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September 26, 2007


Kathie Tice

I thought I was the only one with a stamp desk that looked like that, only to find that the great and powerful Jan Tink is a SICCO, too! Great orginizational idea - TFS! Love your card, too - just GOJUS!


Love the card! My desk looks amazingly similar and I love your theory about those cd cases going to waste! We can't have that. lol


Wowee! I thought you'd snuck in photographed my "play"space. Got so confusing I set up another looking for a third LOL.Love the idea for the clear display board for the stamps, great idea.


GENIUS - what a terrific answer to stamping with the clear stamps - now they cannot get lost - and I guess perhaps I'm a SICCO too... sigh.


Jan!! such a great idea for the clear stamps....!! I don't have many...but I can never find them when I need them.....


well thanks for the great idea on the cd cases. I had been wondering about what to put the Technique Tuesday stamps in because the clear envelope/package is not working for me. Dang, and I threw away so many jewel cases a few months organizing in that small room will never end! LOL


VERY cute card!


Another member of the apparently not so secret SICCO society here. I find I work better in chaos, both when stamping and at my day job. Does that make me a double SICCO?
I use the CD cases, but I love the idea of the stand up display frame for, ahem, "temporary" storage. (Anywhere up to 6 months could be considered temporary, right?)
Genius, Jan - Y,YKILYT!!


I went to a crop night, and I brought 6 walmart size bags with all my stamping stuff. LOL, all of the other ladies had like those suitcases, and were all organized and all. I guess I am a sick oh, if you prounounce SICCO, it sounds like sick oh. LOL, I am ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) my head off. I love your blog. I love your humor. I had a great night at crop night, but I haven't showed my work yet on my blog for 2 reasons: 1) I don't have a good camera (I am going to ask Santa). 2) I am giving away blog candy and I don't want people to have to search too hard for it. I love to blog. I read yours everyday. It always makes me laugh.


P.S. (post script) I love your card.


Ooooh, how do I join the SICCO's? Great idea for the clear stamps, though I have not managed to lose one, yet! Going to dig out some jewel cases, because what they came in is falling apart. Love your CASE'd card! It's worthy of being CASE'd.


Great idea for temporary storage of the clear stamps when you are using them. My desk looks like your does and I am amazed I have not lost more of them.


Great card! & thanks so much for sharing that great are a genius!


Oh my, you ARE the smartest!


I love the Cats Pajamas card. Have you used your PaperTreyInk Stamps yet? No pressure....wink, wink.


GREAT idea to use that acrylic stand to keep track of loose unmounted! You are so brilliant! YES - BRILLIANT!!! TFS!


Awesome tip, Jan! I will have to get me one of those acrylic holders this weekend. You're the best!

Ann Hilton

You are a pure and utter genious!!! Give yourself several pats on the back. You have saved the lives of several of my clear babies which might otherwise have become chewing gum for the dog!!! Thanks for sharing.

Tandra Boyer

COOL BEANS, Jan!!! Great idea with the ACK-rylic frame!! lol
Hey did you get that free CTMH set??? lol


I concur that you are an absolute genius. What a fab idea! Love the card too!

Kathy scs kathat

My stampin area looks like that regularly and you are a genius for coming up with a way to save your clear stamps so they don't get lost in the mess!!!!

I swear, I LOVE you!!!!!

Thanks for sharing.


OMG! You are a genius! Creeping cahos is my working desk! Would that I had found this thread 2 years ago!!!!! So many saved dollars and time searching for the lost clear stamp. I will be forever grateful!

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