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September 28, 2007



Thanks Jan for the lovely tutorial! can't wait to try it!


Mary Ann S

Wow, that really is GOJUS! I loved your "careening around the stamp room" photo.
Thanks for the tutorial.

mastamper (SCS)


I love the tutorial. Thank you. The way you tell it is even better. You are amazing.


Oh you are 2 funny!! Love this technique, I need to try it. Your cards are definately Purty!


that was fun... and I feel your pain regarding the chocolate!

I'd be happy to send you some Sees chocolate pumpkins for Halloween - Sees is the bestest here in the West! Send me your addy :-)



Jan, you are, without a doubt, a walking, talking, breathing personification of pure genius! This is just an amazing technique! I'm not even going to try to use it on a card becasue I know it will never look as good as yours, but I loved reading the tutorial. Brilliant!

Sherry Cheever

Dang Tink! That is one gorgeous card!!!!! I was mesmerized just reading your tutorial and seeing where you were going. I hope you found some chocolate by the way -- no stamper should ever be without chocolate! I am so gonna have to try this one of these days when I have some play time!!!!!!

Shannan Teubner

SHUT UP!!!! You are a genius. I love this.... Thanks for another awesome and hilarious tutorial!


Wow! I love emerging color, and this is so beautiful!!! I will have to try this sometime, and make sure I have a lot of chocolate around. :)

Karen DellAngelo

You are fabulous (but I think you already know that!) Beautiful technique and color!

Melinda aka WonkaIsMyCat

Oh this is TOTALLY fab, dahling!!

(and your tutorial made me LOL....I KWYM about the chocolate)


Wowsers! That looks like a LOT of work (especially so without chocolate) but such a beautiful card. I must save this tutorial for a day when I am feeling ambitious...


WOW, you just keep on amazing me with your beautiful cards, great tutorials and your fantastic sense of humor.
Thank you!

Mary Hodgman

Wow, that is really cool! I have finally figured out this Type Pad thing so I could leave a comment. I faithfully read your blog every day to find out what you are up to, and I love your sense of humor as well as your stamping genious! Keep up the great work!


I just love your cards and sense of humor. Thanks for the great tutorial!


"Don't overheat, or it will look like doodie." had me laughing so hard! Great tutorial! Thanks for the laugh-I needed that today :)


Wow, that is stunning! Having never done that technique at all, I am just blown away and really made that I don't own any background stamps anymore! Thanks for sharing! This is my first visit to your blog, and I will definetely keep coming back, especially if you find that chocolate! You must be like me... always having to change the hiding place to keep it from the children!

P.S. Hope your Kitchen Sink Stamps arrive soon!


awesome as always, thanks for taking the time to publish it :) you are an inspirational demo, teacher, stamper, writer, and blogger :) i'm a new demo going through some old SCS demo forums -- thanks for your insights there as well. peace out, lela aka serenity


Hiya Jan! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this technique!!! Great job! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for all the giggles!
AnnMarie : )

Judy Rozema

I have been trying to figure out how to do this for sometime now! And the light just came on !!!Thanks so much for the CLEAR explanation!!!! I cant wait to try this!


I love this technique. I am going to email you chocolate. I have nominated you for my blog friend. See my blog, please. You are so funny.


wonderful tutorial. I don't know how you did it without chocolate. I actually had to go get some before i could finish reading!!! But I do have a bone to pick with you!! Ummm grid paper and stamping mist were not on the ingrediants list!!! I can figure out the grid paper, but what the heck is stamping mist??? Like my mother inb law always leaving oyt the most important part of the receipe!! harumph!but still loved it anyways!! Especially the last example!! Beee-u-ti-ful

Suzanne Henrich

DANG! That IS one gojus card! I'm gonna have to case it (when I'm over the crud). I can't believe you didn't find the chocolate. One should never stamp without chocolate nearby. It's dangerous! LOL

Karen Sullivan

WOWSA - this is amazing - great color choices too. It also makes me want that fabulous flower stamp too!


WOW!! Thanks for the tutorial. This is soooo cooooool!!!! I must try it.

Sue DUffy

Fabulous, Jan! Your tutorials are the best!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for putting together this tutorial. I've seen your fantastic cards made using this technique but could never figure it out. You ROCK!

Elena Lin

Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! Your cards are beautiful! and I love your sense of humor.


I am stunned! This is absolutely amazing!!

Beth Norman

What a fabulous tutorial. Thank you so very, very much. What super cards too. You are soooooooo nice to listen to our requests. You are also a very funny lady. I wish I was your friend because you sound like fun to be with!


I just did this for a card, and I love it. It is all in browns and reds. Thank you, your tutorial was so easy to follow. I appreciate the lesson.


Thank you for showing how this is done. I tried this out. I'm not thrilled with the card, but I love the Joseph's Coat Inside Out layer. See it here:


Jan - this is AWESOME!!!
Oh So Lovely - oh yeh, guess it wouldn't work with that! ;)
But the best part - I NEVER, EVER, EVER would have thought of flipping over the grid paper to ink the background stamp - I'm always searching everywhere for scrap paper to use for that - you are SO brilliant!!

Lisa Forester

THANK YOU! I love your tutorial....and I hope you find your chocolate VERY SOON!


Beautimous! As always, the tutorial is great -- and really brightened this gloomy NorCal morning! Thanks for all you do and share, Jan.


Holy cow. My jaw is on the floor. Even though I am a technique junkie subscriber and have seen this tutorial before, it really didn't grab me. Now I'm in love with it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!

p.s. I hope you find the chocolate. Everything is better with a little sweet treat.


Shari Nelson

This is great! I am glad you are so good at this stamping stuff. I really, really need the inspiration! Thanks.

Sandy Cotton-Jones

You are a star to follow! Thanks for your creativity and humor. Remember, dark chocolate is good for you.


This tutorial is mind blowing! Thanks for the detailed instructions.

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