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March 31, 2007



Oh, do I ever know what you mean about the in-colors! I've been trying to wean myself from them but I absolutely CAN'T function without them. I reach for CC first every time. It's pathetic, really. As hard as I try, I can't imagine any new colors being as wonderful. Thanks for your great tutorial!


Just gorgeous...I love it! Your tutorials are da bomb!

Linda (LSN on SCS) rock! Love this tutorial! I can't wait to give it a try.


Rose Ann

Beautiful card....I just love it!! Thanks for a wonderful tutorial.

Barb Shelton

Ahhhh!! I can tell we are feeling better that "vent" thing out or the system and moved on to bigger fish!!! lol!! Love your tutorial. I'll have to give that one a try. You made it look so easy. Thanks for sharing. Barb

Samantha O

Love this paper tole tutorial! I'm going to have to try it myself. I love your blog, it's so informative and fun.


Thanks for the great tutorial...can't wait to try this.


What a WONDERFUL tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!!!


What a beautiful card! The "color Ho" comment nearly made me fall out of my chair! I do know how you feel, sadly, as I am addicted as well. Keep up the great work Jan, and keep us laughing.

Karrie Winters

Jan you are hilarious!! I laugh every time I read your blog!! The housework one about made me fall out of my chair laughing because I feel the same EXACT way about cleaning!! Anyway, I love your blog and I read it anytime you post because your work is fantastic and your tutorials are da-bom!!!


Wow!! This is beautiful!!! Thanks for the toot!!


Soooo, paper tole is what I've been doing for years! Didn't know that was what it was! LOL

As for the stinker you're married to, teach him a lesson! When he does some "women's work" and then complains that you didn't notice or compliment him on his initiative and how good a job he did folding that laundry or whatever, just say, "Yes, Dear, it's a thankless job, isn't it?" I read this many years ago in a Reader's Digest funny. When I used it on my hubby, he got the picture. He thanks me for just about anything I do and I return the favor when he does something like mow the lawn. We give each other a hug and say, "No, it's not a thankless job."


This project is absolutely gorgeous! TFS!

Alex (aka Sillybirds)

Wow in UK we call this decoupage, not paper tole, how fun is this!!! that everything has such different names

Angel Wilde

Love the tutorial, Jan! Your blog even provides comic relief. Can't beat it!


Thanks for the tutorial - looks like fun and I'll have to try it. Not sure how much patience I have for trimming little tiny pieces, but it looks worth it. And once again thanks for the laugh. Colour crack me up! Too funny.

Julie Moore

Oh Tink!(may you live forever too!) I think you are the grand poo pah of poo! (yes that is a comliment of the highest.) I just love your blog and look to it often when I need a good laugh and feel so grand when I finish reading each of your post! I just love you! If you lived in Alabama I think we would be best friends. I am still giggling about the part of you weaning yourself off the "In colors" I actually think I may have to take a sedative when Cool Carribean goes away! Well.... I just cant think about that right now. I must go make something with it right now! thanks for sharing your humor with us. Julie


OK, all through this post I was amused, but I have to admit that I burst out in laughter when I got to the COLOR HO part!!! Too funny...


What a beautiful card!
And you are so funny...!
You have brightened my evening with your wonderful blog - thank you so much.

Karen (Karen Stamps! on SCS)

Great tutorial! Thank you so much! I was inspired to try it myself for this week's colour challenge. Here's what I did:

Can't wait to try your other tutorials too.


You work is beautiful, Jan. Thanks so much for your fantastic tutorial! Can't wait to try it! Mary


i've looking for a simple effective tutorial like this for sssssoo long!!

thank you so much, i cant wait to get started!!


thank for your loving tutorial lesson


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