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September 20, 2007


Beth Norman

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I have been wondering how to make a moon by doing this technique and now I can thanks to you.

Karen Sullivan

who else but you has mini candy commercial breaks in her tutorials? :) very nice job showing us how those masks are done!


Thanks for the awesome pictures! Your blog is "off the chain"! I think I'll have to try this technique. BTW, my work space looks alot like yours!


I love those cats stamps. I couldn't live without my two boys. Thanks for the tutorial Jan! I will have to try the technique.

Terri are so wonderful. I am having a bad personal day and reading your post just cheered me up. More chocolate! :) I just love coming to your blog.


Stinkin' Cute...too true. to find chocolate of my own!


Great tutorial. And it's reassuring that someone else follows my Chocolate-and-Diet-Coke diet! Thanks for sharing. Love the humor in your blog :)

Peggy Maier

Great tutorial! Hoo-Boy am I glad I already have Stem Silhouettes!!! Probably couldn't have withstood all that PSYCHIC RESONANCE. Now if you just hadn't thrown in those pictures of Chocolate... that I'm not allowed anymore (Dr's orders)! boo hoo! However, I can dream - less calories that way! AND now I have a great new idea for a card (using reverse masking of course!)


Those cats are so cute! Love your commercial breaks.


Those cats are so cute! Love your commercial breaks.


Beautiful card -- thanks for the tutorial -- you are the BEST!!


I so love your sense of humour! Thanks for sharing this with us!


well it sure was bonus day for your readers today- tutorial, shopping, and a few go-jus cards! Well done!

Lisa K

You are hysterical! The snacks looked super yum too! You really know how to stamp and snack! Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing! Lisa K


Jan, you just crack me! I do stalk your blog and can't recall ever leaving a comment, (shame on me because I have used your ideas in the past, yilyt, (yes, I love you too.),but I have visited your blog in an ink induced haze looking for inspiration and may have left a comment, that of which is now escaping me.
So I'm leaving one now to let you know that you are a wonderful inspiration to me and I don't ever want you to stop. yilyt


I'm going to have to try this - making a reverse mask that is. I will also have to try the chocolate. And I must admit that I love to see that other people have messy work areas just like me. Beautiful card!

heather  b

OK... the spelling Nazi is here... 'holy' means like church holy, and I think you meant to put 'holEy'... but who knows, maybe you have special paper that is impregnated with holy water or something... hhmmm... maybe that's how you do such great work............
Anyway, I am not a 'kitchen' type person, and I'm wondering where you'd get freezer paper from???
Thanks so much for the great tutorial!! (oh, and I DO love my Coluzzle... I am at one with it... :))


Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I didn't even want the Stem Silhouettes set until I saw your blooms on the empty flower heads. AND your Haunting Halloween card is TOO cute, too, another set I didn't want... I do NOT need more sets, I DO NOT need more sets...I do not NEED more sets...oh well, maybe I DO need more sets! lol!



So what does it mean if the Fluffles stamps you chose are exactly the same as the ones I chose? I mean, there is quite a selection and I have exactly the same ones as you..... hmmmm.
And I have chocolate and diet coke in my house too... or am I making too much of this?
BTW, have you tried Diet Coke and Pringles for dinner? I can recommend it :)
Oh, and thanks for the tutorial. Fantabulous as always!


Oh, Jan...YILYT, just like Beth. What a great tut. I {heart} your blog!

Claudia-scs claudiafromgermany

oh my... it was so much fun to read your tutorial today! i was looking this flock from all that scraps too but i have no idea how to use it. how do you adhere it to the paper? do you need heat and stick powder?

hey... and..hmmm.. since i know (reading your blog) you love to shop at michaels... i have seen the fluffles stamps there too. they are not in the acutal stamp isle. they have them in the very front of those big shelfes. i dont know if they are the same as the ones you have bought but i had them in my hands too AND there is a 50% off coupon out there for this week :-)

cant wait to see what you make with the flock


Hey Jan - thanks for the tutorial. I only found your blog a couple of weeks ago but look forward to your great antics and your great stamping. Good luck with your workshops and getting your house tidied for your company. Jan


You crack me up. I was laughing at your humor like at least 6 times. Thanks for the encouragement and showing us how to do it. Inspite of the 3 reasons that you shouldn't. I love your blog. I will comment, every time I read a new post. Thanks so much!

Dawn Griffith

OH sweet Boba babe :
your rockin the house .. Love your tutorial and Love the reverse masking cards you have made .. Thats why your the QUEEN!!
Happy Stampin :-)
Love ya
Dawn Griffith

Sandra Poarch

I have been a stalker for a while and I felt compelled to leave a comment this morning. I loved this post. I must be your secret twin, how many other people love chocolate and Diet Soda? I love your sense of humor.


Thanks for the tutorial! (though you're wearing me down)! One more post like this and you may break me.


Ohmygosh, you really are the queen. I SO stalk your blog, and I think chocolate & diet Coke makes us better stampers. There's just sort of a balance there, ya know? I feel bad for Peggy who commented above - can't have chocolate??? Someone send her a RAK, she deserves it! Great tutorial, now I'm off to order Stem Silhouettes, which HAD been dumped when I narrowed my wishlist down (sigh). Oh well. Have a great weekend filled with lots of stamping & not so much cleaning! And YILYT, really I do. (LOL)


Great tutorial & beautiful cards as usual. Thanks!


Thanks for brightening my morning .... your sense of humor and gleeful comments made me chuckle, the instructions were great.


What a terrific tutorial! I'm practically spewing my coffee all over my laptop...thanks for a fine morning's entertainment--you are the BEST, Jan! ;)


I have found those drawers on ! Thanks for that tip on using the clips from men's shirts!!


Don't EVER stop blogging! I LOVE your entries and you SHOULD love yourself! Each and every project/tutorial you post is wonderful and just right for what I'm looking for. I thoroughly enjoy your humor-- almost as much as I enjoy your projects. Keep 'em coming! (Your genius must come from your water and rarified air-- I was born and raised in Wyandotte, although I've been transplanted to North Carolina...)

Trish D

Ooh... chocolate, Diet Coke, AND stamping. I've just found my own personal heaven :)

Thanks for the tutorial!

Karen (Karen Stamps! on SCS)

What a great tutorial! I *love* that card with Stem Silhouettes. YILYT! (Yes, I love you too!)

How could I have thought that having only Garden Silhouettes would be enough?!? Curse that psychic resonance....


I too am one of your blog stalkers :) Great tutorial. I've made your blog part of my morning routine. I work in an office full of men, live with a husband & two small boys... none of them seem to get stamping humor! Thanks so much for the funnies. P.S. I love "The Tearing Edge"


Great tutorial, love all the commentary, the card is sweet, love Fluffle too, although I haven't bought one, I do so need to. Thanks for the laugh.


long time stalker of your site, appreciate your time for the tutorial and your humor you bring.
Is a stamper's house ever clean? But look at the stinkin cute projects you make.

Michelle Roberts

Are you getting enough comments yet? LOL You are a hoot!!! Thanks a lot for pushing me over the edge on this stamp set. Even at the special price I was trying to resist the urge. Hey, do you have room in your craft room for me??? because I may get booted out of the house for spending more money this month on stamps. I am supose to be making money not spending all the profits and then some!! Have a wonderful day you crazy stamping lady!!

Diane McCornack

Great tutorial and of course you made me laugh. I've been wanting to try masking, I think you have inspired me to try it this weekend!

Rose Ann

Thanks for another awesome tutorial!! Your sample card is gorgeous.

Your Halloween card is very adorable as well!!

Toni K (koolnkrafty)

I just love you! I am always so excited when I see Feedblitz in my e-mailbox. I always think, "I hope it's Jan's blog update!" And yes Jan, some goddesses are chubby suburban housewives that entertain and educate us all at once! I don't remember EVER seeing one of your cards and thinking , "that's ok." It's always AWESOME! And I don't know why, but I always thought you'd have a cat. I love my kitties, and I like cat people. Good luck this weekend with everything going on, and Happy B'day to your daughter!


Great tutorial- didn't even notice the nails and loved all of the commentary. Thanks for the tips on snacks and making a mess- I am good at both but now you have unleashed a monster- malt balls!!! YUM!

Kathi S.

I love the tutorial. I didn't see anything "wrong" with your fingernails.

I'm going to have to try your prescription for stamping: chocolate, coke (I don't like diet) and mpre chocolate.


ok, if you can take time to write an entertaining blog, I can take time to write a comment here or there. great tutorial, thanks!

diane M

First, I can't see anything wrong with your fingernails, either. Second, I want maltballs, too!! Easy to pop in your mouth when stamping, but it has to be CAFFEINE FREE Diet Coke for my liking. Your cards are always wonderful, and now of course, I will have to order that stamp set after all, had not thought of filling the flowers in, they look wonderful!! And I can hardly wait to see what you do with dear Fluffles!! Thanks for the great tutorial.


I love your blog! ILYB? You crack me up, for one thing, but you really know so much about stamping techniques, you continue to blow me away. Your cards are awesome and I visit your blog every day. And chocolate is a food group, is it not?


Great tutorial! I love reading your blog..You make me laugh! :) Julie


Thanks for the tutorial Jan. Your Halloween card is stinkin' cute! I like how you gave the cat stripes. Now she looks a lot like my cat. :)

Gail Starr

Thanks for the reverse masking tutorial. I haven't read any of the blogs I subscribe to for a few days as I was getting ready/having a garage sale (to help fund my stamping habit) LOL I've had a roll of freezer wrap on a basement shelf for ages that I thought I had no need of since I have a Food Saver. Long story short I sold the wrap for $.50 and now I have a need for it. GRRRRRR Also the little 'clippies' for the ribbon cards are available at the Archiver's that recently opened up near Lakeside Mall. I got some when I made the trip there, but wish I had more.

Hollie Lisk

Another "Great Tutorial and thanks for sharing" comment!

I really mean it...chocolate and all :)



that reversw masking card andn those pictures sure as heck help a girl who is blind in one eye and can hardly see outta da udder ty 'I like it a lot'.
I also love blind ( a friends daughter born with no eyes)or half blind (like my daughters god father who was born with one eye) or legally blind people, ( Auntie Alta) no slight intended,
ty k


Great tutorial! Thanks for the chuckle :)


Why have I never tried reverse masking with chocolate? learn something new every day!


Oh Dear Jan,

My sides are hurting from all the LOL-ing! This is by far the most hilarious and enjoyable tutorial I have read to date. Thank you, thank you and thank you for sharing you skills and humor with us terminally addicted paper crafters. You are the embodiment of us all!


Cheryl Stoddard

I have been looking for a reverse mask tutorial and how very lucky I was to find yours. Thanks soooo much, you made it all so simple and the chocolate idea while I'm carding is great. Now why didn't I think of that. Thanks so much.

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