too. The problem? Why would I want to mess with perfection? Oh well, I will have to try and see what happens...though I really doubt I could love it as much as this. Just FANTASTIC Jan!

Candice Schwartz

LOVE IT! Can you tell me if all the pages were coasters or if the center pages were cardstock? This was a wonderful idea. Candice

Abra Leah

I'm so glad I found your blog!! That is just too too cute!!

Heather Imhoff

Wow!! This calendar is so cool. My club has been asking for a 2008 calendar and I guess I just found one. You are so cased. Thanks so much for sharing. BTW, what adhesive did you use?

Stephanie (sluman)

I second the suggestion about needing a tutorial for the turkey...I MUST know how to make it, it's too flippin cute!!


More than your projects, if it's possible, I totally love your writing! I needed a good laugh today. Thanks for sharing, and we always NEED more supplies.

Mary Davidson

This is the cutest calendar I've seen! Great job!!! I love seeing what you come up with next. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity so freely and humorously!


I love your blog. I'm a new Jan fan. The calendar is so awesome. I can't wait to make one. Thanks so much. You are a riot too.

passionstamper a/k/a Debbie VG

Can't remember how I found you-SCS? I LOVE your blog...your sense of humor is delightful! You have awesome projects too! Thanks for sharing this calendar... and the link to the site-my computer died recently and I lost all my links saved over the years! You rock!


I love this calender. Definitely on my list of things to do with my faithful customers! Thanks so much for including the link for the calender pages!

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